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Tanja Gant. Irina Garmashova. Lori Garner. Jeff George. Janie Gildow. Barbara Gleason. Born in New Jersey, Barbara Cooper Gleason has always been fascinated by the natural world - its birds, animals, and well as its beauty and how its denizens and organisms interconnect.

Barbara Gleason

She has loved to draw since she was a small child - growing up at a time when a child could freely wander through countryside and neighboring woods. She observed and noticed how animals walked or flew...and played, and she especially loved watching how changing light made each vista or animal appear dramatically different...

She studied graphic design and fiber design in college, eagerly adopting the computer as a new tool when it became available. But she has always loved to draw, and still does most of her illustration and design work first in pencil. She doesn’t remember a time when she wasn’t trying to depict the world around her. Jeanne Grant. Don Griffiths. Karina Griffiths. Marcia Godbout. Barbara Goodsitt Studio. Gemma Gylling. Anna hammer. Lee Hammond. Blog | Gallery | Classes & Workshops | About Lee Browse through Lee’s Art Galleries to see her originals and giclée prints.

Lee Hammond

The Books and Videos section offers many titles for your learning needs and are available for purchase at North Light Shop. Daniel Hanequand. Robynne Hardison. Linda Lucas. Bonnie Haversat. Leslie Hawes. Judith Heilbronn-Crown. I have been drawing and painting since I was child.

Judith Heilbronn-Crown

I did Art to A-level at school, but have had no formal art education after that so am mostly self-taught. I mainly draw landscapes, and flowers, but recently have also started to draw animals and birds from my own photographs. Flowers are drawn as "portraits" - I like to have them on my table and draw them before they change! I use a Panasonic digital camera for most of my photographs, but also have an Olympus mju for rainy days. I take a lot of photos so there are always plenty of landscapes (etc) to choose from.... mostly from places such as Newtonmore in Scotland or Cornwall...

At the moment I mainly use coloured pencils because they are so convenient, and pleasant to use, - though they are time consuming and even an A4 picture may take a few weeks to complete. Shirley Henderson. Sylvester Hickmon - Fine Art. Jenny Hill. André HOBLINGRE. Peter Höhsl. Wendy Hollander. Deborah Holman. Denise J Howard. Diana Hudson. Beau Hufford. Karen Hull. Priscilla Humay. Tommy Hunt. Cristina Iotti. ISA's ART. Nicole Jahan. Hilary James - Botanical and Portrait Artist. Justin M. Jenkins. Gerry Jenkison. Nancy Jones.

Damit das Geld allen dient. Kim Kincaid. Linda Koffenberger. Ann Kullberg. Claude Lamotte. Vickie Lawrence. Donna Lee. KJF DESIGN. Erwin P Lewandowski. American artist E.

Erwin P Lewandowski

P. Lewandowski, CPSA, specializes in colored pencil paintings of North American subjects and settings. Recognized as a contemporary realist/hyperrealist artist, his signature approach to nature, landscapes, and waterscapes is unique in style, meticulously rendered in detail, and visually appealing in form, content, and composition. His award-winning waterscape images depicting slow moving streams, currents, quiet river pool, bubbling brooks, cascading waterfalls, and shoreline settings perfectly illustrate his ability to create the illusion of a speck in time, measure of space, and fluid movement with a subject that is in constant change and motion.

A new landscape series entitled, "Southwest/Mountain Landscape Impressions," features studies from slot canyons, mountain regions, and historical ruins from Chaco and several other Indian Cultures. E.P. Erwin P Lewandowski. Bev Lewis. Bev Lewis. Belinda Lindhardt - Alastair Lockwood. Sharon Lomas. Julie Longdon. Les crayons de Mado. Teresa Mallen Studio. Teresa Mallen. Carol E Maltby. L'atelier de Manon. Melissa Miller Nece. Gina Mikel. Green Anole (Carolina anole, Anolis carolinensis), colored pencil About the illustration: Commissioned by: California Science Center Foundation About the Green Anole: The green anole is sometimes called a "chameleon" because it will change color (green to brown) to match what it is sitting on.

Gina Mikel

It is not a chameleon, however. It's much smaller. This is a common lizard found in southeastern U.S. Taxonomy: Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata (having a spinal chord) Class: Reptila (reptiles) Order: Squamata (scaled reptiles) Suborder: Polychrotidae (family of lizards known as anoles) Genus: Anolis Species: A. carolinensis More information about green anoles: Wikipedia, The Carolina anole (great photos!) Good information about lizards by Missouri 's Department of Conservation (does not include green anoles): The Lizards of Missouri. Cirocco Moody. Carol Moores. Judy Moritz. To view an enlarged version of each picture with captions that includes the title, medium, size and price just click or tap on each picture.

Judy Moritz

In addition the pictures can be seen sequentially by scrolling sideways or clicking on the next or previous tabs in the upper corners of each picture. I have also indicated whether Giclee prints are available in the captions that comes with each picture. All pictures are copyrighted by Judy Moritz and are not eligible for reproduction by anyone else. To view an enlarged version of each picture with captions that includes the title, medium, size and price just click or tap on each picture.

Judy Morris. Liedia van de Mortel.