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Supporting an Equitable Distribution of COVID-19 Vaccines: Key Themes, Strategies, and Challenges Across State and Territorial COVID-19 Vaccination Plans. A pharmaceutical strategy for Europe. On 25 November 2020, the Commission adopted a “Pharmaceutical strategy for Europe”.

A pharmaceutical strategy for Europe

Biopharma in China: Insights into a market at a crossroads. [[DownloadsSidebar]] China’s biopharma market continues to grow at a healthy pace.

Biopharma in China: Insights into a market at a crossroads

Market growth has remained in mid-single figures over recent years, with total value reaching some $130 billion in 2018, making China second only to the United States in world rankings. However, powerful trends are set to transform the industry over the next few years. On the one hand, the threat to mature brands has reached a tipping point driven by pressure from a combination of new policies; on the other hand, regulatory reform and broadening of market access provide a brighter outlook for innovative and patented products, although real uncertainties remain.

Some observers say digital advances will have a major impact on the industry, while others believe true digital transformations are still years away. New Development of Rare Disease Policy in China. Petition and Revision of the Rare Disease List On May 28, 2018, a much less recognized but very substantial document, the Procedure of Developing the Rare Disease List protocol, was released, explaining the mechanism for rare disease selection and outlining a future pathway for adding more diseases to the list.

New Development of Rare Disease Policy in China

According to the protocol, the jurisdiction to adjust the Rare Disease List falls in the hands of NHC. The protocol lists the following four criteria for rare disease designation: The disease has a low prevalence or incidence in China and other countries.The disease significantly impacts the patient and his or her family.There is a clear method of diagnosis. IG10013. RL33534. The Impact of China’s Policies on Global Biopharmaceutical Industry Innovation. China Prepares for Big Pharma – The Diplomat. As part of its “Made in China 2025” industrial plan, China hopes to reinvent its pharmaceutical industry. President Xi Jinping has identified his country’s reliance on foreign drug imports as a critical concern. China’s enormous population, coupled with the rise of disease and illness, make the country a prime market for pharmaceutical companies, one in which U.S. and British pharma heavyweights are increasingly investing.

Xi plans to improve the Chinese pharmaceutical industry to counter this reliance on foreign firms, to tap into the revenue generated by the Chinese market, the second largest pharmaceutical market behind the United States, and to create globally competitive firms. The “Made in China 2025” plan seeks to upgrade China’s economy through mass government investment and policy reforms.

Before this can happen, China needs pharmaceutical companies large enough to create economies of scale. The government is also moving to more quickly approve new drugs for the market. Imagineifhealth. Medicines Matter Access Report. AI Index 2019. The AI Index is a starting point for informed conversations about the state of artificial intelligence (AI).

AI Index 2019

The report aggregates a diverse set of metrics, and makes the underlying data easily accessible to the general public. The 2019 edition tracks three times as many data sets as the 2018 edition. To help navigate the data, we've produced two tools. Centre for Online Health - University of Queensland. The Ethical Advantage - The Ethics Centre. We know what ethical failure costs – look at the billions of dollars paid by financial institutions in penalties and customer remediation since Hayne.

The Ethical Advantage - The Ethics Centre

But what are the economic benefits of ethical best practice? What can we gain economically by being more ethical as a nation? Turning around the loss of trust in government, corporations and institutions could deliver Australians significant economic and social dividends. Final Report Public Release Webinar - Framework for Equitable Allocation of COVID-19 Vaccine. Extemporaneously compounded medicines - Australian Prescriber. Applications of digital technology in COVID-19 pandemic planning and response. Introduction COVID-19, an infectious disease caused by the novel severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), is a global pandemic.

Applications of digital technology in COVID-19 pandemic planning and response

With high transmissibility, a case fatality rate greater than 1%, and no effective antiviral therapy or vaccine, the mainstay of pandemic management has been containment and mitigation.1 However, despite relying on established public health principles, countries across the world have had varying degrees of success in managing the burden of COVID-19. Download : Download full-size image Figure. Digital technology as a tool for pandemic preparedness and response. Big Pharma on Steam. About This Game What if you had it in your power to rid the world of disease, to improve the lives of millions, to ease suffering and cure the sick… and earn a tidy profit?

Big Pharma on Steam

As the head of your own Pharmaceutical Conglomerate you have this power resting in your hands. Will you use it for good? Being totally altruistic may not be the best business plan. The uncomfortable truth (is there an ointment for that?) From humble beginnings. Home. Democracy report 2020 low. Strengthening Australia's life sciences sector and medical supply chain beyond COVID-19.

