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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impact

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This category includes newly launched indices that track the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, in addition to a few key established economic and productivity-focused indices that show impact data in their latest reporting.

The collection starts with most recently added indices, then general economic indices, global and national risk impact indices, then breaks into various specific spend categories such as agriculture, commodities, technology, manufacturing, CPG, construction, and labor. Sentiment indices are included as well as COVD-19 case tracking.

The COVID-19 Global Response Index – An FP Analytics special report on 36 key countries. COVID Buyer Habit Index. Access to Medicine Index: Big Pharma R&D Efforts for COVID-19. Jvion COVID Community Vulnerability and Vaccine Prioritization Index. ISM Report on Business - Highly Reliable Economic Indicators for Supply Management Professionals, Economists, Analysts, and Government and Business Leaders. Tradeshift Index of Global Trade Health Q4 2020. Global trade trend activity rises sharply as recovery builds momentum Global transaction volumes between buyers and suppliers exceed pre-pandemic levels by 14% US trade activity rose by double the global rate in Q4 Rising order volumes hint at growing business confidence heading into 2021 China’s swift recovery from the pandemic has left the rest of the world trailing After a year of massive supply chain instability and disruptions, new data from Tradeshift’s Index of Global Trade Health points to a significant recovery in global supply chain activity, with quarterly growth rates exceeding pre-pandemic levels by 14%.

Tradeshift Index of Global Trade Health Q4 2020

Tradeshift’s analysis of digitized invoicing and ordering data suggests a particularly strong end to the year in the US, where the number of transactions between buyers and suppliers jumped 29% in Q4, double the rate of growth seen globally during the period. Trade activity in the Eurozone rose 22% compared to the previous quarter. UK recovery is losing ground. Coupa Business Spend Index - Early Indicator of Economic Growth Based on Analyzing Business Spend Decisions. The Coupa BSI is an early indicator of potential economic growth based on current business spending decisions of hundreds of companies.

Coupa Business Spend Index - Early Indicator of Economic Growth Based on Analyzing Business Spend Decisions

It analyzes billions of dollars of anonymized spend transactions from the Coupa BSM Platform to measure confidence around U.S. economic growth at an aggregate level, as well as an industry level within financial services, health and life sciences, high tech, manufacturing, and retail. The index is based on three key spend factors at a business: (1) spend volume, (2) average time to approve spend decisions, and (3) average rate of spend approval/rejection. Lehigh Business Supply Chain Management Risk Index - Ratings on Likelihood of Risk Increase or Decrease for 10 Different Categories. Welcome to the Lehigh Business Supply Chain Risk Management Index Report developed by the Center for Supply Chain Research at Lehigh University and the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals.

Lehigh Business Supply Chain Management Risk Index - Ratings on Likelihood of Risk Increase or Decrease for 10 Different Categories

We developed this index to better understand the different kinds of supply chain risks businesses face. Supply chain professionals’ rate the likelihood that the risk in the present quarter compared to the risk in the previous quarter will likely increase, remain the same or decrease for 10 different categories. The Lehigh Business Supply Chain Risk Management Index (LRMI) value is a number between 0 – 100, where greater than 50 suggests increased risk, equal to 50 suggests the same risk and less than 50 suggests decreased risk.

IHS Markit PMI (Purchasing Managers' Index) Releases. Our World in Data - Excellent Global Data (Country Comparisons) in Detail - Updated Daily. World Pandemic Uncertainty Index - New Dataset of the World Uncertainty Index. Dataset.

World Pandemic Uncertainty Index - New Dataset of the World Uncertainty Index

Updated on July 23, 2020. The dataset includes the World Uncertainty Index (WUI) at the global level, as well as by income, region, and country levels. It also includes the World Trade Uncertainty Index (WTUI) at the global and country level. Metro Recovery Index (Brookings) - COVID-19 Impact and Trajectory of Recent Change for U.S. MSAs. Urban Health Vulnerability Index. Back to Normal Index - Moody's and CNN - Shows Which States Closest and Furthest from Returning to their Pre-Pandemic Economies.

