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Changing humanity

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Are YOU A "Targeted Individual"? 10/23/17. Brighteon. When China Rules the World. 16 Basic Principles of Mass Indoctrination. Secrets of Antarctica, Underground Network of Bases, Tunnels & High Technology, Brad Olsen. (11) Seeing Through The Game: Black - White Word Magic at the Foundation of the Demonic System. Musical Cult Control - Medical Veritas Inc. By Foreword This popular article comes from a chapter in The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of Love — required reading for anyone seriously interested in this topic.

Musical Cult Control - Medical Veritas Inc.

This Is WHY WE'RE HERE (this will SHOCK YOU) SHOCKER!!! New Content Of Bill Gate Vaccine Exposed. Must See! The Grand Design Agenda..We Were Warned. We’re not going back to normal. "Cabal Fall" Part 5. More Dangerous than GMO's! ~ BioEngineered NanoFoods ~ but Shhh It's a Secret! CYBERNETICS. Parent Node(s): Web Dictionary of Cybernetics and Systems (1) The science of communication and control in animal and machine. (2) Perhaps because the field is still young, there are many definitions of cybernetics.


TEDxCaltech - J. Craig Venter - Future Biology. Doctors Find No Existing Research On Health Benefits Of Sex Robots. Channel 4/The SunA new report found no evidence that sex robots provide health benefits.

Doctors Find No Existing Research On Health Benefits Of Sex Robots

Sex robots are a $30 billion industry. That’s not all that surprising given that some companies are able to regularly sell sexbots costing between $5,000 and $15,000, and are advertised as being the “perfect companion” or offering “unconditional love and support.” And if they ever figure out how to build truly lifelike Westworld-style robots that can have sex with humans, that $30 billion figure will skyrocket.

After all, a single day in Westworld costs $40,000. Nano Supermarket - Selectadna. Bye Bye Homo sapien, Hello Homo evolutis. We are Homo sapiens, the most advance form of humans this earth has ever seen.

Bye Bye Homo sapien, Hello Homo evolutis

We can stand up straight, think deeper and faster than any other species of man AND we have iPhones. Homo sapiens do not even have to worry about Darwinian natural selection anymore due to the institution of civilized society. Human Hybrids - Scientists Admit Humans ARE Getting Alien DNA Upgrades. AMERICAS HIDDEN TRUTH ☆ WHO ARE .u.s. REALLY? Unlearning / Mental Revision. Ten Words That Shape Your Reality. Most People Don't Even Realize What's Coming. Building the Perfect Beast:Illuminati's Black Gold Project HD by Nicholson1968. Why Our Attentions Spans Are Shot. BREAKING NEWS: Man to give birth. The International Flag of Planet Earth. The scientific study of flags is called vexillology, and the practice of designing flags is called vexillography.

The International Flag of Planet Earth

Both of these are an outcome of heraldry. In these practices there are different unofficial design rules/costums, about colors, placement, proportions, typography, and aestethics in general. This proposal is accurate according to the regulations regarding flags. Ray Kurzweil about GF2045 and 'Avatar' Founded by Russian entrepreneur Dmitry Itskov in February 2011 with the participation of leading Russian specialists in the field of neural interfaces, robotics, artificial organs and systems.

Ray Kurzweil about GF2045 and 'Avatar'

The main goals of the 2045 Initiative: the creation and realization of a new strategy for the development of humanity which meets global civilization challenges; the creation of optimale conditions promoting the spiritual enlightenment of humanity; and the realization of a new futuristic reality based on 5 principles: high spirituality, high culture, high ethics, high science and high technologies. The main science mega-project of the 2045 Initiative aims to create technologies enabling the transfer of a individual’s personality to a more advanced non-biological carrier, and extending life, including to the point of immortality.

We devote particular attention to enabling the fullest possible dialogue between the world’s major spiritual traditions, science and society. Problem loading page. GF2045 - Future Human Evolution Uses Advanced Technology to Achieve Immortality. How to Rewire & Evolve Your Brain to Experience a New Reality - Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Brainwashing and Social engineering

Am I Pegnate? The Amazing Rise of the Mandela Effect! 13th August 2016 By Cynthia Sue Larson Guest writer for Wake Up World The Mandela Effect: When History Just Won’t Stay Put The phrase “Mandela Effect” has been trending upward at an exponential rate since July 2015, according to Google Trends.

The Amazing Rise of the Mandela Effect!

The REAL ''Secret Agenda'' For America Is A Secret No More (2016) Male pregnancy may be closer than you think. If you could have one science fiction idea come to fruition in the next five to 10 years, would male pregnancy be on the list?

Male pregnancy may be closer than you think

The 1994 film Junior starring Arnold Schwartezenegger certainly imagined the possibility. It might not be as appealing as warp drive, long-duration suspended animation, or uploading a human mind into an immortal android body, but based on current trends male pregnancy is likely to happen far sooner than any of those. Davos 2016 - A World Without Work? The destruction of the indigenous peoples of Europe is not an accident! Illegal Muslim refugee trafficking now creating chaos at the Greece-Macedonia border, and the constant flood of boats arriving from Libya, reveal a network that uses structured routes that seem unstoppable as they generate money for the mafia, corrupt politicians and the terrorist organisations involved like ISIS.

The destruction of the indigenous peoples of Europe is not an accident!

Meanwhile, much of the migration flood through Libya is of Africans, all pouring in to a Western Europe whose population has already been dramatically transformed by six decades of mass Third World immigration and the relentless promotion of mixed marriages by the mainstream broadcasters and advertising agencies. The Zionist-CIA Assault on Body and Mind: An Interview With Jan Irvin. College students sign petition to ban 'White Christmas,' citing racial insensitivity. (NaturalNews) "And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.

College students sign petition to ban 'White Christmas,' citing racial insensitivity

" These are the words of President John F. Kennedy, spoken over 50 years ago, in his inaugural address to America. