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Technology Solutions

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Solutions for Restaurants. Restaurants are an important source of revenue and brand building for hotels and creating the right ambience is a key element of this environment.

Solutions for Restaurants

Solutions for Lobbies. Interacting with casual visitors and guests in common areas like lobbies is an important function for hotels because they help create the right impression through branding or promotional announcements.

Solutions for Lobbies

Actis can help achieve this with Intelligent AV technology and also add to the ambience with dynamic lighting and music control. Deliver customised information to visitors so that they can experience what the hotel offersAdvertise through multimedia screens which facilitate growing the business Centralise control over the visitor experience through intelligent lighting and music managementHave access to efficient lighting management keeping in mind ambient light to save energy Click image to see key features.

Home and Office Automation System. Network Operation Centres Actis NOCs help operational teams monitor and control their IT networks and process flows to increase the speed of identifying and resolving problems.

Home and Office Automation System

Learn more Digital Signage. Actis Technologies Training Rooms. Interactive training technology is transforming the learning process both in classrooms and corporate training rooms.

Actis Technologies Training Rooms

Actis Interactive Training Rooms help institutions and faculty leverage this technology to meet growing student and trainee expectations. These training rooms can help both specialised learning institutions and corporates with training needs to significantly raise the effectiveness of their training programmes and initiatives. Leverage the power of digital content to enhance the learning experienceIncrease ROI with distance educationMeet and exceed changing student expectationsUse sophisticated tools that are simple and intuitive for faculty to use Click image to see key features.

Energy Conservation Methods. As the cost of energy escalates, its impact on the profitability and sustainability of any organisation or individual is magnified. Actis creates LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) compliant solutions to monitor, optimise and reduce the energy utilisation in buildings, through various energy conservation methods. Unified Communications Solutions.

New business imperatives are transforming the collaboration needs of the modern enterprise.

Unified Communications Solutions

No longer is it enough to be able to just communicate, instead teams need to be able to collaborate across a variety of platforms from the context of their current tasks. The competitive advantage which this delivers in reducing “time-to-decision” is fast becoming invaluable. Unified Communication Solutions - Actis Technologies. Affordable Videoconferencing Rental Services. Business environments are changing rapidly.

Affordable Videoconferencing Rental Services

With rising travel costs and increasing business pressures, your senior executives face the challenges of reducing costs, improving efficiency and at the same time being available wherever they are needed. Now Actis Rental Services Group (RSG) offer video conferencing equipment and video conferencing services whenever you need them, at a very reasonable price.

Our team provides you with the video conferencing equipment and support so that important business meetings and events can be shared across people (and offices) at various locations. This means that for a very reasonable investment (no capital expenses) your team can be wherever and whenever you want them to be. The Rental Plans To provide your teams with the maximum amount of flexibility, our rental services are extended not only at our own offices, but also to your office or meeting locations. Actis Corporate Video. Create Smarter Homes with Actis Technologies. Actis helps clients create smarter homes using the latest environment control and automation technologies.

Create Smarter Homes with Actis Technologies

These homes feature multi-room audio and video entertainment, lighting management, integrated control systems, energy savings and surveillance systems. These solutions help transform your home environment, making it more comfortable, convenient and entertaining. Conveniently manage electronic and electrical equipment through touch-screen interfaceConserve energy with intelligent lighting featuresAccess high quality, high definition entertainment content via media server in any part of the homeManage Remote Security with the help of IP-based surveillance solutions. Unified Communication Solutions. Energy Management and Conservation Solutions. VoIP and IP Telephony Solutions. No longer is the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) the norm for businesses looking to collaborate in a virtual world.

VoIP and IP Telephony Solutions

Increasingly, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is taking over traditional telephony. VoIP is a technology for making telephone calls over the IP Network rather than over the conventional analog system. VoIP technology lets you use the Internet to make and receive telephone calls. It is also known as IP Telephony. Areas where VoIP currently has a leg-up on traditional telephony include advantages in scalability, flexibility, cost efficiency, and special feature availability. While IP telephony is a core element of any Unified Communications (UC) solution, the real value comes from integrating voice with other modes of communication, thus facilitating collaboration.

Also, we are not just replacing one phone with another that happens to use VoIP. Using a Digital Signal Processor to Provide High Quality Audio. If you want high-clarity audio during your meeting or presentation, or a seamless audio experience during your press conference, install Coretis, a Digital Signal Processor (DSP), in your meeting room, boardroom, or multipurpose room, and enjoy perfect sound.

Using a Digital Signal Processor to Provide High Quality Audio

A DSP is especially useful in a classroom for teaching and learning. Coretis from beyerdynamic processes audio signals and supplies them in a number of ways to listeners. All signals picked up by microphones, conference, and interpreting systems have to be processed and redistributed in different directions. Using this DSP, these signals are distributed to loudspeakers, recording equipment, or video conferencing systems in a seamless way. A large 20 x 16 matrix that gives your team the flexibility to cover almost all applications. A digital networked audio connection. Shorten Workflows for Meeting Video Management. In most organizations, there is an understanding that content is a valuable asset, but the tools available for the content management of meetings are pretty poor.

Shorten Workflows for Meeting Video Management

We’ve talked in the past about the importance of meeting capture systems, which are probably the simplest way to ensure access to video content that is important to your organization. Training is an obvious application for which such systems are being adopted quickly. However, it’s probably even more important for capturing the minutes for important meetings or discussions about operational processes, which need be acted upon comprehensively.

Effective Presentation, Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing in Your Hands. Imagine having a presentation system that turns your classroom or conference room into a knowledge sharing repository of content and information, where you can easily and conveniently share topics or materials, in real time, with multiple users. WolfVision Cynap System Wolfvision has introduced the Cynap presentation system that enables users to share content, information and materials in any format, from any device, to any location, at any time. Cynap plays, displays, records, and streams all commonly-used media at the same time, providing almost unlimited media options during presentations, lectures, and collaborative sessions.