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Eskalera Inclusion Index: Cultivate, Measure, and Manage a More Inclusive Workplace. San Francisco (June 18, 2020) -- Eskalera, the company behind a new category of employee experience and organizational analytics, announces today the launch of Inclusion Index, a new system that quantifies inclusive culture.

Eskalera Inclusion Index: Cultivate, Measure, and Manage a More Inclusive Workplace

The Inclusion Index gives much-needed real-time measurement to the performance of a company’s Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) efforts, and offers learning solutions and actionable steps to improve cultural hot-spots. More companies than ever before now report that they are interested in meaningfully improving their diversity and inclusion. Now, those truly devoted to creating a sustainable change can receive 3 months of complimentary D&I training. To start, they are encouraged to visit: Eskalera offers large and medium-sized companies a fully digital platform of insights and solutions on D&I, and crucially, the ability to measure its performance over time.

Dane E. Eskalera recognizes that data alone will not solve D&I or drive lasting cultural change. EcoVadis - Global CSR Risk and Performance Index. Risk Assessment Tool. Your challenge We know that trying to identify and manage risk in your supply chain can be a tricky and time consuming task.

Risk Assessment Tool

Particularly with larger supply chains, it’s difficult to know where to start, and where to continue to focus your resources. Our solution The Sedex Risk Assessment Tool gives you a clear indication of the likelihood of risks occurring in your supply chain. Each of your suppliers’ sites of employment is given a risk rating of low, medium, or high. The risk rating is based on a combination of two factors: “Inherent” risk: based on country, product area, sector profile and site functionManagement proficiency risk: based on data from the Sedex Self-Assessment Questionnaire The Risk Assessment Tool draws on intelligence from global risk experts Verisk Maplecroft to deliver in-depth analysis.

Benefits Screen prospective suppliers. Global Business Intelligence on ESG risks. Within the landscape of ESG research, RepRisk is the only provider with an exclusive focus on risks – i.e. we systematically capture and analyze adverse ESG and business conduct data that can have a reputational, compliance, and financial impact on a company.

Global Business Intelligence on ESG risks

Our core competence is acting as a powerful due diligence tool and risk overlay on ESG and business conduct risks. RepRisk believes it is important to look at performance, not just policies. Therefore, we take an outside-in approach to assessing a company: Our research captures and analyzes information from media, stakeholders, and other public sources external to a company. This perspective helps you assess whether a company’s policies and processes are translating into actual performance on the ground. In essence, RepRisk acts as a “reality check” of a company’s business conduct.

IPE - The Green Supply Chain CITI (Corporate Information Transparency) Index. IntegraRating - The Red Flag Group - 10-Point Proprietary Risk Rating System. Supplier Environmental Sustainability Index. Corporate Equality Index. Risk Exposure Index™ (REI) - MIT Forum for Supply Chain InnovationMIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation. Risk Exposure Index™ enables companies for the first time to fully quantify their maximum risk exposure from natural disasters or any other unpredictable supply chain disruptions.

Risk Exposure Index™ (REI) - MIT Forum for Supply Chain InnovationMIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation

It specifically assesses for each node, or site, in a given supply chain the resulting financial impact, such as loss of revenue or loss of profit, or operational impact, such as loss of production volume. Ford implements MIT prof. David Simchi-Levi’s REI to expose risk in the automotive supply chain Ford has implemented this concept in collaboration with the MIT team, by developing their Decision Support System for Risk Management, which is used daily. Simchi-Levi and colleagues win INFORMS Daniel H. Prof. “We are very pleased to have won this prestigious award with the Ford team and to see our work on the Risk Exposure Index™ successfully implemented and used daily,” says Simchi-Levi.

News Release UN Office for Disaster Risk reduction utilizes the Risk Exposure Index™ News Release. Supplier Evaluation & Risk Management │ RapidRatings. Supply Risk Wheel and Matrix Assessment - ISS Group. Supplier Risk Assessment System in Use As companies increasingly adopt global sourcing and supply chain management practices, they are discovering both opportunities and challenges.

Supply Risk Wheel and Matrix Assessment - ISS Group

On the one hand, global sourcing is lowering purchase prices and expanding market access. On the other hand, operating a global distribution channel increases the level of supply chain risk with an increase both in the potential for product and service disruptions and in the magnitude of those disruptions. According to Aberdeen Research, more than 80% of supply management executives reported that their companies experienced supply disruptions within the past 24 months and these supply glitches negatively impacted their companies’ customer relations, earnings, time to-market cycles, sales, and overall brand perceptions.

The primary reporting view of the system is the “risk wheel”. Figure 2 is the Risk Wheel for the analytical or risk event mode. Figure 1. Figure 2. Figure 3. Figure 4. Figure 5. Data Model.