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Women Are Leaving the Labor Force in Record Numbers. Claudia Goldin, former head of the American Economic Association, called the period beginning in the mid-1970s the quiet revolution (PDF) in women's labor.

Women Are Leaving the Labor Force in Record Numbers

The ranks of female workers had grown steadily after World War II, but what changed drastically starting in the '70s, according to Goldin, wasn't the raw numbers, but mindset. Women made employment decisions for themselves, they pursued careers, and their work became part of their identity. The COVID-19 pandemic, by any measure, has been a blow to that identity. Piled atop challenges such as pay disparities and expensive child care is an economic downturn that hit women workers measurably harder than men—the so-called “she-cession.” One particularly sobering number: According to the U.S. Whenever the economy contracts people lose jobs and some workers, discouraged by the difficult labor market, sit it out for a while. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics What Happened to the Labor Force in 2020 Share on Twitter The Limits to Quiet Change.

Nasdaq is threatening to delist companies. Projet de loi de financement de la sécurité sociale pour 2021 (Dossier législatif en version repliée) - Assemblée nationale. Telegram Still Hasn’t Removed an AI Bot That’s Abusing Women. Messaging app Telegram is under pressure to crack down on an AI bot that generated tens of thousands of non-consensual images of women on its platform.

Telegram Still Hasn’t Removed an AI Bot That’s Abusing Women

Law enforcement bodies are looking into the activity of a deepfake bot, which is believed to have been used to produce explicit images of underage girls. Data protection regulators in Italy have also opened an investigation into its use, and access to the bot has been restricted on Apple’s iOS. The scrutiny of Telegram comes as multiple investigations into the use of the messaging service have discovered private groups sharing non-consensual “revenge porn” photos and videos of women, which are not generated by AI. Reports from America, Italy, South Korea, and Israel have all detailed how Telegram has been used to share abusive images over the last year. WEF GGGR 2020. 2020 factsheet on the gender pay gap. More than a second gentleman: why Doug Emhoff is Kamala Harris’ secret weapon. There is much to say about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s historic win, but I’d like to focus on a man called Doug.

More than a second gentleman: why Doug Emhoff is Kamala Harris’ secret weapon

Doug Emhoff is a lawyer and – more relevantly to your interests and mine – Harris’s husband, and unless you are part of the #DougHive, Doug’s devoted (and, one suspects, mainly female) fans, it’s likely you don’t know much about him. This in itself is astonishing, given that women are generally discussed through the prism of their personal lives. I didn’t realise until last month that the young adults with whom Harris is occasionally photographed are not, as I’d assumed, her children, but rather Doug’s children and her stepchildren. Having children, or not, once defined a woman’s public image, as Theresa May could tell you, but I don’t recall a single discussion of Harris’s parental status during this campaign. These girls see themselves in Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. "They see someone just like them," said Parker, who took these pictures the week after Election Day.

These girls see themselves in Vice President-elect Kamala Harris

"They see someone who is female, a child of immigrants, Black, South Asian and biracial -- just like them. " "They see someone who is determined and hardworking, someone who has to demand to be heard, just like them," she said. "They see what is possible for her and what that means for them. Here are the words of 15 girls across the Atlanta metropolitan area who spoke to Parker, who always interviews girls using only their first names. Their conversations have been edited and condensed for clarity. Kamalia, age 15: She's a woman, and we've never had a woman in that office before.

Kamala is like me in that she is Jamaican. Abby, age 13: I thought it was really cool (to have her win) after having a history of only men in the role, and knowing also that less than 100 years ago women barely had any rights. Alice, age 12: It's just so good that Kamala was elected vice president. Ivanka Trump may not be VP, but she’s the most influential daughter in White House history. The woman who put voice on the internet explains what it takes to innovate. Marian Croak, Vice-President, Engineering, Google; Vice-President, Site Reliability, YouTube, USA, and Lindiwe Matlali, Chief Executive Officer at Africa Teen Geeks and a Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur, took part in the Pioneers of Change Summit.

The woman who put voice on the internet explains what it takes to innovate

Sign up here to follow. They shared insights on what it takes to innovate, why kids are an inspiration and how not fitting in can be an advantage. If you’ve ever wondered how a Zoom call works, you might want to ask Marian Croak, Vice-President of Engineering at Google. This is the woman who invented “Voice over Internet Protocol”: the technology that has enabled entire workforces to continue to communicate and families and friends to remain in touch throughout 2020’s lockdowns – and inevitably beyond.

