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Build a Flip Up Desks that Convert to Table for our Tiny House. Free and Easy DIY Project and Furniture Plans. Well, we've got ourselves a full day of snow shoveling today.

Free and Easy DIY Project and Furniture Plans

I'm sad to say though temperatures have warmed considerably, we have not yet been able to work on the Momplex. Hopefully today we will have an opportunity. But today, I'm so excited to share with you Patrick's Jelly Cupboard. Patrick and I worked on the plans together, but making it amazing is all on Patrick! Primitive furniture is a favorite of mine, and Patrick's Jelly Cupboard with it's distressed finish is gorgeous! Loving the hardware and wire mesh for the doors. And some tips from Patrick: On your worktable, clamp two boards together at a right angle with a square And then use these boards as guides to make perfect square doors.

Place shims between the doors for a perfect fit as you install hinges. And this is one of my favorite tips - for a distressed finish with rubbed dark edges, spray paint with cheap black spray paint the edges you plan to distress. It Was Just A Pile Of Old Rotting Wood — Until She Made THIS! There are so many talented artists, designers, woodworkers, and home DIY-ers out there who really have a talent for conceptualizing the most intriguing patterns, and for bringing them to life.

It Was Just A Pile Of Old Rotting Wood — Until She Made THIS!

I loved the way this DIY-er built his “bacon gate” with wavy wood — it is definitely one of the most unique pieces of its kind out there! Made By Woodhand is a start-up company specializing in such designs made from salvaged and reclaimed wood. The owner and founder first started building wooden tables as a part of her personal DIY projects, but was soon picked up by a bigger firm, and commissioned to craft a series of decorative tables. These tables turned out to be absolutely stunning. Below, we show just a few of these quilt-inspired tabletops, each with its own unique puzzle pattern. Scroll further to view a handful of her amazing woodwork, and let us know what you think in the comments below! [H/T: BoredPanda] Made By Woodhand is an incredible DIY start-up company in Brooklyn, New York.

It Was Just Dirty Old Wood — Until He Turns Them Into THIS! Unbelievable... They say that our imperfections are what make us truly unique.

It Was Just Dirty Old Wood — Until He Turns Them Into THIS! Unbelievable...

That certainly couldn’t be more true within the DIY world, as everyday folks strive to breathe new life into their otherwise forgotten items — like this artist who’s transforming old K-cups into gorgeous daffodil door signs. So when I discovered how one designer was turning knotted slabs of wood into stunningly unique pieces of furniture, I had to learn more. Greg Klassen is a Washington-based woodworker who transforms “imperfect” pieces of wood into “river-inspired” tabletops, following and highlighting the initial natural designs of the wood grain. Featured in magazines like Home and Gardens and The Wall Street Journal, Klassen is setting the interior design world ablaze with his absolutely spectacular rustic creations, a collection that’s even earned him praise from design maven Martha Stewart. Scroll through to learn more about the inspiration behind this truly one-of-a-kind artist. Are you a fan of handcrafted furniture? DIY Outdoor Cooler Table.

(Wood)Working Class: 50 Free DIY Furniture Project Plans. DIY Basics - Addicted 2 Decorating® Do y’all know how much money I waste on paint brushes?

DIY Basics - Addicted 2 Decorating®

I don’t even want to think about it. I always buy Purdy paint brushes for my projects (specifically my favorite Purdy XL Cub), which run about $12 each. I buy those because they’re the best, and they make my painted finishes look so nice, […] Favorite Decorative Mouldings & Trims (and how I use them) Tool Basics: Essential Power Tools (Revised 9-2014) Sewing Basics: Basic Info About Sewing Lined Draperies Painting Basics: How To Paint Anything And Everything Building Basics: MDF vs. Furniture Basics: How To Remove Wood Veneer Building Basics —How to Build A Coffee Table Base With Shelf Upholstery Basics —How To Do Diamond Tufting Home Improvement Basics —Tips For Installing Beautiful Trim Moulding Painting Basics — How To Paint Cabinets With A Brush (Without Brush Strokes)

Factory Cart-Style Coffee Table - Addicted 2 Decorating® Yesterday, I posted an in-progress sneak peek of my DIY coffee table on the A2D Facebook page, and people had some very interesting guesses as to what it was!

Factory Cart-Style Coffee Table - Addicted 2 Decorating®

A coffin? A raised flower bed? A bookcase? Ha! No, I didn’t build a coffin. Woohoo! John and Alice were having their fence replaced, and I just couldn’t bear to see this gorgeous wood with all of this lovely grayed patina heading for the landfill!! I do love how the aged wood looks as a coffee table. But my favorite part? Overall, I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. And of course, working with old weathered wood can be quite challenging because it’s generally warped and can be brittle in places.