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Carlsberg admits it probably isn't the best beer in the world as it overhauls the brand and the brew. Carlsberg is overhauling its namesake beer brand in the UK, changing everything from its taste and packaging to glassware and marketing as it shifts focus from “quantity to quality” in order to “change the way people think about Carlsberg”.

Carlsberg admits it probably isn't the best beer in the world as it overhauls the brand and the brew

The Carlsberg pilsner has been rebrewed “from head to hop”, while every touchpoint of the brand has been “upgraded”, including a new ‘snap pack’ that reduces its plastic use by 50%. Carlsberg is also launching its “most ambitious and honest” marketing campaign ever in a bid to drive reappraisal. The campaign sees Carlsberg trade on the equity of its ‘Probably’ slogan but turn it on its head. Created by Fold7, the ads see the brand admit it is “probably not the best beer in the world” and then communicate the updates it has made to change that perception. Speaking exclusively to Marketing Week, Liam Newton, vice-president of marketing at Carlsberg UK, says: “We want to change the way people think about Carlsberg. Premiumising the brand. Coca-Cola launches water brand Aquarius in the UK. Hermès se lance dans les cosmétiques. Guide To Coachella 2019 Brand Activations. " Shopper 5.0 " le nouveau consommateur ultra connecté ... - mydigitalweek.

FERNAND RAYNAUD : 14 citations "drolissimes " Fernand Raynaud est un humoriste et acteur français, né le 19 mai 1926 à Clermont-Ferrand et mort le 28 septembre 1973 dans un accident de la route près de Riom.

FERNAND RAYNAUD : 14 citations "drolissimes "

Il est connu pour ses nombreux sketches (Le 22 à Asnières, Restons Français) et ses chansons drôles qui ont marqué son époque (années 1950 et 1960). Son art comique consistait à présenter des histoires drôles dans des situations quotidiennes mettant en scène le Français moyen. Il y exploitait des quiproquos, des absurdités, des gaffes, l’art corporel du mime et de la grimace, la multiplicité d’accents, alternant différents protagonistes au sein d’un même sketch, mettant en avant un personnage de benêt au costume trop grand.

NIKE weaves 2019 women's world cup kits from recycled plastic bottles. H&M launches Itsapark, an Instagram-influencer-style shopping platform — Quartzy. “How do I find good office outfits with an edge?”

H&M launches Itsapark, an Instagram-influencer-style shopping platform — Quartzy

One user asks on Itsapark, a site that the clothing retailer H&M Group launched in beta mode on April 3. Énergies E.Leclerc - Fournisseur d'électricité, fournisseur d'énergie. L’optimisme, le moteur des nouveaux leaders ? Rekindling an Old Flame on a Zero-Based Budget. How 3G Capital made Burger King cool again.

Rekindling an Old Flame on a Zero-Based Budget

Whether you love or hate his work, Andy Warhol eating a Whopper for 45 seconds during one of the most expensive ad slots in television this year was astonishing. Super Bowl Sunday – the most macho of American sporting events – coupled with the quintessential Pop artist had people talking the morning after. Some were profoundly confused about what they had just watched, others were amazed by Burger King’s latest demonstration of its fearless approach to brand building. Always the bridesmaid and never the bride, Burger King was perennially number 2 behind McDonald’s in the burger restaurant competition.

Using Cognitive Load Theory to improve slideshow presentations. Heinz celebrates ‘150 years of clean plates’ in anniversary campaign. Heinz is celebrating its 150th anniversary with a campaign that aims to “celebrate its values” by showcasing 150 years of clean plates.

Heinz celebrates ‘150 years of clean plates’ in anniversary campaign

The brand will launch the $15.3m (£11.7m) campaign, created by BBH London, across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, in the second week of April. It aims to promote the role Heinz plays in making food tastier through its most iconic product, Heinz Tomato Ketchup. “How do you know when you’ve had good food? You have a clean plate. The role Heinz plays in making food tastier and cleaning those plates is what we’re dramatising…we’re bringing that to life,” Kraft Heinz’s, marketing VP for Europe Middle East and Africa, Victoria Sjardin, tells Marketing Week. “[The campaign is about] celebrating our values and the things we [feel are important].” The 30-second TV spot features a range of meal times, from a late-night chicken takeaway an English breakfast in a cafe, all united by use of the same condiment, Heinz ketchup. Tommy Hilfiger and Coca-Cola Team Up to Reissue Iconic Rugby Shirt from the ‘80s (and More): The Coca-Cola Company.