Evalueserve Global Recovery Index - Tracks Global Economies Recovery From COVID-19 Based on Healthcare, Economic/Work Resumption, and Social Interactions. Call for National Supply Chain Index and Performance Dashboard from Consumer Brands Association to Commerce Dept. Index Could Serve as Early Warning System for Critical Supply Chain Disruptions FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 14, 2020 Contact: Leslie Lake, 571-378-6757, ARLINGTON, Va. — As states prepare to reopen across the country, the Consumer Brands Association today called on Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to prioritize supply chain performance and resiliency by developing a National Supply Chain Index and Performance Dashboard.

Call for National Supply Chain Index and Performance Dashboard from Consumer Brands Association to Commerce Dept.

“Perhaps no time in history has highlighted the degree to which supply chains shape the health and well-being of our nation,” wrote Tom Madrecki, vice president, supply chain and logistics, Consumer Brands, in a letter to Secretary Ross. “The acute evaluation and benchmarking of supply chains would mark an important step toward friction point visibility and pinpointing, prioritizing and addressing supply chain challenges.” The Consumer Brands Association champions the industry whose products Americans depend on every day. COVID-19 Recovery Risk Index - Determine the Safety Levels of Your Favorite Activities. Worldcom Confidence Index (WCI) of Global Business Leaders. Home May 2020 Global Results The Worldcom Confidence Index (WCI) is a living survey which uses Artificial Intelligence to monitor topics and sentiments from over 54,000 CEOs and CMOs around the world.

Worldcom Confidence Index (WCI) of Global Business Leaders

This month’s update to CEO/CMO confidence and concerns across 23 topics and six audiences show which issues are uppermost in their minds as they respond to the rapidly changing landscape of the Covid-19 pandemic. It shows the main changes since April 2020. The key findings for May 2020 are summarised below in The Worldcom Confidence Index 10. Cerner Reopening Risk Index - Global and National - Click on COVID-19 Updates, then Predictive Models.

COVID Local Risk Index - Neighborhoods at Highest Risk (Select Index for Dashboard Menu) Experian COVID-19 U.S. Business Risk Index. Mid-America Business Index - Leading Economic Indicator for Nine State Region - Minnesota to Arkansas. May survey highlights: The Business Conditions Index expanded to a still recessionary reading.

Mid-America Business Index - Leading Economic Indicator for Nine State Region - Minnesota to Arkansas

Employment reading indicated that the rate of job losses slowed from April. Stimulus programs from the Federal Reserve and the federal government boosted economic confidence. As a result of COVID-19: 34% of firms extended the period of paying outstanding invoices; 35.9% revised or cancelled contracts; and 28.2% moved purchases from foreign sources to domestic sources.

Between the middle of March and the first week of May, the percent of insured unemployed in the region soared from 1.3% to 10.5%. OMAHA, Neb. Overall index: After falling below growth neutral for March, the overall index has remained in recessionary territory for two straight months. “According to Creighton’s May survey of regional manufacturing supply managers, COVID-19 had a less significant impact on the manufacturing sector than other areas of the economy more directly tied to the consumer. “In the middle of March U.S. CEO Economic Outlook Index - Composite Index of CEO Plans for Capital Spending, Hiring, and Sales Expectations Over Next Six Months. Special Survey Questions Detail CEO Response to COVID-19 and Expected Recovery Timeline Washington – Business Roundtable today released its Q2 2020 CEO Economic Outlook Survey, a composite index of CEO plans for capital spending and hiring and expectations for sales over the next six months.

CEO Economic Outlook Index - Composite Index of CEO Plans for Capital Spending, Hiring, and Sales Expectations Over Next Six Months

This quarter the overall Index was 34.3, a decrease of 38.4 points compared to Q1 2020. SHRM’s COVID-19 Business Index - Bi-Weekly Pulse of How Current Pandemic is Impacting U.S. Economy. Shelter in Place Index: The Impact of Coronavirus on Human Movement. The coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic has brought massive and ongoing changes, including to how people interact with their surroundings.

Shelter in Place Index: The Impact of Coronavirus on Human Movement

SafeGraph data provides unique and valuable insights into these changes. At SafeGraph, we are committed to open access to information, so we built this dashboard to share insights from SafeGraph data (updated daily). Here we show data about population movement from recent months based on SafeGraph Social Distancing Metrics data. This dashboard shows the percent of the population staying home (sheltering in place) each day. Dun & Bradstreet COVID-19 Impact Index - Impact of the Pandemic on a Business’ Operational Activity and Network of Suppliers.

