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Procurement and Supply Chain

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Lehigh Business Supply Chain Management Risk Index Ratings on Likelihood of Risk Increase or Decrease for 10 Different Categories. Welcome to the Lehigh Business Supply Chain Risk Management Index Report developed by the Center for Supply Chain Research at Lehigh University and the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals.

Lehigh Business Supply Chain Management Risk Index Ratings on Likelihood of Risk Increase or Decrease for 10 Different Categories

We developed this index to better understand the different kinds of supply chain risks businesses face. Supply chain professionals’ rate the likelihood that the risk in the present quarter compared to the risk in the previous quarter will likely increase, remain the same or decrease for 10 different categories. The Lehigh Business Supply Chain Risk Management Index (LRMI) value is a number between 0 – 100, where greater than 50 suggests increased risk, equal to 50 suggests the same risk and less than 50 suggests decreased risk. The list below reflects the 10 categories of risk evaluated independently by supply chain professionals: Reports 3rd Quarter / 2020 [PDF] See all comments here. For additional information about the survey please contact Dr.

Digital Supply Chain Institute - Blockchain Fitness Index - Interactive Tool To Assess Applicability and Potential of Blockchain Based Solutions. Blockchain is an emerging technology and is predicted to revolutionize Supply Chains by maximizing efficiency, security, and transparency.

Digital Supply Chain Institute - Blockchain Fitness Index - Interactive Tool To Assess Applicability and Potential of Blockchain Based Solutions

When it comes to proving the tangible benefits of the blockchain technology, it is still in its early days with not many results on the Proof of concepts and applications. At the DSCI, we have been working with clients across various industries to facilitate Blockchain POC ’s, study the results and strongly opine that Blockchain technology is not a game changer for every supply chain and business. There are several factors which are needed to be considered before kick-starting any proof of Concept and with that in mind we have designed a tool called Blockchain Fitness Index (BFI). BFI is an interactive tool which allows to quickly assess the applicability, relevance, and potential of blockchain based solutions in various business divisions.

Note: Procurious Supply Chain Confidence Index: Risk Management In-Focus. Supply Chains to Admire Based on Supply Chain Index Calculations. IIAPS - PSCM Index (organizational process performance benchmark) IIAPS - ICA Index (benchmarking of individual competencies) Business Spend Management (BSM) Platform. The Coupa BSI is a leading indicator of potential economic growth based on current business spending decisions of hundreds of businesses.

Business Spend Management (BSM) Platform

It analyzes transactions from the Coupa BSM Platform, which has cumulatively processed more than $1 trillion of business spending, to measure confidence around economic growth at an aggregate level, as well as an industry level within financial services, health and life sciences, high tech, manufacturing, and retail. The index is based on three key spend factors at a business: (1) average spend per person, (2) average time to approve spend decisions, and (3) average rate of spend approval/rejection.

2020 EPIC Report. Supply Chain Digital Consciousness Index. Summary MHI and Deloitte developed the Supply Chain Digital Consciousness framework to help organizations assess their digital mindset and gauge their progress on the journey to becoming more digital.

Supply Chain Digital Consciousness Index

Directions Each statement finishes the sentence “is/has your company...” For each assessment category, read the attributes and select which awareness level most closely reflects your current environment under the "CURRENT" section. Then, under the "DESIRED" section, select the level that you would like to move your company to. At the end, your Supply Chain DCI will be calculated. Industry Please select your industry below and click the Next button.

Leadership Company leaders are focused on aligning the company’s strategy, workforce, culture and technology to meet the digital expectations of customers, employees and trading partners. Disconnected from customers, employees and stakeholders; unaware of market dynamics or competitive threats. Perfect Order Index. Getting customer’s orders out to them on time can be an issue for any business relying on a supply chain.

Perfect Order Index

Implementing a perfect order index can greatly help your company to improve its supply chain and reach that perfect order, along with high customer expectations. What Is the Perfect Order Index? You may be scratching your head wondering what the perfect order index is. In short, the perfect order is a key performance indicator. This can be used to measure the sales order of customers or a purchase order from your suppliers. One sure way of losing customers is by sending out orders that are late, damaged, have not been packed correctly or has part of the order missing. New Zealand Government Procurement and Property.

All agencies that are mandated to use the Government Rules of Sourcing are required to complete the PCI.

New Zealand Government Procurement and Property

The PCI covers the complete cycle of good procurement and measures agency procurement capability across eleven categories: Strategic planning for commercial outcomes.Procurement strategy alignment with agency key result areas.Commercial leadership to drive outcomes.Procurement function engagement with agency stakeholders.Governance and organisation of the procurement function.Alignment with policy and processes.Sourcing and collaboration.Supplier relationship management.Management of people and skills development.Knowledge and performance management.Use of technology processes and tools.

Your agency’s PCI self-assessment will be supported by a review and moderation process that includes peer review, external checks and supplier feedback to provide confidence that the results are relevant and accurate. The PCI self-assessment tool will generate three reports: ROSMA℠ Performance Check - The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply. Evaluate your organisation's procurement performance with ROSMA℠ Performance Check - a service that can be used annually to assess the value procurement delivers.

ROSMA℠ Performance Check - The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply

According to the ROSMA℠ Performance Check Report 2016: What Good Looks Like, the procurement profession has a top-tier group of standout performers, a middle-tier that is delivering value, but performing well below the top tier, and a large group of bottom-quartile performers that add limited value to their organizations. If you want to improve performance then you need to measure it. The complimentary and confidential ROSMA℠ Performance Check is now open.

We invite you to take part. Applicable to all public and private sector organisations, the ROSMA℠ Performance Check - a complimentary and confidential financial performance measure developed by A.T.