In the mid-1980s, a young, relatively unknown fashion designer by the name of Tommy Hilfiger created the first-ever Clothes collection.

Tommy Hilfiger and Coca-Cola Team Up to Reissue Iconic Rugby Shirt from the ‘80s (and More): The Coca-Cola Company

The line of licensed leisurewear – anchored by the trendsetting long-sleeve rugby shirts – was an immediate hit with millions of Americans and helped kickstart the pioneering designer’s career. Now, more than 30 years later, Hilfiger and are reuniting to reissue these signature styles with a contemporary look fusing fashion and pop culture for a new generation. The TOMMY JEANS capsule collection for men and women reissues pieces from the ‘80s collection with modern-day silhouettes and a new logo combining the TOMMY JEANS and marks. In addition to a reimagined take on the classic rugby shirt, the colorful line features sweatshirts, t-shirts, shorts and sports jackets. “The collection we launched in the ‘80s was bold, bright, and instantly recognizable,” said Avery Baker, chief brand officer, Tommy Hilfiger Global. Comment rendre son marketing "atmosphérique" ? Human Contact Is Now a Luxury Good. How marketing and supply chain combine to create a ‘mission brand’ Now more than ever brands are waking up to the possibilities of using their business as a force for good.

How marketing and supply chain combine to create a ‘mission brand’

However, rather than paying lip service to the notion, some brands are bringing their marketing and supply chain together to ensure their business is built on equality and sustainability from the bottom up. Dutch chocolate company Tony’s Chocolonely, for example, did not start life wanting to make great tasting chocolate. The brand was founded 13 years ago off the back of a TV programme following three investigative journalists who uncovered the true scale of child slavery in the international cocoa trade. Quand le CX devient un facteur de différenciation plus important que le produit ou le prix... - mydigitalweek. Pour passer au zéro déchet, Danone, Carrefour et Coca vont proposer un service de consigne.

Cadbury blasted over Dairy Milk Crunchie Ultimate Easter egg packed with 17 DAYS' worth of sugar. CADBURY has been blasted over an Easter egg packed with more sugar than a child should eat in 17 days.

Cadbury blasted over Dairy Milk Crunchie Ultimate Easter egg packed with 17 DAYS' worth of sugar

The Dairy Milk Crunchie Ultimate Chocolate (570 grams) contains 330g of sugar. Public Health England says four to six year olds should have up to 19g a day. Those aged seven to ten should only eat 24g and adults less than 30g. A Maltesers Crunchy Egg (496g) and its treats contain 272g of sugar. A third of under-15s are overweight or obese. Getting up to pee in the night is an early sign of heart attack & stroke. Finding online influencers using Network-Theory: Building a network through Tweets. Tommy Hilfiger Taps Influencers For Adaptive Clothing Campaign. Les 10 idées marketing de la semaine (25-29 mars 2019) Privacy Protection – Pact : un nouveau label pour les professionnels engagés dans la protection des données personnelles - mydigitalweek. Stéphane Curtelin positionne Huawei sur le premium. Apple dévoile sa première carte bancaire.

ElsaTRUJILLO. Au-delà de l’intelligence artificielle … l’émergence de l’intelligence relationnelle. Selon Ghislaine de Chambine, directrice du salon Stratégie Clients.