Cybersecurity Resource Allocation Efficacy Index. COVID-19 Truck Freight Recovery Index - Assess Trucking Activity in Response to Pandemic and Recovery. FTR COVID-19 Rail Freight Recovery Index - Measures Rail and Intermodal’s Response and Recovery. U.S. Bank Freight Payment Index - Indicates Shipments and Spend Contracted.

Find out how to apply knowledge to future procurement cycles.

U.S. Bank Freight Payment Index - Indicates Shipments and Spend Contracted

The idea that there's a strategy to paying bills might seem odd to some companies, but anyone involved in payment of freight bills knows otherwise. When and how bills are paid, how they're audited, and how the data from these invoices is leveraged are all critical considerations when processing freight bills. Jeff Pape, Senior Vice President of Global Transportation at U.S. Bank, explains what a strategic approach looks like by breaking it down into six key steps. Make the decision to partner. Commit to 100% pre-payment audit. Experience the benefits of collaboration. Enhance the shipper/carrier relationship. Leverage big data for business intelligence. LOGISTICS MANAGERS' INDEX. Skift Recovery Index - Measures Travel Rebound in 15 Countries Each Week. Skift Research is excited to announce the launch of the Skift Recovery Index that will provide detailed insight every week into the recovery of the travel industry in 15 countries.

The Skift Recovery Index is a real-time measure of where the travel industry at-large — and the core verticals within it — stands in recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic. It provides the travel industry with a powerful tool for strategic planning, of utmost importance in this uncertain business climate. The global Skift Recovery Index currently stands at 39 points relative to a baseline reading of 100, indicating that our industry’s output has fallen by just over 60 percent due to the crisis. Home Ag Economy Barometer - Nationwide Measure of the Health of the U.S. Agricultural Economy.  Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

» The FAO Food Price Index* (FFPI) averaged 172.2 points in March 2020, down 7.8 points (4.3 percent) from February, though still 4.6 points (2.7 percent) higher than in March 2019. The sharp decline in March marked the second month-on-month drop in the value of the FFPI, largely driven by COVID-19 pandemic-demand contractions.

While the latest fall in prices was most pronounced for vegetable oils and sugar, the other sub-indices also registered lower values in March. » The FAO Cereal Price Index averaged 164.6 points in March, down 3.2 points (1.9 percent) from February and now almost at the same level as in March 2019, as export prices of all the major cereals, except rice, fell for the second consecutive month. Wheat prices averaged lower in March compared to February despite worries over COVID-19, which boosted trade activity, especially by countries in North Africa, and the imposition of some export limitations, albeit small, by the Russian Federation.

Food and Ag Vulnerability Index - Shows Potential Risk to Supply as Result of Worker Illnesses from COVID19. In collaboration with Microsoft The Department of Agricultural Economics at Purdue University, in collaboration with Microsoft, has created an online dashboard, built on top of Microsoft Azure and Power BI platforms, to quantify the potential risk to the supply of agricultural products as a result of farm and agricultural worker illnesses from COVID19. Vulnerability of the supply of an agricultural commodity to risks such as COVID-19 depend on the number of farmers and agricultural workers affected, the location of affected workers, the crops and animals that are grown in the most impacted regions, and the degree to which production is concentrated in a particular geographic region. By combining data on the number of COVID cases in each U.S. county with the county’s total population, U.S. University of Maryland COVID-19 Social Distancing Index.

COVID-19 Social Distancing Index & Response by State and Industry. Methodology The data included in this analysis is proprietary to Openpath Security, Inc and was derived from Openpath’s technology platform. All customer data has been anonymized and is presented strictly for informational purposes. No information is shared or sold to third party vendors. The analyses are based on records logged as part of the normal operations of Openpath's physical access control services, of approximately 5 million unlocks from over 1600 unique organizations, ongoing as of 2/24/2020*, and distributed nationally across 44 states (all except Alaska, Hawaii, West Virginia, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Wyoming) and Washington, D.C. We are continuously increasing our data pool to provide a deeper picture across the US, which will be reflected in updated percentage ratios.

