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Speedtest Global Index – Monthly comparisons of internet speeds from around the world. 'Silicon Valley of Australia': Sydney set for ground-breaking tech hub. LOW-TECH MAGAZINE. Sex robots may cause psychological damage. Image copyright Thinkstock US researchers have warned that the availability of sex robots with artificial intelligence (AI) poses a growing psychological and moral threat to individuals and society.

Sex robots may cause psychological damage

Pilotless planes could be flying soon but public fears must be overcome, says Airbus  HINT.FM. How Big is the World's Biggest Plane? Huge. David Unaipon's 140th Birthday. About EPEAT - EPEAT. EPEAT is a free and trusted source of environmental product ratings that makes it easy to select high-performance electronics that support organizations’ IT and sustainability goals.


The system began in 2003 with a stakeholder process convened by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and has grown to become the definitive global environmental rating system for electronics. Managed by the Green Electronics Council, EPEAT currently tracks more than 4,400 products from more than 60 manufacturers across 43 countries. The environmental criteria underlying the EPEAT system address the full product lifecycle, from design and production to energy use and recycling. EPEAT product assessment is based on ANSI-approved public standards developed through stakeholder consensus processes. National Instruments: Test, Measurement, and Embedded Systems. Free Online Calculators - Math, Health, Financial, Science. What's Next - How & Why. Untitled. A Real Hoverboard Has Finally Arrived, but It May Not Fulfill All Your Sci-Fi Fantasies. Back to the Future In the cult film Back to the Future, 2015 was a year filled with a number of futuristic technologies, including the mythical hoverboard.

A Real Hoverboard Has Finally Arrived, but It May Not Fulfill All Your Sci-Fi Fantasies

But 2015, in reality, only saw the arrival of self-balancing scooters…that sometimes spontaneously catch on fire and kind of explode. The unbelievably massive Lun class ekranoplan -plane/boat/ship!!!!! (image heavy) 1987 was the year when the first 350 tons ground effect “ship” from the series of Soviet battle missile carriers was produced.

The unbelievably massive Lun class ekranoplan -plane/boat/ship!!!!! (image heavy)

It was called Lun after the Russian name for a bird of prey – hen harrier. Another name for this vehicle was Project 903. It carried 6 Moskitcruise missiles (SS-N-22 Sunburn in NATO classification). Google grants a 97-year-old's wish - Oct. 25, 2015. Try Google Input Tools online – Google Input Tools. Is It Down Right Now? Website Down or Not? In-Ear Device That Translates Foreign Languages In Real Time. Most of us have found ourselves in the awkward situation of trying to communicate in a foreign language.

In-Ear Device That Translates Foreign Languages In Real Time

Amazon. Design Life-Cycle. Cardboard Packaging — Design Life-Cycle. 1.

Cardboard Packaging — Design Life-Cycle

“How is Corrugated Cardboard Made?” , 2009 2. Efficient design and resource use in paper and cardboard production, 2009. The necessity of empathy. Why do projects built on the best of intentions so often fail to deliver the results they aspire to?

The necessity of empathy

At the Design Driven Society event, a key focus of discussion was the need to build empathy in order to successfully implement new solutions. Foldable Smartphones? Samsung Files Patent for Rollable, Folding Phones. In Brief Samsung files for a patent for (what seems to be) its new flagship product, a foldable smartphone that has been dubbed Project Valley.

Foldable Smartphones? Samsung Files Patent for Rollable, Folding Phones

Samsung’s Future Products Credit: Samsung When Samsung unveiled its current flagship Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in March 2015, the South Korean tech giant went away from its signature plastic design and took a page out of Apple’s playbook by using premium materials, such as aluminum and glass, to finally give its users a high-end smartphone in terms of specs and design. Introducing the Dvorak Keyboard. This diagram also shows the original QWERTY character, for reference, on the keys that change.

Introducing the Dvorak Keyboard

I also have an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) version of this diagram, dvorkeys.pdf (78K), that you can download and print using Acrobat Reader (which you can get free from the Adobe website). Note: Sometimes browsers choke trying to display PDF files. If this happens, point to the PDF link and right-click (Windows) or Ctrl-click (Mac) to get a popup menu, then select "Save...

" to download the PDF. Then open the PDF directly from Acrobat Reader. The arrangement shown here is common to most Mac, DOS/Windows, and OS/2 Dvorak layouts, but it is not strictly ANSI standard Dvorak. International WELL Building Institute. Air:Optimize and achieve indoor air quality.

International WELL Building Institute

Strategies include removal of airborne contaminants, prevention and purification. Water: Optimize water quality while promoting accessibility. Strategies include removal of contaminants through filtration and treatment, and strategic placement. Nourishment: Encourage healthy eating habits by providing occupants with healthier food choices, behavioral cues, and knowledge about nutrient quality. Light: Minimize disruption to the body’s circadian rhythm.

Fitness: Utilize building design technologies and knowledge-based strategies to encourage physical activity. Catalyst: Open Plan Office - ABC TV Science. NarrationThe monotonous two-by-two cubicles of the open-plan office have been with us since the middle of last century. But new research suggests it may be time to rethink our workplaces. Urban Explorer Finds The Sad Remains Of The Soviet Space Shuttle Program.