Au-delà de l’intelligence artificielle … l’émergence de l’intelligence relationnelle

And the beat goes on: Flat Eric at 20. PR A.S. Watson ModiFace 2019. Comarch France on LinkedIn: "Découvrez les résultats de l'étude menée par l'IFOP : " les Français et les évolutions du Retail "" Thesefinalerv. 1e édition Sustainable Brands à Paris : Rendre les marques héroïques. SUSTAINABLE BRANDS Paris 2019, le premier événement européen sur l’innovation et le développement durable se tiendra au Carrousel du Louvre à Paris du 23 au 25 avril 2019 pour partager des solutions concrètes et réinventer l’engagement responsable.

1e édition Sustainable Brands à Paris : Rendre les marques héroïques

Nike Air Max exhibition to celebrate trainers through the years. Hermès Is Launching Makeup and Skincare - Hermès Beauty Products 2020. Hermès To Launch Skincare, Cosmetics. PARIS, France — Hermès plans to launch skincare and cosmetics ranges in 2020. The collections are being developed in-house but will be manufactured by third-party suppliers, mainly in France and Italy. This is a new challenge for the brand, which saw sales grow 10.4 percent in 2018 to reach nearly €6 billion.

“Obviously, we hope to have the biggest scope possible. We are trying to do it humbly and cautiously, because it’s a big market that’s already full of strong players, and therefore we have to find our place in it,” Hermès chief executive Axel Dumas said on Wednesday. It’s a big market that’s already full of strong players, and therefore we have to find our place in it. In fact, most top luxury brands already offer skincare and makeup ranges.

Like Gucci, Hermès already competes in the fragrance segment; its perfume business grew 9 percent in 2018, thanks to the success of Terre d’Hermès, a woody scent, and the floral Twilly d’Hermès. Chobani's new incubator class is diverse in many ways. How PepsiCo is reinventing insights to be ‘faster, stronger and better’ The way insight is positioned within organisations needs to be reinvented to keep up with the rapidly changing consumer landscape, which PepsiCo is looking to achieve by being faster, stronger and better, according to Tim Warner, vice-president of insights and analytics for Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa and global digitisation. “Insight – and I mean that in its broadest sense; the capabilities, the process, the talent, the organisation, everything – needs to be reinvented,” he said, talking at an event held by the Market Research Society and Kantar this morning (21 March).

Given the pace of change and the fact consumers are always on and have more control, as well as the emergence of a “whole new breed of competitor”, he believes the sequential process once deployed by insight teams needs to be replaced by processes that allow for rapid experimentation and test-and-learn. Aldi launches local brand. Pourquoi Ricola a commencé à raconter l'histoire de sa marque. Calculate Your Influencer Marketing ROI in 5 Steps. Teva sandals are so popular they've been called a certifiable craze. From walking along mountain ranges to festivals and photo shoots: Practical sandals designed for hiking in the 80s emerge as a 'certifiable craze' among Australia's fashion elite Practical sandals designed for hiking are crossing over into the fashion world Australian bloggers and influencers have been quick to jump on the trend The shoes feature a rubber base and wrap around toes and ankles with velcro By Emilia Mazza For Daily Mail Australia Published: 01:53 EDT, 17 March 2019 | Updated: 01:53 EDT, 17 March 2019 A practical sandal designed for hiking in 1984 has emerged as the must-have shoe for Australian bloggers and fashion influencers in 2019.

Tevas, which originally hail from the US, is a practical shoe which marry the best aspects of a flip flop with an open-toed sandal. The shoes feature a solid rubber base and velcro straps which wrap around the toes and ankles. Comment réaliser une opération de naming ? North Face is cutting waste by selling refurbished old coats. Cercle Marketing Client. Kapferer’s Brand Stretching Model – Redbull vs Burn. Neuromarketing: What You Need to Know. Executive Summary The field of neuromarketing, sometimes known as consumer neuroscience, studies the brain to predict and potentially even manipulate consumer behavior and decision making. Over the past five years several groundbreaking studies have demonstrated its potential to create value for marketers. But those interested in using its tools must still determine whether that’s worth the investment and how to do it well. “Neuromarketing” loosely refers to the measurement of physiological and neural signals to gain insight into customers’ motivations, preferences, and decisions.