Data is updated every Monday with the previous week's results. Torch's COVID-19 Burden Index (Hospital Beds and ICU Capacity) IDC - COVID-19 Tech Index - Indicator for IT Spending. A message from IDC President, Crawford Del Prete The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is challenging the world in new ways, every day. Over the past 10 weeks every continent has had to rethink business, entertainment, and how respective societies interact. To say that norms have been challenged is an understatement. Our thoughts are with those who are already impacted by the virus and we continue to be inspired by those around the world who are caring for others in need.

Measuring COVID-19 Pandemic Response in the World Index of Healthcare Innovation. The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has been a challenge for the entire world. But, clearly, some countries are performing better than others. Everest Group COVID-19 Dynamic Tracker - Tracks How COVID-19 is Affecting Leading Offshore and Nearshore Locations. Microsoft Work Trend Index - Measures Productivity in New COVID-19 Work Environment.

Conference Board Employment Trends Index™ (ETI) The Conference Board Employment Trends Index™ (ETI) An aggregate of eight labor-market indicators that shows underlying trends in employment conditions. Data series: 1973 – present. 06 Apr. 2020 Download complete press release The Conference Board Employment Trends Index™ (ETI) Plummeted in March. Unemployment Insurance Claims - Department of Labor. ISM New York – Report on Business. RSM Manufacturing Outlook Index - Shows Six-Standard-Deviation Hit. Thomas Manufacturing Index (TMX)

Producer Price Index News Release. Transmission of material in this release is embargoed until USDL 20-0567 8:30 a.m. (EDT), Thursday, April 9, 2020 Technical information: (202) 691-7705 * * Media contact: (202) 691-5902 * PRODUCER PRICE INDEXES - MARCH 2020 The Producer Price Index for final demand fell 0.2 percent in March, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Stress Index Report — Which States Are Most Stressed by COVID-19. DHL Supply Chain Pricing Power Index Articles - FreightWaves. Construction Analytics « Economics Behind the Headlines. USG + U.S. Chamber of Commerce Commercial Construction Index - COVID-19 Impacts. Housing Market Recovery Index. COVID-19, economic headwinds, and civil unrest have led to unprecedented disruptions in the U.S. real estate market. After reaching all-time high levels in February, home sales dropped sharply in March, during what was set to be the busiest home-buying season in history.

Health concerns and lockdowns, along with record levels of unemployment and economic uncertainty, have dramatically transformed the real estate outlook and its dynamics. As home buyers and sellers adjust to the new normal, market conditions continue to evolve rapidly, and remain more local than ever. SiteMinder World Hotel Index - Insight into when Quests Likely to Return to Hotels after COVID-19. Sydney, Australia – SiteMinder, the global hotel industry’s leading guest acquisition platform, has for the first time released its proprietary data on the momentum of hotel bookings around the world. Sourced from the bookings of SiteMinder’s 35,000 customers, through more than 400 booking channels globally, the SiteMinder World Hotel Index provides never-before-seen insight into when guests are likely to return to hotels after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Statista: COVID-19/Coronavirus Economic/Industry Impact Facts and Figures. Numerator Stockpiling Index - Monitor In-Store Bulk Buying Behavior. The Numerator Stockpiling Index highlights our specialty: insight into the people behind fast moving consumer good spending including who they are and why they buy. Adobe Digital Economy Index. Numerator Advertising Index to Monitor COVID-19 Impact. IRI - Daily Impact of COVID-19 on Consumers and the CPG and Retail Industries. Consumer Sentiment Index - University of Michigan.

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Review our cookie policy for more information. Welcome to Review our cookie policy for more information. IRI CPG Supply Index - Tracks Weekly Changes in the Availability of CPG Product - Third slide in. Consumer Price Index Summary. Salesforce Global Shopping Index. Axios/Ipsos Coronavirus Index - Survey on Public's Reception of Pandemic. RSM US Middle Market Business [Sentiment] Index - Now Tracking the Impact of COVID-19 Monthly. 2020 Unisys Security Index - Measures Consumer Concerns on National, Personal, Financial and Internet Security Issues.

Economic Anxiety Index - How Americans are Dealing with Economic Uncertainty Fueled by the COVID-19 Crisis. Bloomberg: Mapping Coronavirus Globally. Map and charts showing the spread of the novel coronavirus. 2020 World Press Freedom Index: Coronavirus Impact. 2020 Capacity to Combat Corruption Index - COVID-19 Challenges.