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Protocol Power Index - Ranks the Most Powerful Companies by Tech Sector. Global Cybersecurity Index - ITU (UN) ISG Index - State of the Global IT Services Market - Traditional and IaaS/Saas. Quarterly IoT Buyers' Index - IoT M2M Council. Quarterly IoT Buyers’ Index Home / IoT Library / Quarterly IoT Buyers’ Index Click here to download a sample of the IMC’s Quarterly IoT Buyers’ Index available to the public: Download Sample Report Click down below for total, aggregated results of the IMC’s Quarterly IoT Buyers’ Index including data breakdowns according to type of company and vertical markets, available for IMC Sustaining members only:

Quarterly IoT Buyers' Index - IoT M2M Council

Cloud Price Index - 451 Research - Analyzing the Business of Enterprise IT Innovation. Transparency into the complex pricing models of public clouds: helping buyers assess the value of available options, and sellers build a competitive pricing strategy.

Cloud Price Index - 451 Research - Analyzing the Business of Enterprise IT Innovation

The Cloud Price Index (CPI) is the most rigorous and comprehensive analysis of the cost of cloud computing. For the first time in the industry, buyers have complete transparency into the complex pricing models of public clouds, including analysis of the total cost of ownership (TCO). Download the Cloud Price Index Overview Buyers use the CPI to answer questions such as: What providers should I have on my radar for future purchases? The Cloud Price Index is updated each quarter, and the product includes a standard set of deliverables: If you're interested in learning more about the Cloud Price Index, please fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in touch!

Network Readiness Index. ISG Digital Progress Index Score. Making progress requires measuring progress.

ISG Digital Progress Index Score

Critical business decisions today can be challenging without insight into the true value of your digital investments. Organizations are scrambling to make sure they have the capabilities they need for digital transformation. But the pace and priority of that investment – plus the adoption and scale of those capabilities – must support the organization’s business strategy. Companies that are realizing the most value from their digital investments are seeing well over 10 percent annual revenue growth and well over 10 percent operating expense reduction. They are doing so by regularly assessing the business impact of their digital investments, allowing them to make informed decisions based on real analytics. AI Index.

Research ICT Africa - 100 country Global Index on Responsible AI Assessment. Research ICT Africa in collaboration with Data for Development Network ( and with support from Canada’s International Research Development Centre (IDRC), are set to announce a new Global Index on Responsible AI.

Research ICT Africa - 100 country Global Index on Responsible AI Assessment

The announcement of this new initiative will take place as a Side Event of the Summit for Democracy 2021. The event will centre around a high-level panel discussion featuring leading voices on AI and Society from around the world and representing a range of key stakeholders. The announcing event will take place on : Date: 8th December 2021 Time: 9:00am-10:30am EST The Global Index on Responsible AI will measure progress toward the responsible use and development of artificial intelligence in over 100 countries around the world from a distinctly human-rights-based perspective. Global and Country Insights. Cybersecurity Resource Allocation and Efficacy Index. Cyber Attack Predictive Index (CAPI) - CAPI Heat Index.

Dresner Advisory Services - Blog - The 2021 Business Intelligence Value Index® May. 13, 2021 The Dresner Advisory Services Research Insights for the Business Intelligence (BI) Value Index®—like the Research Insight publication on the BI Success Index®—are inspired by the many and varied economic indicators used globally by business and government leaders and their teams of analysts, economists, and researchers.

Dresner Advisory Services - Blog - The 2021 Business Intelligence Value Index®

Such indicators serve many functions: informing, provoking, and encouraging thought, discussion, and investment. Dresner Advisory Services publishes two Research Insights on the BI Value Index, which are best read together. This report focuses on methodology and benchmarking; its companion covers best practices in the BI Value Index. Value We ask a deliberately simple question to see how people characterize the achievement of their BI initiatives. 1. Become a client to read the entire article as well as our extensive library of market research on business intelligence, data, analytics and performance management. Complete Visual Networking Index (VNI) - Cisco. Ventana Research Value Index. Ventana Research Value Index Research-Based Index with Authoritative Metrics To Guide Technology Buyers and Suppliers.

Ventana Research Value Index

Speedtest Global Index – Internet Speed around the world – Speedtest Global Index.