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Diversity and Inclusion - Global, Regional, and Workplace/Company

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The indices in this category measure and/or rank a company or region's performance on diversity and inclusion efforts.

WEF Global Gender Gap Report 2021. PwC Women in Work Index - The Impact of COVID-19 on Women in Work. The Women in Work Index 2021 is brought to you using the capability of Strategy&, PwC's strategy consulting business.

PwC Women in Work Index - The Impact of COVID-19 on Women in Work

International Women’s Day 2021 is an opportunity for us to celebrate the successes that women have achieved in the workplace. But the pace of progress towards gender equality across the OECD remains slow. And COVID-19 threatens to reverse the important gains that have been made in the last decade, as the negative impacts of the pandemic are disproportionately being felt by women. If nothing is done to directly address the impact of the pandemic on women or to tackle pre-existing gender inequalities in care, more women will leave the workforce permanently.

The damage could take years to repair. There is a huge prize to be gained from accelerating progress: our Index shows increasing female employment rates across the OECD could boost OECD Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by US$6 trillion, while closing the gender pay gap could boost OECD GDP by US$2 trillion. Equileap Gender Equality Global Report 2021. Gender Balance Index 2021 - OMFIF. Fewer than 1% of leading global financial institutions have achieved gender balance In the most comprehensive study to date of diversity in the top levels at central banks, sovereign funds, public pension funds and commercial banks, only three out of 540 institutions achieved a perfect GBI score of 100.

Gender Balance Index 2021 - OMFIF

Just 12 of these – or 2.2% – scored 90 or more, a level that indicates the institution is close to achieving balance. Only 71 are headed by women and 56 have no women at all in their executive teams or on their boards. Corporate Equality Index - HRC. Racial Equity Index - Snapshot of How Well a Community is Doing on Racial Equity Compared to Peers. Diversity Best Practices Inclusion Index Organizations.

Workday VIBE Index - Measures People’s Sense of Belonging in the Workplace. Healthcare Equality Index 2020 - HRC - Evaluates Healthcare Facilities Related to the Equity and Inclusion of LGBTQ Patients, Visitors and Employees. Inclusion Index Survey Report - Minority Corporate Counsel Association. The Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA) in partnership with Russell Reynolds Associates (RRA) is proud to announce our new benchmark research assessing diverse and inclusive leadership within the legal profession: Leading Through Crisis.

Inclusion Index Survey Report - Minority Corporate Counsel Association

Diversity, equity, inclusion, along with the enduring effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, have been headline issues in 2020. What have they meant for law firms and legal organizations? To learn more, this year’s research collaboration between the Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA) and Russell Reynolds Associates focused on how leaders are adapting to an evolving workplace environment in which standard ways of managing and mentoring employees has radically changed, as well as measuring the extent to which attorneys currently feel included in their workplace cultures and how those results compare to previous years.

From the perspective of attorneys, corporate efforts to mitigate longstanding inequities have shown mixed results. Top 100 Diversity and Inclusion Companies. OECD Social Institutions and Gender Index (SIGI) - Measures Discrimination Against Women in Social Institutions Across 180 Countries. Girl's Education Policy Index - Global. In this blog we preview a new measure of country effort to improve girl’s education—The Girl’s Education Policy Index.

Girl's Education Policy Index - Global

Education for girls is hailed as one of the best investments in development by politicians, activists, and celebrities alike. The investment case is supported by numerous studies examining the positive impacts of girls’ education across contexts, linking it to better child health, higher labour market participation, and reduced child marriage. Progress toward girls’ educational outcomes is generally measured through enrolment rates and learning levels. However, there is little systematic data on the policies that are conducive to more and better education for girls. In this blog we preview and invite input on the new Girl’s Education Policy Index: a curated set of indicators to measure the policy effort of countries, which governments control, rather than their education outcomes, which are measured in other ways.

Our data and provisional results are here. The index 1. 2. HRC's Municipal Equality Index (LGBTQ) Startout Pride Economic Impact Index (SPEII) - Quantifies the Economic Value of Under-Utilized LGBTQ+ Entrepreneurs. Welcome to the SPEII!

Startout Pride Economic Impact Index (SPEII) - Quantifies the Economic Value of Under-Utilized LGBTQ+ Entrepreneurs

We sincerely hope that this portal will help you, municipalities, investors, ecosystem builders, grantors, and other decision makers, make informed decisions based on the latest data, rather than assumptions, for you to reap the benefits of your support of minority entrepreneurs. Socos Labs and StartOut How to use the Index (Desktop only for now) The default view shows national Means in Map view for LGBTQ+ high-growth entrepreneurs since the year 2000. The SPEII includes only high-growth entrepreneurs, i.e. entrepreneurs who were (co-) founders or employees prior to their company meeting at least one of the following criteria: received any amount of Venture Capital funding, orreceived at least $1M in Angel funding, orgenerated at least one patent and has created jobs beyond the founding team, orhad an IPO or been acquired by another company.