Role of Microfinance Institutions in Women Empowerment: A Case Study of Akhuwat, Pakistan. Role of Microfinance Institutions in Women Empowerment: A Case Study of Akhuwat, Pakistan Huma Rehman, Dr.

Role of Microfinance Institutions in Women Empowerment: A Case Study of Akhuwat, Pakistan

Amani Moazzam, Nighat Ansari Abstract Gender discrimination is a persistent problem faced by women all over the world, which has ledto the need to empower women for uplifting their status as recognized by Millennium Development Goals (2010). The present study focuses on the role of microfinance in empowering women and also acknowledges its’ significance in alleviating poverty. Full Text: PDF. Equality for HER – Health.

We should all be feminists. Women, politics and boys' clubs: 'When women get organised, watch out' The feminist and writer Jane Caro was adamant.

Women, politics and boys' clubs: 'When women get organised, watch out'

A Q&A audience member, Sophie, was pondering a pathway to politics but declared some hesitation because of “misogynistic comments and issues ... surrounding women in parliament”. Caro didn’t mince words: “Sophie, you have to go into politics. I’m sorry, you don’t have a choice here. You have to. New equalities commissioner attacked ‘modern feminism’ and #MeToo. One of the government’s newly appointed equality commissioners said that modern feminism disempowers women and blamed the MeToo movement for ruining men’s reputations without due process, the Observer can reveal.

New equalities commissioner attacked ‘modern feminism’ and #MeToo

Jessica Butcher, a successful digital entrepreneur, was last week appointed as one of four new commissioners at the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) by Liz Truss, the minister for women and equalities. Economics - Innovation - Inclusive Growth - Public Purpose. An ‘Electrifying’ Economist’s Guide to the Recovery. The conversation has been edited for length and clarity.

An ‘Electrifying’ Economist’s Guide to the Recovery

The pandemic has made clear how much of the economy relies on unpaid labor — mostly shouldered by women — as well as the undervalued jobs in female-dominated industries. How can governments now start to elevate these jobs and weave them into broader economic growth policies? Covid-19 has very much sharpened our focus on what is of value in an economy — which equates to what we can put a price on, and what we can exchange.

At G-20, Saudi Arabia and Human Rights Activists Fight Over Kingdom’s Image. BEIRUT, Lebanon — For Saudi Arabia, hosting the Group of 20 summit in Riyadh this year was supposed to cement its global stature.

At G-20, Saudi Arabia and Human Rights Activists Fight Over Kingdom’s Image

Heads of state from the world’s richest nations were to be wowed by the kingdom’s rugged beauty and changing society — and encouraged to let its war in Yemen and murder of a prominent journalist drift into the past. For critics of Saudi Arabia’s human rights record, the event looked very different: A golden opportunity to highlight the kingdom’s abuses and press world leaders to embarrass its de facto ruler, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The two-day summit, which started Saturday, is not expected to live up to either side’s hopes.

Instead, the coronavirus has effectively reduced the G-20 summit — like so many other meet-ups this year — to a giant webinar. Choose a Gift That Changes Lives. This will be a painful holiday season in many households, with fewer people hugging and handing out gifts. But if you’re feeling that the holidays have been “canceled” and you’re struggling to find hope and meaning this season, have I got some uplifting ideas for you! Every year at this time I offer a holiday guide suggesting “gifts with meaning” rather than one more scarf or tie that will sit in the bottom of a drawer. How a conference call sparked America's abortion obsession – video explainer. Biden's likely pick to lead the Pentagon isn't a win for feminism. The woke-washing of war It’s time to lean into the military-industrial complex, ladies!

The US defense department is one of three cabinet agencies – the others are treasury and veterans affairs – that have never been led by a woman; now, however, it looks like one of the last glass ceilings is about to get smashed. It is widely expected that Joe Biden will appoint Michèle Flournoy as America’s first female female defense secretary. There has been a lot of rhapsodizing about this historic appointment: “Biden likely to break barriers, pick woman to lead Pentagon,” an Associated Press headline proclaimed.

COVID-19 underscores need to deliver on promise of landmark women’s rights conference. António Guterres issued the charge in a speech to a UN General Assembly high-level meeting to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the landmark Fourth World Conference on Women held in Beijing, China. The Beijing Conference, as it is known, marked a significant turning point on the global agenda, making it clear that women’s rights are at the heart of equality and justice around the world. But as the UN chief told the gathering, the Conference was also a “wake-up call” as these rights are still being denied, hindered and ignored everywhere.

