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Des containers maritimes. Face au manque de places d'hébergement sur le territoire grenoblois et/ou l'inadaptation de certains lieux d'accueil, un collectif porté par l'Atelier de l'ESCA et l'AREPI, a fait utilisé des containers, qui ont été aménagés pour proposer d'expérimenter une autre forme d'hébergement.

Des containers maritimes

Dans leur conception, les containers intègrent une logique écologique et économique. Réalisés essentiellement en matériaux de récupération, ils sont conçus pour avoir un impact environnemental réduit. Enfin, quand cela est possible, des architectes travaillent à la réhabilitation temporaire de lieux inutilisés. Airbnb se met à la construction de logements pour les touristes. Editeur d'application ou hôtelier?

Airbnb se met à la construction de logements pour les touristes

Airbnb, qui fait face à une fronde de plus en plus vive des professionnels du tourisme et des grandes villes, fait un pas vers l'hôtellerie traditionnelle en créant un nouveau département consacré à la construction de logements. Cette nouvelle division, baptisée Samara, a pour objet d'étudier les diversifications possibles pour Airbnb. Son premier projet: l'édification d'une habitation collective dans une petite ville au Japon, Yoshino, qui servira à la fois aux habitants locaux et aux touristes.

Une offre développée en étroit partenariat avec les localités. The tiny home movement: a creative response to the US homelessness crisis. Gregory Kloehn likes to challenge people’s ideas of home.

The tiny home movement: a creative response to the US homelessness crisis

Since 2010, the Oakland, Californian artist, whose “dumpster house” was featured on the Rachel Ray show in 2012, has been photographing and studying all different kinds of homes. Kloehn is particularly fascinated by structures made out of simple tarps and cardboard boxes. So, a few years ago, he decided to try his hand at building a home out of other people’s trash. “I wanted to go shopping on the street, pick up illegally dumped items that I see every day and see what I could build with them,” Kloehn says.

Une entreprise colombienne fabrique des logements en plastique recyclé. How do you build affordable homes? Hold the land in trust. You are probably aware of rising house prices but you might be surprised to find that much of the cost of a house is actually in the land.

How do you build affordable homes? Hold the land in trust

The experiments providing homes around the world. Crisis is often the spur to social innovation, so surely there must be some evidence of it in housing?

The experiments providing homes around the world

Innovation and big, bold ideas are required as much now as in the postwar years in Britain, when conditions across the country for too many were shockingly poor, even if their homes had not become rubble. In response, high-quality house building was delivered on an impressive scale. While housing is a national crisis, the most pressing concerns differ from area to area. The lack of affordable homes being built every year is a huge issue, especially in London. But in the north, and elsewhere in the UK, there are empty houses in some areas with too few resources to bring them back to life. ADAPTER LA CHAUSSURE AU PIED : Leçons de la régularisation de l’habitat informel en Europe du Sud. Marc Uhry – Fondation Abbé Pierre (

ADAPTER LA CHAUSSURE AU PIED : Leçons de la régularisation de l’habitat informel en Europe du Sud

Mai 2016 Ce document est une extraction partielle et partiale d’une étude de UNECE (Agence de l’ONU pour l’Europe) : formalizing the informal, challenges and opportunities of informal settlements in South-East Europe (2015). Il nous a paru intéressant de faciliter l’accès à cette observation minutieuse d’un effort d’adaptation au réel par la puissance publique, dans plusieurs pays aux caractéristiques différentes.

Rent to Buy Scheme - BSHF. The Highlands Small Communities Housing Trust (HSCHT) ‘Rent to Buy Scheme’ helps people on low income living in the remote highlands of Scotland to find an affordable home.

Rent to Buy Scheme - BSHF

At the heart of the scheme is a financial mechanism which enables low income families to save up to buy a home whilst they are renting it. Project Description Aims and Objectives The main aim of this programme is to provide local people in some of the remotest communities of the UK with access to affordable housing and to ensure that the houses that are built remain affordable into the future.The benefits of the scheme extend beyond those who buy the homes. Local contractors benefit from the construction work when the houses are built. The Rent to Buy Scheme is one of a number of approaches used by the Highlands Small Communities Housing Trust to help small rural communities access affordable housing.

The scheme builds new houses and lets them to families at below market rents. Context Key features. World Habitat Awards - BSHF. Lilac (Low Impact Living Affordable Community) - BSHF. Lilac is a self-planned and managed co-housing community in Leeds, England.

Lilac (Low Impact Living Affordable Community) - BSHF

It embraces the concept of living sustainably and communally. Members of Lilac have their own individual homes but share financial responsibility, the land, the development and day to day management of the project. This supports greater resilience and provides permanently affordable housing. Case Study - Social Property Investment. Co-operative Housing International. This very exciting project - HSB Living Lab - was presented to us by Anders Lago, HSB's Chairman and board member of CHI International.

Co-operative Housing International

He launched the video to housing co-operators from Europe and Canada at the CHI meeting in Zurich, Switzerland in July 2015. About The HSB Living Lab is a cooperation between three organisations: HSB Riksforbund, Johanneberg Science Park (JSP) and Chalmers University. This Living Lab will primarily be created as a residential building for students, located on the Chalmers campus in Gothenburg, Sweden. The architectural firm Tengbom is constructing the design of the house.