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Red Dot Award: Communication Design. Wer kann am Red Dot: Junior Award teilnehmen?

Red Dot Award: Communication Design

The Butler Bros. UX: Oh, The Things You'll Do on the GA Blog. Ari is a Senior UX professional in Denver, CO and former instructor at General Assembly in Sydney.

UX: Oh, The Things You'll Do on the GA Blog

In this blog, Ari lays out the wide range of ways UX skills can be applied in a professional career. I often get the feeling that the notion of UX has been pigeon-holed into someone who looks at a website or mobile app and can spontaneously make it easier to use. “If you have half an hour, can you UX this thing for me?” “Sure. I’ll whip out my wand and I’m gonna UX the hell out of it!” The truth is, UX is a process. The Designers Who Mediate Our Experience of the World Should Probably Get Out More 

What’s the difference between staring up at a sky full of stars as you fall asleep, looking through a telescope with an informative astronomer, pointing your smart phone at the sky, and just glancing up with a wearable digital device?

The Designers Who Mediate Our Experience of the World Should Probably Get Out More 

The only people who can answer this question are those who have had all four experiences. And we are a dwindling population, as ubiquitous little screens and smart glasses and watches are eclipsing the first two kinds of experience. The science is accumulating to suggest that we are suffering from what David Louv calls “nature deficit disorder,” sacrificing mental and physical health as we replace nature time with screen time. We need to get out more -- outside, that is. And the folks who really need to get more are the “experience designers” who are adding layers of augmentation to our every moment. So ten years ago I started taking them on field trips. Hatchling Studio.

MAKESHOP » Make a Makerspace. Composed of diverse ages and genders, families bring to their collaborative learning experience practiced methods of cooperation and communication, systems of shared beliefs and values, and recognized motivations and agendas for participation.

MAKESHOP » Make a Makerspace

Through making experiences, families may relate and reinforce past experiences, family history, and develop shared understanding and interest (e.g. Ellenbogen, Luke & Dierking, 2004). A family’s agenda, or goals, can be multiple, shared or conflicting, and motivate families to purposefully chart individual and collective pathways of experience. In this way, it is important to recognize that family learning through designed experiences, such as making, is a negotiation of parent and child interest, knowledge, and choice (e.g. Understanding and Engagement in Places of Science: Museums, Zoos and Aquariums.

Confident that it will provide at least valuable insightsinto the diversity of science-related learning processes.

Understanding and Engagement in Places of Science: Museums, Zoos and Aquariums

Issues of Science Presentation in MCZAs Science museums present an enormous range on informa-tion. Journal2012Zoovets.pdf. Bringing down the bars - new zoo enclosure methods and materials. Photo (c) London Zoo From rotating enclosures to Chilean trapeze artists, zoo industry professionals are constantly seeking new methods and materials to bring us closer to the animals.

Bringing down the bars - new zoo enclosure methods and materials

7 Visionary Zoo Designs. Givskud 'Zootopia'.

7 Visionary Zoo Designs

Image courtesy BIG The public display of captive animal has always been a debatable issue. How do you balance the ethical obligation to create as accurate a portrayal of their natural habitats as possible with the neccesary need to satisfy the visitor's fundamental demand for entertainment - while ideally creating spectacular structures epitomizing man's position in the divine hiaerchy? When designing a zoo, architects need to balance these converging interests. In some cases, the weighing is clear. London Zoo Penguin Pool. Connection through design. Defining Interactive Children’s Exhibits: Why Touch Screens and Technology Aren’t Enough. The Top Five Science Museums For Kids. Posted by Kate W on Thursday, May 16th, 2013.

The Top Five Science Museums For Kids

Welcome to Hands On! Inc. Museum & Exhibition Design. At Hands On!

Welcome to Hands On! Inc. Museum & Exhibition Design

, we are passionate about helping museums achieve success with enchanting interactive exhibitions. To get there, we leverage our profound expertise in educational innovation, exhibition design and exhibit fabrication in a comprehensive, design/build process. Design Museum Holon - Past - Playing at Design Museum Holon. Realms of imagination designed by Israeli illustrators and planners – a look into contemporary children's books, and beyond to the playgrounds that have disappeared.

Design Museum Holon - Past - Playing at Design Museum Holon

Twenty-four illustrated children’s books reflecting a rich world of extraordinary endeavor and seven sensory playground challenges will be presented in light of the development of playgrounds and their disappearance from the urban landscape. The exhibition seeks to present the ways in which young artists enable us to spread our wings and soar to the realms of imagination – to lands of unlimited possibilities. Whether reading a book with illustrations or sitting on a swing in the playground, a wonderful opportunity is presented to journey to realms of imagination.

