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Caran D'Ache. How to Make Transfer Paper, Koo Schadler. By Koo Schadler Q.

How to Make Transfer Paper, Koo Schadler

In the article “Tools That Are Tried and True” (The Artist’s Magazine, November 2011), Koo Schadler says she can make transfer paper in “any color of the rainbow,” using pigments or pastels, solvent and parchment paper. How does she do this, and why does she prefer colored transfer paper to that made with graphite? A. Making transfer paper is simple but a little messy. Parchment tracing paper, medium weightPowdered pigment or ground-up pastel (approximately 1 teaspoon for each 9×12 sheet of paper)Denatured alcohol (available at hardware stores)Measuring spoon (teaspoon or larger)Small dish or glass palette1- to 2-inch flat brush Place approximately 1 teaspoon of powdered pigment into a dish. Use a wide flat brush to apply the liquefied pigment to a sheet of tracing paper. The first few times you use a particular sheet of homemade transfer paper, loose pigment may generate dust or leave unwanted marks.

Estomp'art : technique au crayon - Le matériel. Matériel Le dessein de cette partie est de préciser le matériel dont il faudra vous munir avant de commencer les exercices pratiques, et de démontrer leur utilité si vous croyez, aux premiers abords, à la frivolité d'éventuels achats.

Estomp'art : technique au crayon - Le matériel

Description et utilisation des crayons les plus fréquemment utilisés lors de nos travaux : 2H, HB, 4B, 7B, couleurs Le crayon 2H possède une mine dure et permet un trait fin. On l'utilisera pour tracer la grille des proportions. Holbein Artists' Colors. Le chemin de Noon : errances » Livres d’apprentissage du crayon de couleur. Colored pencil solution book – Gildow, Nexwon Ce livre est très pratique.

Le chemin de Noon : errances » Livres d’apprentissage du crayon de couleur

A travers de nombreux petits exemples, on apprend à rendre différentes textures. Très pratiques également, les modèles à décalquer à la fin du livre, pour ceux qui ne savent pas à dessiner. Le chemin de Noon : errances » Le papier pour crayons de couleur. Les crayons de couleur adhèrent sur toute sorte de support, et en particulier sur le papier.

Le chemin de Noon : errances » Le papier pour crayons de couleur

Le résultat obtenu dépendra de la nature de la surface : * Plus la surface sera lisse, moins la couleur accrochera. Le résultat sera homogène, les couleurs seront peu intenses. * Plus la surface sera rugueuse, plus la couleur accrochera. Le grain sera plus ou moins visible, les couleurs seront plus vives. Onlineshop für Farbstiftkünstler. Staedtler. “Face Up” to the Joys of Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils. Shelley Minnis, Prismacolor Artist and Consumer Specialist recently travelled to Barcelona and one of her stops included visiting the Picasso Museum in Barcelona.

“Face Up” to the Joys of Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils

Shelley was so inspired that she wanted to try her hand at Picasso’s famous style and shared her process with us! See she tackled Picasso and the joy of working with Watercolor Colored Pencils! Picasso was an amazing artist whose work spanned over seven decades. His art included drawing, painting and sculpting, often depicting images of women. His passion and willingness to bend and break the “classical rules” of art often made his works controversial, and some of his works in the Cubist style seemed very abstract in their approach. After going through the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, Spain, I wanted to try my hand at drawing a face, in the manner of Picasso, using the Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils. Prismacolor. Prisma Color. Art can take on a life of it's own, and apparently so can the tools we use to create it!

Prisma Color

What happens when Prismacolor Premier markers break into the studio of Ruffian designers, Brian Wolk and Claude Morais; studio in NYC during SS'14 Fashion Week? Mischief is in the air! Concept, Direction and Editing by Xiao Li TanStarring Robby Stahl and Krista Donargo Guest Appearance: RuffianDirector of Photography: Claudio RiettiAdditional Camera: Zao WangAssistant Camera: Ty StoneAssistant Director: Eddie WongStop Motion Animation Artist: Chia Chi LeeStop Motion Animation assistants: Eddie Wong, Jared SzafmanProduction Assistant: Awit YohannesMusic Composed by Michelle YipAdditional tracks by Diamond Sounds, Freddie HangolerColor Correction by Creative Merge MediaSpecial thanks to Brian Ho, Sheryl Rosa, Kyleigh Turk, Caitlin Peterson and Steven Broadway Show less. Comparing Derwent & Prismacolour Pencils. Cretacolor. Blick Brand Drawing Materials. Blick Studio Artists' Colored Pencils. Colored Pencils Guide. Not all colored pencils are equal!

Colored Pencils Guide

Depending on budget, personal style, how heavy your hand is and what sort of art you create, you may have to experiment before you find your favorites. Scholastic or Children's Colored Pencil brands: I've tried many children's brands. Do not expect lightfastness ratings on any scholastic pencils. Treat them as if they're not lightfast, or make your own lightfastness test by taping samples into a bright sunny window. Crayola, Loew-Cornell and Faber-Castell Red Line are the best quality children's pencils. Lyra Polycolor. Faber-Castell Polychromos. Crayons Talens. Watercolour Pencils. Looks like we are having a colour chart week.

Watercolour Pencils

The next on the agenda is my collection of watercolour pencils. They have been previously been listed on my Current Sketching page but here is the full colour chart. I have always had some watercolour pencils in my kit (since Sketchbook Number 1) but it has taken me years to find a way that I am really happy with since they are only ever a part time use. In fact in the early days I often used them to patch up a bad watercolour wash - would not do that now. I don't like that they - lift too easily - too much water and they disappear - lose intensity when you add water (with the exception of a few colours that go way too intense with water) - are so opaque.