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MobiOcean Mobility Software Solutions LLP

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MobiOcean is your one-stop destination for comprehensive and integrated Mobility related solution, mobile device management, employee safety, performance improvement, and mobile cost optimization.

MobiOcean empowers business owners to identify mobility challenges, adopt mobile gadget safety measures, enhance employee safety and security. Field Staff Management Software - MobiOcean. Today, businesses across industries are facing complex challenges to maintain the field workforce.For any business, it is most important to have field staff management software to keep track and log of all the work done by the field employees of the company.

Field Staff Management Software - MobiOcean

If you want to ...seamlessly connect with field employees during work hours, enable the mobile workforce to remotely regulate the field work.Your search ends here, MobiOcean provides real-time field staff tracking solution.With the help of field staff & mobile workforce management solution, you will be able to manage customer database, dynamically allocate work to field staff, rationalize your service team’s work as per job location guide your survey and inspection team’s movement, or regulate and report your field employees.

Key Features: • Locate employees as per defined time frequency. • Add/Manage Customer. • Assign existing customers to staff. • Record travel/conveyance as per assigned customer. Secured & Encrypted Email Application from MobiOcean. MobiOcean Offers WALNUT (In partnership) person to person (P2P) enterprise grade Secure Email application designed with the idea that the privacy and security should be provided to user for all Business or Personal Email accounts through a unified interface with advanced Email security features.

Secured & Encrypted Email Application from MobiOcean

Secure & Encrypted E-Mail (Walnut) work seamlessly across all internet enabled devices including desktop or laptop computers tablets and mobile smartphones with the operating system on android and ios. Over walnut user can have a same user-friendly experience similar to other e-mail application with encrypted and secured communications across multiple platforms. How Walnut is unique: 1. It does not require any administrative systems or Network operations centre. 2. Important Features: SECURITY •Encrypted Emails •Auto Expiry •Restricted EmailsPRIVACY •Password Protected •HibernationOTHER FEATURES •Scheduled Delivery •Acknowledgment •Priority Indicator​

Get School Transportation Management & Tracking solution from MobiOcean. MobiMove Transport Solution for School is a automated transport system to not only enhance the safety of students travelling to school and back but also helping parents and school authorities by giving clear visibility of movement of vehicles and students.

Get School Transportation Management & Tracking solution from MobiOcean

By using the technology of GPS in combination with RFID smartcards it provides the safe and secure way of transportation services to parents, schools, bus/transport companies and other stake holders. In addition there is MobiMove Mobile app for Parents and Driver for safety, planning and better management of daily operations School Travel MobiMove is One-of-a-kind school transport management software, the App offers a comprehensive solution for safe and dependable travel.Which enables parents, school authorities, for school vehicle tracking and vehicle drivers / coordinators to monitor in real time the movement of children / students and staff in school vehicles Apps & Panel View Features.

Employee Safety & Security Management Solution - In today’s mobile environment, more and more people continue to work on-the-move.

Employee Safety & Security Management Solution -

While this phenomenon may be a great performance booster, for organizations, this enhanced mobility poses some serious challenges and threats. Accidents and emergencies don’t come announced: road accidents are on the rise, streets are often unsafe at night, there are stalkers prowling for victims, a health issue may suddenly become life-threatening. You are also concerned about the safety of your female employees while travelling or during odd working hours. Or perhaps, an employee lands in an emergency situation and needs immediate assistance. Hence, organizations need to take precautionary measures and be on the alert to tackle any emergency situation. The Best Secured & Encrypted Messenger in 2017 -

Privacy & Security for all your Communication MobiOcean offers secure and encrypted chat messenger CASHEW (in partnership) which is a privacy and security enhanced text messaging application that may be used for personal or business needs with enhanced services.

The Best Secured & Encrypted Messenger in 2017 -

Cashew is classified as OTT (over­the­top) application and or service offering. The OTT service provider is able to offer significant economic value, custom services, rapid prototyping and new feature deployment to the benefit of end users Secure & Encrypted messenger (Cashew) work across all internet enabled devices including desktop or laptop computers tablets and mobile smartphones with the available major operating system such as android, ios, and windows. Over cashew user can chat share messages, pictures, videos, voice notes and documents in a secure way across multiple platforms.

Important Features: Get Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software From The Mobile devices have brought along formidable challenges for businesses due to powerful hardware and software available on the mobile devices.And Mobile operating system like Android, IOs, and Windows address many security issues and creates a new requirement.

Get Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software From

Mobiocean provides Mobile device management (MDM) solutions for small, medium, and large size businesses.Which helps businesses regain mobile device management by addressing mobility threats and delivers flexible mobile device management facilities helping businesses to manage, regulate, and secure mobile devices use and thus helping making staff more productive and business secured.