1 Including vaccines, diagnostics, therapeutics, devices, platforms & technologies 2 Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Composition of Trade Australia 2018‐19 - includes import of ‘Pharm products (excl. medicaments), ‘Medicaments (incl veterinary)’, Medical electrodiagnostic apparatus’ and ‘Medical instruments (incl. veterinary)’ 3 World Health Organisation, Key components of a well functioning health system, May 2010 4 Rayner, C, Pradera, F et. al., Medical Countermeasures Initiative: National Capability Audit 2017, Department of Defence, Science and Technology, 2017 5 Ibid 6 CSL, The University of Queensland, CEPI and CSL partner to advance development and manufacture of COVID-19 vaccine candidate, 5 June 2020 7 World Health Organisation, DRAFT landscape of COVID-19 candidate vaccines, 29 June 2020 8 As stated by Dr.

Strengthening Australia's life sciences sector and medical supply chain beyond COVID-19

From falsified medicines to storage mishaps: the fragile state of drug supply chains. Many people in high-income countries take it for granted that when they’re sick, the medicine they need will be available.

From falsified medicines to storage mishaps: the fragile state of drug supply chains

But global pharmaceutical supply chains are incredibly complex, with multiple manufacturing, testing and distribution sites – and an issue at any one of them can lead to delays in ongoing treatments, the use of less suitable medications or even no treatment at all for a patient. What’s more, nearly half of all medicine stock-outs are due to unknown causes. Sustainable Development Goals, by Daniel. SDG Toolkit. Sustainable Development Goals.

Coronavirus Activity Tracker. DIGITAL SERIES: Making AI/ML Tools Scalable Across the Drug Development Lifecycle to Impact Patients. Originally published Jul 16, 2020 by Elizabeth Cutler, Co-Founder, AI in Biopharma As a Co-Founder of the AI in Biopharma Digital Event Series, my goal is to provide the most compelling, engaging, and helpful information to biopharma professionals who are using AI/ML tools.

DIGITAL SERIES: Making AI/ML Tools Scalable Across the Drug Development Lifecycle to Impact Patients

All of the AI in Biopharma events are designed to be interactive so that attendees can easily get their questions answered. In addition, attendees are able to engage with each other during the events and on the AI in Biopharma digital community platform year-round. White Paper FINAL 062920[1] AIC Roadmap to Recovery. The coronavirus outbreak could make it quicker and easier to trial drugs. Jonathan Cotliar knew he was ahead of the curve four years ago when he joined Science 37, a company that supports virtual clinical trials conducted mostly online. The firm in Los Angeles, California, was growing slowly before March, receiving about a dozen calls a week from potential clients. But since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Science 37 has been running at fever pitch. Cotliar, the company’s chief medical officer, says Science 37 now receives hundreds of enquiries every week from potential clients, such as pharmaceutical companies, medical centres and even individual investigators.

With hospitals forming the epicentres of COVID-19 outbreaks around the world, clinical-trial participants have become reluctant to attend routine check-ups and monitoring, and health-care workers are stretched beyond their capacity. The pandemic might hasten the kind of change in clinical trials that Cotliar and Science 37 were hoping to make anyway. COVID vaccine update: Where are we? Vaccine is far off, experts say. Aussie Blockchain Prescription Solution. ScalaMed, founded by Australian doctor and former pharmaceutical executive Tal Rapke, allows patients to receive prescriptions directly from their clinician to their mobile phones. “The only person in common at the hospital, the pharmacy, the GP or the specialist is the patient.

There’s not necessarily any shared data across all of those locations,” Rapke said. “But if you can get the patient in the middle of their healthcare journey with their data, engaged with the right kind of algorithmic or AI support behind them, then you truly start creating a new healthcare future that’s oriented towards the patient.” The ScalaMed technology creates a patent-protected method to encrypt an individual’s prescription data. It’s then transported to ScalaMed’s e-prescription blockchain service through secure APIs, published to the blockchain and made available to the patient immediately via an app. “We still have a legislative requirement for paper when it comes to prescriptions in Australia. A Vision for Asia Pacific in 2050 – unlocking the benefits of personalised healthcare. We are still far away from this reality.

However, the current pandemic has forced us to take more collective responsibility and start working together to create data-driven and collective future proofed healthcare systems. Tony Estrella, Health expert, futurist and author introduces an optimistic outlook for the future in a new whitepaper ‘A Vision for Asia Pacific in 2050’. Watch his introduction to this thought experiment whitepaper here: As he mentions in the video, the success of this will rely on the application of five axioms driven by governments, society as a whole, health organisations formed through interconnected systems, individuals and clinicians.

Submissions. Roche A vision for Asia Pacific in 2050 whitepaper FINAL 19. Emerging Trends in Healthcare Technology. Digital and mobile technologies are bringing huge benefits to the healthcare sector. By embracing these new technologies, healthcare organisations can improve patient health outcomes, be cost-effective, and provide timely care. Patients will also be able to better manage and control their health and medical information. This shows that technology can help ensure a brighter, healthier future for everyone. COVID-19 and global value chains: Policy options to build more resilient production networks. Treatments and a vaccine for COVID-19: The need for coordinating policies on R&D, manufacturing and access.

