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Joanne Abbott - Fine Art. Bleuie Acosta. Naomi Aho. Brian Ainsworth. Gina Rugito Anderson. Rhonda Anderson: Rhonda Anderson Art. Patricia Andril. Carola Angrick Nix - Artist. Artkleko's Weblog. Pat Averill. Dirk Bach. Helen Bailey. Cecile Baird. Angela Bartlett. Bartoe. Alexandra Bastien. Jeffrey Smart Baisden. Wilfrid Barbier. Réalisé aux crayons de couleur en 2004 à partir d'une photo prise lors d'un voyage en Gaspésie.

Wilfrid Barbier

Réalisé aux crayons de couleur en 2006 lors du symposium L'Art Salin, suite à une invitation de la ville de Carleton-sur-Mer, en compagnie de 13 autres artistes. Réalisé aux crayons de couleur en 2004 à partir d'une photo fournie par l'acheteur. Ce tableau lui a mérité une mention d'honneur par Comme-Unique-Art. Réalisé aux crayons de couleur en 2004 à partir d'une photo fournie par l'acheteur. Réalisé au crayon graphite en 2007 à partir d'une photo trouvée sur internet. Rhonda Bartoe. Holly Bedrosian Fine Art. Pamela Belcher. Samantha Bell. Pansy by Samantha Bell Colored pencils are a fun medium for any age.

Samantha Bell

Economical and portable, the effects achieved with these pencils range from very soft, muted artwork to vibrant, colorful designs. Some of my favorites are made by Prismacolor. Once you start drawing with them, you won’t want to go back to the regular student brands again. The colors are designed to be blended and layered to produce beautiful results. Tortillons, stumps, and blenders are used for blending the colors. Note: Most of these pencils are difficult to erase. Ready to start? More Lessons from Around the Web How to Sharpen a Colored Pencil by Thaneeya McCardle Return from COLORED PENCILS to HOME Text and artwork Copyright 2014 Images of art supplies Copyright 2014 Other images Copyright 2014 Kelsey Linduff Photography.

David Billingsley - Gallery. Wax Bloom — S.G. Chipman's Drawing Blog. Emre, 7 | Complete November 29th, 2015 · No Comments I guess I forgot to post the WIPs for this one … oops.

Wax Bloom — S.G. Chipman's Drawing Blog

Colored Pencil on Pastelbord | 10 x 8" Tags: Child Portraits · Colored Pencil · Completed Work Emre, 7 | Update #1. Collin Bogle. Bet Borgeson. Robin Borrett. Ronald Bowen. Graham Brace. Brewster. I have a passion for faces, both human and canine, and some of my favourite work has been in portraiture.


Click images, for more details. Richard Brown. Susan Brooks. Working as a professional artist for the past 17 years, Sue’s work has been accepted into major juried shows across the country, including the "Open" at the Salmagundi Club in New York City, twice at the Allied Artist’s Show at the National Arts Club in New York and Art Calendar’s "Thunder and Lighting" exhibition at Salisbury State University, where she was given an Award of Excellence.

Susan Brooks

In 2001, Sue was invited to be one of five national colored pencil artists whose works were shown at Portals Gallery located in the exclusive artistic community of River North in Chicago. Her work has appeared in major publications in the past several years including The Artist's Magazine and in 2007, her work was accepted into a major book on colored pencil in the United Kingdom. Past publications where her work has been published include: The Best of Colored Pencil 3, The Best of Colored Pencil 5, Floral Inspirations and in Capturing Radiant Flowers in Colored Pencil, Colored Pencil Explorations.

Judith Orner Bruce. Andria Burchett. Gloria Callahan. Néstor Canavarro - ILUSTRACIÓN - Arte Tradicional. Margaret Carsello. Virginia Carroll. Nicole Caulfield. Nicole Caulfield Fine Art. Anda Chance. Vertig0 Thin Blue Line Morning Shadows – Rockerfeller Center Night Riders Live Oak Crossing Improvisation Inheritance Life Is Good Eggs With Blue Stripes Daily Commute Soup Starters Left Behind Industrial Window Dressing Garment District Ginger Word On The Street.

Anda Chance

Red Cloud. Gail Collier. Kelly Collins. Tim Cortes. Beverley Courtney. Lesley Crawford. Joseph Crone. Malcolm Cudmore. Vera Curnow. Barbara Dahlstedt. Lene Daugaard. Dorothy DePaulo. Richard_Devine. Kay Dewar. Simon Dinnerstein. Dion Dior Art & Illustration: Free Tutorials. David Dooley. Richard Drayton. After a long career as a highly successful illustrator and graphic designer, Richard Drayton moved to Sedona, Arizona, and returned to his initial dream of working as a fine artist.

Richard Drayton

It was a dream that began at the age of seven when his unmistakable gift for drawing and painting was encouraged by his grandmother, an experienced watercolor artist. She also inspired his love for the natural world, which remains his all-encompassing passion. As a youngster, Richard spent much time trekking through the unpopulated hills of Orange County, California, drawing and painting landscape and wildlife. While other boys his age chose sports figures for their heroes, he chose to emulate John James Audubon.

By the age of thirteen, his first painting had been sold. Following high school, Richard earned a Fine Arts Degree from San Jose State University, followed by two years of post-graduate study at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. Education: Awards: Bob Ebdon. Barbara Edidin - Artist. Barbara Edidin. Joyce Egbers. Sherry Egger. Sidney Eileen. Laura Erler. Gareth Evans. Laura Fantini. Kendra Ferreira. Deborah. L. Friedman. Matt Fussell.