Its most common methods are brain scanning, which measures neural activity, and physiological tracking, which measures eye movement and other proxies for that activity.This article explores some of the research into those methods and discusses their benefits and drawbacks. Why Coca-Cola is no longer tied to its old brand rules. Coca-Cola is trying to change. How Tesco revolutionised loyalty with Clubcard: The Inside Story. When Edwina Dunn and Clive Humby were approached by Tesco about launching a loyalty card in 1994 they were told in no uncertain terms not to get excited.

Tesco was adamant this was a one-off – the company didn’t use consultants, it just needed a little help. However, Tesco would in fact need a lot of help and over the course of the next 16 years the duo would be central to building the UK’s first supermarket loyalty card, Clubcard, which would irreversibly change the marketing landscape for retailers, brands and customers. But first the couple got to work with their data analysis company of 30 people, Dunnhumby, crunching the numbers.

FMCG Global Megabrands Battling For Relevance, Share 03/12/2019. 30e anniversaire: Le père du Web appelle à un «contrôle complet des données» par les utilisateurs. Amazon Dismantling Its Pop-Up Stores, Expanding Other Retail Concepts 03/07/2019. Why brands are hiring marketers with no sector experience. Poland becomes first country from former Soviet bloc to be ranked a 'developed market' Calvin Klein to close luxury collections business.

Airbnb is buying HotelTonight. Citroën's 100th anniversary campaign imagines the future of mobility. Top 100 Megabrands: How the World's Fast-Moving Brands Remain at the Top. Why brand plays a key role in marketing effectiveness. How Authentic Influence Is Earned 03/05/2019. 7 companies that got a boost from Chobani's Food Incubator. Why you can't buy Amazon Dash buttons anymore. ​Nesquik launches All Natural cocoa powder in recyclable paper packaging. Amazon to Launch New Grocery-Store Business. La boîte jaune Nesquik va-t-elle disparaître des rayons? What is Brand Activation? Examples and Importance of Brand Activation. 24 All-Star Brand Activations That Will Inspire Your Next Campaign. Comment Disney a événementialisé son anniversaire de marque. Eataly débarque en France le 12 avril. La blockchain est-elle le remède miracle au marketing?

Lego’s return to growth boosted by Star Wars and Harry Potter products. Ikea: 10 marketing stunts assembled to boost the Swedish furniture giant's brand. Lego Adapts to Human Behavior That's Wiping Out the Toy Shops. Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo: New store is its biggest in the world. Marine Clerc on LinkedIn: "Voici comment fonctionnent les algorithmes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn et YouTube □ via Agence Tiz" Rihanna and LVMH working on 'Project Loud' Rothy's: Washable, Woven Flats & Shoes Made from Recycled Plastic. Amazon's affordable grocery store saves Whole Foods' posh image. How Avon plans to take on direct-to-consumer rivals.

Mark Ritson: Kraft Heinz is in 57 varieties of trouble – Marketing Week. How "Mum's birthday" let the nation fall back in love with Cadbury chocolate. Amazon Just Made a Huge Announcement That'll Completely Change the Way It Does Business. It's Either Brilliant or Very Sneaky. Must Read: LVMH to Develop Luxury Hotel in London, Influencer Marketing as Explained by a 19th Century Economist. 5 Examples of Neuromarketing That Marketers Can Use to Sell Products. Quand l'Account-Based Marketing (ABM) devient le nouvel enjeu pour les directions marketing B2B. MARKETING D'INFLUENCE : le passage obligé des marques. #Ecommerce : Pourquoi l’abonnement est-il l’avenir de la consommation ?  Lsa-conso.

Notre vie sous abonnement, une économie en plein essor - Grande conso / Luxe. How Dr. Martens is engaging consumers beyond the boot. Array. Decathlon avance à fond sur l'IA. Quels sont les meilleurs lancements produits de 2018? Yahoo fait désormais partie d’Oath. Victoria Beckham on launching her YouTube channel - Vogue Australia. Comment cibler le shopper connecté en 2019 ? Amazon launches Amazon Pay UPI for android users - Fibre2Fashion. Amazon Launches Private Label Cosmetics in Europe – TJI Research.