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Liz Patterson Art Journal. Peter Nelson. Jonathan Newey. Alyona Nickelsen. Eileen Nistler. Kris Owen. Owings Art Studio: Colored Pencil. Saturday October 22, 2011 This is the third drawing in my pin up girl project.

Owings Art Studio: Colored Pencil

My goal is to complete twenty drawings. I've always liked the art of 1930's, 40's and 50's. Many of the pin up artists from this period got their start in commercial illustration. Artists like Gil Elvgren, Art Frahm, Pearl Frush, Earl Moran and many others created pin-up girls for advertising pieces, calendars and postcards. Janet Pantry. Christina Papagianni. Drawings by Christina Papagianni. Paula Pertile. If you haven't visited for a while, please hit the 'refresh' button on your browser to the get the most updated version of this page.

Paula Pertile

Home Art Tutorials Bio Blog Shop Contact Step-by-Step Demo "Cotswald Cheese with Cherry Tomato" This is a lovely wedge of Cotswald cheese (which has bits of herbs in it) with a little cherry tomato on top. Johanna Pieterman. Janie Pirie. Sarah Pittman. Julie Podstolski. Susan Poole. Laurene Puls. April Quast. Ana's Ramblings & Art Corner. Colored Pencil Diary. Lynn Roberts. Amy Robins. Adolfo F. Rodríguez. Adolfo fernandez rodriguez. Patrick ROGELET - Maecene Arts. Patrick ROGELET a l'honneur de paraitre dans le livre CP Treaures Vol III réunissant les meilleurs dessins aux crayons de couleur de la planète.

Patrick ROGELET - Maecene Arts

Patrick ROGELET have the honor to be part of the book's publication: CP Treasures Vol III "Colored Pencil Masterworks from Around the Globe" It is available on / disponible sur Amazon. Une virtuosité extraordinaire, du grand Art, un médium rare à promouvoir, le crayon de couleur. Patrick ROGELET excelle. Patrick intègre les artistes référencés Maecene Arts en 2013 et est parrainé par Annie SLIWKA.

An extraordinary virtuosity, of the big Arts, a medium rare to promote, the coloured pencil. Patrick ROGELET est né en 1966 à Toulon et vit près de Cognac. La première approche s'accompagne en toute logique d'un certain nombre de questions: Quelle est la nature de l'œuvre? Les crayons de couleur de Patrick Rogelet. Chapitre 5 Technique complémentaire : l'humidification de la mine (mine soluble) Avant de détailler cette technique essentielle que j’emploie en complément du mélange à sec, je parlerai très succinctement des différentes manières d’utiliser le crayon " aquarellable ".

Les crayons de couleur de Patrick Rogelet

Patrick Rogelet. Dean Rogers. "In my life, I search for beauty, innocence, and compassion.

Dean Rogers

When I find it, I try to capture it — thus the compulsion to create portraiture. I strive to recreate people on a 2-dimensional plane in a way in which they appear to "come to life. " I hope that when people view my portraits they experience an EMOTION and perhaps create their own story about the "little laughing boy" or the "pretty fairy girl. " I hope that for those who know the subject, my portraits bring back special memories. I believe that everyone has their own version of a sort of "personal heaven," and I hope that everyone can find at least one piece of my art that can take them there, for a brief moment in an otherwise ordinary life. " Ester Roi. This is the second work in a new series of small art depicting some of my favorite subjects.

Ester Roi

The purpose of this series is to produce more regularly while also working on large pieces. Working small allows me to be more experimental with the Icarus Drawing Board. With each artwork I plan to share something interesting about how I made it. Title: River Pebbles, No. 2Size: 5" x 5" Medium: Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencil (Verithin and Softcore) and Caran d'Ache Luminance Colored Pencil Miscellaneous: Lyra Splender Colorless Blender, Gray Paper Stumps Surface: Stonehenge Paper Technique: Icarus Drawing Board. Ester Roi. Tell me about yourself... your work...your business… I am a full-time artist and inventor living in Southern California with my husband, two sons and a cat.

Ester Roi

I grew up in Italy under the misconception that one needs to show incredible talent to pursue an art career. It wasn’t until I came to the United States, the land of opportunities, that I started envisioning the possibility of becoming an artist. My dream became a reality five years ago. Heather Rooney. Helen Rowles. Tony Sanchez. David Sandell. I have just completed some work for Derwent Pencils, using their Coloursoft range.

David Sandell

A really good pencil, well designed with a soft quality which sharpens to a good point; a useful combination. Coloursoft have some similarities with the soft ranges from USA and Central Europe but Derwent's range is also nicely branded, easy to read etc. Brian Scott. Carol Scott. Megan Seiter. Megan Seiter. Allan Servoss. Yelena Shabrova. Holly Siniscal. Donna Slade. Michelle Smith. John P. Smolko. Dianna Soisson. Dianna, a color pencil artist, currently lives in southeastern Michigan.

Dianna Soisson

She grew up in Kane, Pennsylvania where her love for art began at an early age. Her father provided the spirit to help her believe in herself and her mother provided her with art lessons from a dear friend. She attended Edinboro State University and received her Bachelor of Science degree in art education. After heading a high school art program for many years, she moved to Michigan with her husband to raise their three children.

Dianna has exhibited her work in several juried shows throughout Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania her work has made its way into many establishments and private collections both national and international. Eileen Sorg. Arlene Steinberg. Susan Helen Strok. Deborah Strong. ANN SWAN. Maddy Swan. Sheila Theodoratos. Wendy Thompson. Jean Thurow. Lou Toft. Maggie Toole. Amy S Turner - Prints, Posters, Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, Metal Prints, Acrylic Prints, Greeting Cards, and iPhone Cases. Kaz Turner. Katherine Tyrrell. Ranjini Venkatachari. Art Venti. Maria Villioti. Bonny Wagoner. Dee Wagoner. J Michael Walker. Gordon A. Webster. Arlene Weinstock. My artwork has been arranged into portfolios for easier viewing.

Arlene Weinstock

These portfolios include images of original artwork and photographs. Laura Westlake. Anthony Wickens. Wild Art NZ: Coloured Pencil Fine Artwork. Sweet Summer - The latest coloured pencil painting, Prismacolor on Stonehenge Paper 8 x 10 inches. Everyone loves the Bumble bee! :) Dahlia Impact, Prismacolor on Stonehenge Paper. 8x10 inches, framed. One viewer even knows the name of this flower. Bar Tailed Godwit 17.5 x 13 cm, 7x5 inches. Waterlily with damsel-fly 17.5 x 13 cm, 7x5 inches. Jared Paul Wilson. Michelle Wilson. 2015 — BEC WINNEL. Prev / next 1 of 12 thumbnails Caught in a Wonderland . Pastel, pencil, acrylic, watercolour on paper . 25 x 35 cm . LAX/DTW Curated by Thinkspace Gallery . Interstate Gallery, Detroit US Aztec Orchid . Misha . Veronica Winters. Alan Woollett. C J Worlein. June Wright. Debra Yaun. Boris Zatko.