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Fold out rooms and furniture

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Affordable, Simple & Stylish Fold-Out Bedroom Design. Do you not want to mess with existing finishes and fixtures?

Affordable, Simple & Stylish Fold-Out Bedroom Design

Not have time to install new furniture or furnishings? 46 Foldaway Furniture Innovations - Transformable Designs for Small Space Living. Space Saving Furniture: 19 Small Space Furniture Designs. 47.6K Flares47.6K Flares × – Push Back The Walls Of Your Small Living Space with These Effective Space Saving Furniture.

Space Saving Furniture: 19 Small Space Furniture Designs

Many people have to live in small spaces, especially in the big cities like New York. But living in a small space does not necessarily mean that you cannot make use of great designer furniture that will save huge amounts of that precious space, making a far more usable and viable living area out of a small apartment. 1. Modular Kitchen: The modular kitchen by Fevzi Karaman is perfect for anyone who has ever tried to live in a loft efficiency unit. For those who need space in a one room loft, the modular kitchen is the perfect condenser. 2. Want to add your own personal touch to a cramped apartment? You can even choose the color, print, and texture of the tiny removable plug in pieces. 3. The Concept room is able to practically give you a minimalistic but sleek apartment in just over 43 square foot. 4. 5. Fold-Out Furniture: Save Space Elegantly.

Prefabricated furniture is at its best these days.

Fold-Out Furniture: Save Space Elegantly

Anything you desire, anything you could imagine is available on the market in a design more elegant and beautiful than you had imagined. Fold-Out Furniture does not jut carry a beautiful design but is also most practical when it comes to usage. The design of this furniture set which includes dining, seating and desk set can be folded and rearranged so as to save space. Sensamare Komplettbad – Luxury bathroom. Vostok Bathroom Design with USSR Style by Yar Rassadin. Vostok bathroom design from ROCA competition.

Vostok Bathroom Design with USSR Style by Yar Rassadin

Anything that comes out of the Yar Rassadin’s design idea of bathroom accessories will go back to the pre USSR era. The design overall gives a feeling of nostalgia as the design looks more like the USSR spaceships, which by the designer’s own confession is a tribute to their cosmic style. So the user can have a feel of weightlessness in a spaceship inspired bath tub.

Sliding shower. Posted on December 11, 2007 by 200702 If you’re bored of conventional shower, you gonna like this fashionable innovation.

Sliding shower

Be hidden in the wall while not using, this shower is invisible. Just push the handle underneath, the panel gonna be transformed into a stylish shower. Designer: Sung Hoon Mun. Relax Lounger for Conoduo Bath Tubs. Folding Children's Flexi Bath Tub from A Real Cool World. The £9,000 'Swiss Army knife' bathroom with foldable showers, cupboard and even a loo. By Vanessa Allen Updated: 09:39 GMT, 3 October 2008 Enlarge.

The £9,000 'Swiss Army knife' bathroom with foldable showers, cupboard and even a loo

Modular Portable Bathroom for Small Space Interior Design. Portable bathrooms do not have a reputation for luxury – shower, scale and fan?

Modular Portable Bathroom for Small Space Interior Design

Forget it. Until now, that is. Somewhere between a mobile go-anywhere bare-bones restroom and a high-end built-in modern washroom design, these bathroom modules are intended to slot into small available spaces in houses, condos or apartments and attach themselves with minimal construction work. Like so many good designs, this idea by Fernando Silva has merit precisely because it is situated between extremes – no one wants a no-plumbing facility in their living space but likewise not everyone can or wishes to invest in a full interior remodel required to install an entire series of requisite bathroom fixtures. Futuristic Bathroom Layout: High-Tech Space-Saving Design. They say ‘less is more’ … but with this multifunctional bathroom layout there is more truth to that statement than meets the eye.

Futuristic Bathroom Layout: High-Tech Space-Saving Design

It looks modern, minimalist, devoid of decoration and free of furniture – but there is much that (literally) lies below the surface of this outwardly simple design idea. Space Saving ‘Tulip’ Shower Blooms into a Luxury Bathtub. Some apartment bathrooms are just not big enough to fit a full- or even half-size tub, unless one considers the extra space already required for standing and walking.

Space Saving ‘Tulip’ Shower Blooms into a Luxury Bathtub

This clever flip-down solution makes room for lying down in the bath, but retracts when not in use. The (Tulip) name was derived by Piotr Pyrtek from the way in which the unit seems to blossom open, as well as the tulip’s versatility in the world of plants. When upright, the enclosure prevents splashing and contains steam for showering. When flipped open, the vertical portion provides a place to lean against along the back surface. Luxuries are not lost despite the small footprint of this pod within the larger layout – high-powered massagers, underwater jets and other digitally-controlled bathing bonuses are all part of the experience. Flat-Fold Faucet Design by Min Kong. Fold-out Faucet You can mistake the Flat-Fold to be a high-tech mirror thang in the bathroom or even a cabinet; but a faucet…most definitely not!

Flat-Fold Faucet Design by Min Kong

The tap fits flush with the base of this discreet wall mount and comes with digital technology, plus a capacitive touch sensitive panel. So basically you can personalize the flow of the water and have it set to taste. Bathboard – Folding Bathtub by Sylwia Ulicka Rivera. A Bouncy Bath! The Bathboard is a too-good-to-be-true design. It has all the makings of an excellent bathtub; one, which folds up and holds enough water for a good soak. But my only worry is that will the framework take the weight of water + the person using it? For the moment lets just consider this, the tub is made from foam rubber treated to be very elastic and spongy.

It weighs less than 3 kgs and juts out only 12-cms from the wall. Folding Shower for the Small Bathroom. Stealth Bathroom: Wood Shelves Hide Secret Toilets & Sinks. Sure, a bathroom is a sometimes-unsightly necessity for any home – but its interior can at least be made modestly more minimalist by hiding the essential fixtures when not in use, and more modern and comfortable through the use of linear and repetitive wooden design objects. Clean and contemporary, a series of fold-up solid-wood shelves hide a concealed sink and disguise the toilet. Even when opened and in operation, the entire aesthetic – designed from start to smooth finish by Rapsel – is a convincingly pleasant balance of coziness, usefulness and cleanliness. Fold up bathtub. Mosely Folding Bathtub, a Trend Worth Bringing Back? Bathtub and sink basin fold out from the wall in Futuristic bathroom. Modular Transforming Bathroom Design.