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Takadimi. Interference. History of harmonics. Frequency manual original. Cymatic Notes and Frequencies. Meditation music. 432Hz Music. Frequency and vibration. DNA Repair - Unity 528 Hz in 7.5 Hz (Theta binaural beats & Isochronic synthesis) BASE SEVEN and SOUND-COLOR CORRESPONDENCE. Unique Language for Sounds Colors and Numbers Themes: Elementary arithmetic Base 7, The Harmonic Base Chromatic Numbers in Base 7 Unique Language in Chromatic Scale Sound Color Number Wheels Chromatic Numbers between 0 to 10 Complementary Sounds Colors and Numbers Additive and Subtractive Sounds and Colors Chromatic Geometry CHROMOSCALE - Cyclic Order of Chromotones CHROMOSCALE - Chromotone Fractions Circle of Fifths CHROMOSCALE Harmonics and Full MIDI Note Range Sound & Color APP Attached files: “Hexagonal Lattice” and “Colour Ramping for Data Visualisation” Prof.


Paul Bourke – IVEC@UVA “An Orthogonal Oriented Quadrature Hexagonal Image Pyramid” Prof. Ames Research Center CHROMOSCALE and CHROMOTONES © Sound & Color and Base 7 © Paolo Di Pasquale Lighting Designer Rome, Italy chromoscale @ Copyright 1988 – 2013 All Right Reserved Unless otherwise indicated, all materials on these pages are copyrighted by the Author. The Sun. Cymascope Research. Occult Music Correspondence Tables. I.

Occult Music Correspondence Tables

Celestial, Planetary and Astrological correspondences. Planetary Notes: C - Mars D - Sol E - Mercury F# - Venus G# - Moon A - Saturn A# - Jupiter Astrological Notes: C - Aries C# - Taurus D - Gemini D# - Cancer E - Leo F - Virgo F# - Libra G - Scorpio G# - Sagittarius A - Capricorn A# - Aquarius B - Pisces Planetary Tempos: Saturn 69.3 BPM Moon 98.6 BPM Mercury 66.2 BPM Venus 103.7 BPM Sun 118.3 BPM Mars 67.8 BPM Jupiter 86.1 BPM Nepturne 99.1 BPM Pluto 65.7 BPM Uranus 97.2 BPM II.

Hebrew Letters: Aleph E Air Beth E Mercury Gimel G# Moon Daleth F# Venus Heh C Aries Vav C# Taurus Zayin D Gemini Cheth D# Cancer Teth E Leo Yod F Virgo Kaph A# Jupiter Lamed F# Libra Mem G# Water Nun G Scoprio Samekh G# Sagittarius Ayin A Capricorn Peh C Mars Tzaddi A# Aquarius Qoph B Pisces Resh D Sun Shin C Fire Tav A Saturn. Planets and Music. THE ETERNITY OF SOUND AND SCIENCE OF MANTRA - Shriram Sharma PDF. The Author of this publication does an exceptional job at explaining how words and sound control everything.


He explains why Mantras, Chants, Holy Words, Ineffable Names, and even explosions effect the realities and environments in profound ways. In addition he covers a very interesting point in regards to connecting through sound. He remarks that when you make certain tones or use certain Mantras it then connects with others using those Astral Dial Codes. One can then innerstand why many factions have keywords that the always use. This can be done audibly and non-audibly as the mind can be trained to send a strong signal that establishes a consistent link with others. MYSTERIOUS SOUND HEARD FOR MILES AROUND IN COSTA RICA. January 8, 2012 This morning here in Costa Rica many woke up to calls and messages country wide in regards to a mysterious Hum and rumbling sound that was heard late last night through the early morning.


The new year has so far lived up to its peculiar reputation as one of great change and strange occurrences. The mysterious sound has not been officially explained, however, there are a plethora of unofficial answers. Some have insisted it may be one of the major volcanoes located here on "the ring of fire". Since there has been no major geological report this has been ruled out as unlikely. There is something definitely special about a place that hosted the filming of two major movies which have changed consciousness. If someone was to ask me about the cause of this loud sound I would say that it is more than likely Earth's resonate frequency raising. James Evans Bomar III Director of the Planetary Resistance On Site - Costa Rica San José (Redacción). HOW TO CONVERT MUSIC TO 432HZ.

Realm Dynamics — SOLFEGGIO DRONE 528Hz. These 528Hz Solfeggio Drones are designed in the most unique way creating a isochronic reverberating effect in conjunction with rich Solfeggio frequencies.

Realm Dynamics — SOLFEGGIO DRONE 528Hz

These flutes are not just made they are birthed as their creator places a unique emphasis on their formation. For those who think they need extensive lessons to play a drone beautifully think again, Native American style drones are ready to play amazingly even by a novice. Tap in to your universal line of communication and begin emitting these unique tones. The healing sounds of Solfeggio has volumes of study behind it. Feel free to do extensive research on this musical phenomena.