“COVID-19 has emphasized and exploited the continued denial of women’s rights. Women and girls are bearing the brunt of the massive social and economic impact of the pandemic,” he said, speaking from the rostrum in the General Assembly Hall. Deliver on the Beijing promise “Twenty-five years after Beijing, we are facing a women-led recession as women employed in the informal economy are first to lose their jobs,” Mr. Insufficient progress. Women's Rights. 100 Data Stories Reveal State of Women's Rights. The UN Statistics Division has launched a report of gender equality trends and statistics. The report is presented as an interactive portal and features 100 “data stories” from around the world. World's Women 2020. The World’s Women 2020: Trends and Statistics. Less than 50% of working-age women are in the labour market, a figure that has barely changed over the last quarter of a century, according to a new UN report launched today.

Unpaid domestic and care work falls disproportionately on women, restraining their economic potential as the COVID-19 pandemic additionally affects women’s jobs and livelihoods, the report warns. The World’s Women 2020: Trends and Statistics compiles 100 data stories that provide a snapshot of the state of gender equality worldwide. The Portal Series: Reflections on Feminist Leadership Through Crisis with Sophia Andary. Our Feminism Says: Black Lives Matter. No Exceptions. As a global feminist fund, we recognize and affirm that there is no gender justice without racial justice. Today and always, we stand with those rising up against the injustice, racism, and brutality suffered by George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and all Black people in the U.S. and around the world who have been killed and terrorized by the police.

Global Fund for Women on Joseph Biden’s Election as President of the United States. For Immediate Release Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have won the U.S. presidential election, according to the Associated Press. The Portal Series: Reflections on Feminist Leadership Through Crisis with Sophia Andary. Abortion rights: An open wound in many European countries. Key facts on abortion. An abortion is a medical procedure that ends a pregnancy. It is a basic healthcare need for millions of women, girls and others who can become pregnant. Worldwide, an estimated 1 in 4 pregnancies end in an abortion every year. But while the need for abortion is common, access to safe and legal abortion services is far from guaranteed for those who may need abortion services. In fact, access to abortion is one of the most hotly contested topics globally, and the debate is clouded by misinformation about the true ramifications of restricting access to this basic healthcare service.

Here are the basic facts about abortion that everyone should know. EU: the CJEU defines the criteria for determining if additional maternity leave accorded to women complies with EU law - Planet Labor. Home » Legal developments » European legislation » EU: the CJEU defines the criteria for determining if additional maternity leave accorded to women complies with EU law. Why current definitions of family income are misleading, and why this matters for measures of inequality - Equitable Growth. Coming up: budget 2021, Covid-19 measures, Gender Equality Week. Covid-19, rule of law and recovery. International Environmental Technology Centre. The pandemic has hit female entrepreneurs hard. A shocking number of women dropped out of the workforce last month. Discriminatingsystems.

Female historians and male nurses do not exist, Google Translate tells its European users – AlgorithmWatch. Women are doing better in European politics, but still not well enough. Finland: A happy but dangerous country for women. Jourova: Excluding women from top companies’ boards is economically stupid. Gabriel: Women ‘continue to face obstacles’ in tech sector. ‘Women, Peace and Security’ agenda must be at heart of government policy, German NGOs demand. Women and Matrimonial Property Rights in Kenya. Goal 5: Gender Equality. INFORM - Issue 14 - Training for women entrepreneurs: an imperative for growth and jobs. Lessons in Gender Equality. The Forward Female. What does the new Finnish government say about the country’s commitment to equality? - Equal Times.

Reducing gender inequalities through gender budgeting: a huge challenge for public institutions? - Equal Times. In the shadow of Taiwan’s coronavirus success, hostesses have been organising for financial support and solidarity - Equal Times. Janhavi Dave: “We need to empower home-based workers by investing in more co-operatives. Unity builds strength and resilience” - Equal Times. The women changing the face of French agriculture - Equal Times. Women at work: in search of recognition. Citigroup becomes first big Wall Street bank to be run by female CEO. The future of women at work: Transitions in the age of automation.

“Empowerment Begins with Knowing Your Labour Rights” - UN Women Article - Question of Palestine. Gender equality and women’s empowerment in the world of work. File80432. Women's situation in the labour market. Facts and Figures: Economic Empowerment. With women at the forefront, the unions are relevant again. Women in trade unions. It’s time to realise the unfulfilled promise of the Beijing Gender Equality Platform - International Trade Union Confederation. Women in Work Index 2020. The Coming Setback for Women in the Workplace. How coronavirus is widening the UK gender pay gap. The coronavirus backlash: how the pandemic is destroying women's rights.