Museum Exhibit Consultant. The Missing Ingredient In Exhibition Narratives? I've been helping to develop some really great exhibitions recently, and one common thread between these eclectic projects is that they all feature prominent "Big Ideas" inside strong narrative arcs. I've written before about the importance of finding these Big Ideas inside exhibitions, but one thing struck me recently about these exhibition narratives: it's not just about telling a compelling story, but instead framing the story in a way that will compel visitors to tell it to other people. Rowe-fdg-2014.pdf. MOSTI - Interactive digital museum exhibit design. Q&A: Designing Playful Learning Spaces : NPR Ed. The Boston Children's Museum opens its doors for grown-ups to play after hours. Dave Levy/Flickr hide caption itoggle caption Dave Levy/Flickr The Boston Children's Museum opens its doors for grown-ups to play after hours. Dave Levy/Flickr When we talk about playing and learning, we naturally think of children's museums.

The museums — at least the good ones — are always both engaging and interactive in a way that's fun for kids, but they're also fun for grown-ups too. And so I took my questions to Margaret Middleton. Before joining the Boston museum, Middleton designed exhibits at the San Jose Children's Discovery Museum in California. PLAY WORK BUILD. Research has shown how important play can be to a child's development. But, play is not only for kids. Exhibit. Design: Environmental Graphics & Exhibition Design on Pinterest. Natural History Museum of Utah Environmental Graphics and Exhibits. Of the Earth The new Natural History Museum of Utah uses organic forms, materials, and a sympathetic environmental graphics program to fill its role as “the trailhead to Utah.”

Nestled in the foothills of the Wasatch Range, with a brilliant blue sky and snow-dusted peaks as its backdrop, the new copper-sheathed Natural History Museum of Utah looks as much a part of its surroundings as the mountains themselves. Making the new museum an extension of the natural environment—like a hike through the canyon—was a goal shared by the museum, Ennead Architects, and the gold-star design team tasked with creating its exhibitions, wayfinding, and environmental graphics. In operation for more than 40 years, the museum saw in its new beginnings the opportunity to re-envision how it uses architecture, its vast collections, and media and technology to immerse visitors in the natural formation of life and land around Salt Lake City.

Collaborative by nature. Behind the Scenes of an Interaction Design Workshop - Pilotfish. Pilotfish Creative Director, Stefanel Barutcieff, has recently held an Interaction Design Workshop in Bucharest. Working together with the National Museum of Art of Romania, a group of talented design students from the University of Arts in Bucharest and with Dizainar – a team of designers dedicated to reorganising and promoting Romanian design, he proposed new and innovative ways of transforming visit museums into a unique experience.

Read Online – The Participatory Museum. The Participatory Museum A book by Nina Simon Skip to content Read Online Welcome to the online version of The Participatory Museum. Advanced audio and video bring exhibits at mob museum to life. Bringing It All Together. The Smithsonian's Cooper Hewitt: Finally, the Museum of the Future Is Here. Exhibition Design News, Features, Insight & Analysis. Van Gogh Alive: Art Appreciation through Digital Immersion. Posted by Elizabeth Alton on Thursday, August 2nd, 2012 Get ready to view art in a whole new way when you visit “Van Gogh Alive,” a traveling art show created by Grande Exhibitions of Australia.

By combining fantastic art images with the latest in multimedia display technology, “Van Gogh Alive” serves up an artistic feast that dazzles the senses. Grand Rapids Public Museum’s IMMERSE Program Takes Off. Immerse Archives - Luci Creative. The design museum of the millennium. Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, 90th Street garden entrance. Matt Flynn © 2014 Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum.

Designing immersion exhibits as border-crossing environments. The Best in Heritage. In many ways, though necessary, the three points above were the boring bits! Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum. The 5 Coolest Things About The Revamped Smithsonian Design Museum. Museum Exhibition Design. Defining and describing “Museum Exhibition Design” is not an easy task. Narrating space: the sense of visiting. Designing interactive exhibitions based on innovative narrations guided by architectural space and digital technologies.

Museum and exhibition designs archive. Gene's Exhibit Gallery. ExhibitFiles - A community site for exhibit designers and developers - ExhibitFiles. FREE Museum Exhibit Design Resources and Articles. ExhibiTricks: The Museum Exhibit Design Blog. Human-centered design for cultural institutions. News — AREA 17. Designing for Ecoliteracy in 21st Century Zoological Parks by Vanessa Nevers. The Future of Zoos.