The outbreak of SARS-CoV‑2, the virus that causes COVID‑19, poses an unprecedented challenge to economies and societies. Why open science is critical to combatting COVID-19. Copy the linklink copied! OECD. Deep learning enables rapid identification of potent DDR1 kinase inhibitors. Digital Twins and the Promise of Personalized Medicine. Can you guess the percentage of patients with Alzheimer’s on whom medication is ineffective? Deep learning enables rapid identification of potent DDR1 kinase inhibitors. Pharma's AlphaGo Moment: For the First Time AI Has Designed and Validated a New Drug Candidate in Days. Pfizer: the world's largest research-based pharmaceutical company. The Centers for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI) facilitate authentic collaboration between Pfizer scientists and select academic medical centres, disease foundations, and the National Institutes of Health. The aim is to translate promising science into clinical candidates. Applications of machine learning in drug discovery and development.

1.Mamoshina, P. et al. Bill Gates on whether this bullish timeline for a COVID-19 vaccine is realistic: ‘There’s simply no alternative’ Bill Gates has been a steady voice in delivering a mix of good news — “we should be able to get out of this with the death numbers well short of that” — and bad news — “it is impossible to overstate the pain” — ever since the first signs of a looming pandemic emerged. The Microsoft MSFT, co-founder’s latest take is mostly an example of the former, as he laid out a timeline for a return to normalcy, which, he said, is dependent on a vaccine.

“Humankind has never had a more urgent task than creating broad immunity for coronavirus,” he wrote in a blog post on Thursday. “Realistically, if we’re going to return to normal, we need to develop a safe, effective vaccine. Timeline Shows 3 Paths To COVID-19 Treatment And Prevention (INFOGRAPHIC) Developing Covid-19 Vaccines at Pandemic Speed. The COVID-19 vaccine development landscape. Pandemic Preparedness: Developing Vaccines and Therapeutic Antibodies For COVID-19.

Full article: COVID-19, an emerging coronavirus infection: advances and prospects in designing and developing vaccines, immunotherapeutics, and therapeutics. The early landscape of COVID‐19 vaccine development in the UK and rest of the world - Sharpe - - Immunology. SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19: Viral Genomics, Epidemiology, Vaccines, and Therapeutic Interventions. COVID‐19 vaccines: knowing the unknown - Lv - - European Journal of Immunology. An Update on Current Therapeutic Drugs Treating COVID-19. The SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Pipeline: an Overview. STAT's Covid-19 Drugs and Vaccines Tracker.

Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker. How long will it take to develop, approve, and manufacture a vaccine for #COVID19? Some say not long. Put that into perspective with @MilkenInstitute and @FirstPersonSF’s data viz. COVID-19 vaccine tracker. Infographic fast track procedures treatments vaccines covid 19 en. Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker. Australias Medical Supply Chain. Dr Peter French Biotechnology Consultant. 48b97c 9c106477f73a421c9b30ac22ca8b5be9. AAHMS AI in Health roundtable Meeting report 1. Database Access - UNSW Library electronic resource. The Science and Business of Drug Discovery : Demystifying the Jargon - UNSW Alma.

How and Why to Involve Patients in Drug Development: Perspectives From the Pharmaceutical Industry, Regulatory Authorities, and Patient Organizations. Leveraging Research Failures to Accelerate Drug Discovery and Development. Database Access - UNSW Library electronic resource. s43441 020 00152 0. Understanding the Drug Discovery Process – Compound Interest. AI-aided design of novel targeted covalent inhibitors against SARS-CoV-2. Database Access - UNSW Library electronic resource. Australia Rebooted. 2020 MTPConnect Sector Competitiveness Plan. Gs4dhdaa2a9f352b0445bafbc79ca799dce4d. Digital health. Facilitating End-to-End Development of Individualized Therapeutics. Improved consumer medicine information template report. Baricitinib as potential treatment for 2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease - The Lancet. What is VPH institute? Virtual Physiological Human Institute is an international non-profit organisation.

Effectiveness of polypill for primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases (PolyIran): a pragmatic, cluster-randomised trial - The Lancet. 3D Printing of a Multi-Layered Polypill Containing Six Drugs Using a Novel Stereolithographic Method - PubMed. The trinity of COVID-19: immunity, inflammation and intervention. Top drugs by sales in 2019: Who sold the blockbuster drugs?

Health technology report. Announces Results From Phase 3 Trial of Investigational Antiviral Remdesivir in Patients With Severe COVID-19. Iqvia anz covid 19 white paper. Open Innovation & Crowdsourcing Platform. (201) Future Health Technologies Series: VIDEO 1 – The 4th Industrial Revolution. Database Access - UNSW Library electronic resource.

Digital Twins – A Way Forward To Unlock the Pivotal Hidden Signals To Increase ROI in Drug Discovery? Breaking Eroom’s Law. 7 Predictions for a Post-Coronavirus World - Marker. Science Exchange - World’s leading R&D services marketplace. Data Science applied to Biomedicine. Machine learning. Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) – Statistics and Research.