These high-growth companies are contributing the majority of net impact, hence the restriction. Disability Equality Index - Disability:IN - Benchmarking Tool for Disability Inclusion. NDC (National Diversity Council) Index - Measurement of Organizational Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion Among U.S. Companies. Home Building Geography Index: Diversity Measures. The topic of diversity, and its relationship to homeownership and home building, carries significant implications for policy making, social justice, and equity.

Home Building Geography Index: Diversity Measures

In addition to the usual regional classification, NAHB’s Q4 2020 Home Building Geography Index (HBGI) provides a segmentation of the housing market based on county-level measurements of racial and ethnic heterogeneity. For this purpose, we use ESRI’s1 2018 Diversity Index, defined as the probability (out of 100) that two persons, chosen at random from the same area, belong to different race or ethnic groups. The nationwide distribution of the diversity index values of 3,142 counties was divided into two groups: counties that measured 45 or below on the diversity index were classified as lower diversity counties, while those that measured 46 or above were classified as higher diversity counties. As of 2018, the diversity index at the national level was 64. Notes: Like this: Like Loading... ALM Diversity Scorecard - Minority Legal Staffing Levels at Law Firms. Best Workplaces for Diversity - Great Place to Work® The Best Workplaces for Diversity are ones where underrepresented and historically discriminated against people both experience their workplace as a great place to work for all and are represented at every level in the organization, including the board.

Best Workplaces for Diversity - Great Place to Work®

To determine the Best Workplaces for Diversity, Great Place to Work® analyzed confidential survey feedback representing more than 4.8 million US employees. The Best Workplaces for Diversity list focuses on the experiences of women, people of color, LGBTQ people, employees who are Boomers or older, and people who have disabilities. The ranking is based on what these employees themselves report in a 60-question Trust Index© survey about the trust, pride and camaraderie they experience in their workplace, and how those experiences compare to their colleagues’ reports of the same workplaces.

FT Diversity Leaders - Striving for Inclusion: Top European Companies Ranked. Welcome to Diversity Leaders, an inaugural ranking of the extent to which 700 companies in 10 European countries offer a diverse and inclusive workplace.

FT Diversity Leaders - Striving for Inclusion: Top European Companies Ranked

This exercise, conducted with our research partner Statista, assesses companies’ success in promoting all types of diversity. These include gender balance, openness to all forms of sexual orientation, disability as well as an ethnic and social mix that reflects wider society. We surveyed the performance of 10,000 privately held and publicly listed companies employing at least 250 people in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. Equal Hiring Index – Mathison.

Kantar Inclusion Index - Enables Organizations to Track Their Progress in Developing an Inclusive Workplace. Kantar already enables brands and businesses to improve their marketing activity. Now the Kantar Inclusion Index provides a proprietary tool to benchmark and address Inclusion and Diversity at a broader company level. We have developed The Inclusion Index with a mission to enable organizations to understand, track and measure their own progress in developing an inclusive and diverse workplace on a global scale. This unique tool was created by harnessing the power of 88 million research-ready respondents within an award-winning survey design to gather truthful answers of how people feel about their current roles, responsibilities and workplaces. In doing so, Kantar has built a vast normative data set that covers over 24 different industries with over 18,000 respondents across 14 countries, which will progress alongside society as it evolves.

Eskalera Inclusion Index: Measures Inclusive Workplace for Companies. San Francisco (June 18, 2020) -- Eskalera, the company behind a new category of employee experience and organizational analytics, announces today the launch of Inclusion Index, a new system that quantifies inclusive culture.

Eskalera Inclusion Index: Measures Inclusive Workplace for Companies

The Inclusion Index gives much-needed real-time measurement to the performance of a company’s Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) efforts, and offers learning solutions and actionable steps to improve cultural hot-spots. More companies than ever before now report that they are interested in meaningfully improving their diversity and inclusion. Now, those truly devoted to creating a sustainable change can receive 3 months of complimentary D&I training.

To start, they are encouraged to visit: Top Tech Companies Join Forces to Push for Diversity and Inclusion at Vendor Organizations. Lenovo and Intel’s “Diversity and Inclusion in the Global Workplace” - Explores Attitudes Around Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace.