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Channel Data Management Solutions

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A good approach in creating visibility to actionable knowledge that manufacturers need to accelerate partner sales and optimize marketing program ROI.

Zyme's Channel Data Management: Enabling Data-Driven Decision Making. Industrial Automation Services and Solutions. Over the past few years, rapid innovations in technology have delivered new surges of growth to Industrial Automation companies.

Industrial Automation Services and Solutions

Some of key trends that we are witnessing today include: Internet of things The proliferation of Internet-connected devices and the surge in machine-to-machine communication opens new possibilities in data gathering, IT automation and the predictive analytics domain. With advances in wireless networking technology, “machine-to-machine” communication has become a rapidly evolving reality. Increased high-tech influence on next-gen Industrial Automation products Driven by the need for greater productivity and efficiency, manufacturers leverage “megatrends” like cloud computing, cyber-security and mobile communication technologies, leading to an increased push on compatible technologies.

Shortening product lifecycles Sustainability and energy efficiency are becoming increasingly decisive factors for competiveness. Some of the challenges that these trends pose are: Enterprise Networking To Improve Company Communication. As Enterprise Networking requirements rapidly evolve, emerging networking technologies increasingly focus on supporting converged services.

Enterprise Networking To Improve Company Communication

The goal is to enable simplified operations and deliver a more agile network infrastructure. Some challenges in this sector include: In this changing landscape, it is more critical than ever for manufacturers to have complete channel visibility. It can help them significantly improve their critical downstream business processes. Channel Data Management Success Program. Source: IndustryWeek June 19, 2015; By Andrew R.

Channel Data Management Success Program

Thomas Channel visibility offers manufacturers an avenue to regain influence on what happens to their products in the value chain. Beginning in the early 1980’s, innovative manufacturers permitted, either consciously or subconsciously, outsiders into their companies. They allowed those outsiders to gain increasing control over sales and distribution activities. Innovative firms and the people who led them were responding to the hype about organizational transformation – emphasizing things like resources, capabilities, innovation, technology and operational effectiveness.

The concept of “core competencies” was provided as the justification for letting loose control after the producing firm had exercised its unique set of value-adding activities. My newest book The Customer Trap: How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake in Business details what happens when concentration is centered on one or a few Mega-Customers.

Microsoft Channel Management Initiatives. Microsoft Share Their Secret To Channel Success!

Microsoft Channel Management Initiatives

Hear Jussi Karelo, Director, Channel Management at Microsoft, talk about how they have implemented Zyme’s Channel Data Management (CDM) solution and increased customer satisfaction, provided high quality channel data to support various business processes! Original Date: 4th June, 2015 Duration: 30 minutes errorTo register for access to the webinar replay, click here If you have already registered, enter your Email Address here Jussi discussed the following topics: Implementation and Consulting Services - Zyme Solutions. Managing the Channel with Zyme Solutions. Managing the Channel: SanDisk and RSA Security Greg Rhine, VP Sales at SanDisk and Richard Turner, VP Channel Operations at RSA Security, will share their thoughts in an interactive discussion of subjects including: Major challenges with existing channel relationshipsApproaches to improving channel visibility Use of commercial programs and the link to channel complianceUnique challenges with managing international partnersUsing channel information to make better business decisions Event Details: Original Date: October 19, 2005Duration: 1 hourerrorTo register for access to the webinar replay, click here If you have already registered, enter your Email Address here Speaker BiosGreg Rhine joined SanDisk Corporation in August 2004, as Senior Vice President of World Wide Sales where leads the growth and expansion of SanDisk's global revenue and partnerships in the consumer, handset and OEM channels across the globe.

Managing the Channel with Zyme Solutions

Zyme in Consumer Technology Sector. Its range limited only by imagination, Consumer Technology is currently found everywhere –in the home, the car, the office, at the gym.

Zyme in Consumer Technology Sector

The pace at which the Consumer Technology market grows is unbelievable. And so are consumers’ preferences. We are currently witnessing some of the highest device-ownership levels ever registered. The rapid evolution of the Consumer Technology market places manufacturers under tremendous competitive pressure to be first-to-market with unique and differentiated products. But Consumer Technology is a crowded market with low barriers to entry, and successful products quickly inspire similar offerings from competition.

As a consequence the challenges manufacturers now face include: Optimize and Improve Your Sales - Zyme Solutions. Zyme Channel Data Management Solution and Data Sheets. Zyme is the global leader in the emerging channel data management (CDM) solution space, delivering the intelligence global companies need to accelerate channel sales and improve incentive program ROI.

Zyme Channel Data Management Solution and Data Sheets

Managing the Channel: Zyme Solutions. Channel Data Management Solution Drives Change at Zyme. Zyme Customer POS Data Collection and Reporting. Channel Data Integrity and Management Best Practices. Speakers:Bill Gedwill, Director, Global Market Analytics, Logitech Bill Gedwill, Director, Global Market Analytics, LogitechCurrently Director Global Market Analytics for Logitech.

Channel Data Integrity and Management Best Practices

I started the Analytics Group 3 years ago focused on the US and Canada markets then expanding the Team Globally in the last 18 months. High Quality Channel Incentive Program Management. ChannelView-POS Improve opportunity management, sales credit assignment, and sales efficiency by automatically linking POS data to accounts and opportunities.

High Quality Channel Incentive Program Management

Get immediate visibility to channel sales activity and inventory in Salesforce. Zyme’s Channel Data Acquisition. Zyme’s Channel Data Management Solution. Effective ZAP Business Intelligence Dashboards. ZAP Dashboards, Zyme’s powerful analytics solution, enable users to visualize large volumes of data for better business decision-making.

Effective ZAP Business Intelligence Dashboards

The product suite consists of: ZAP Territory.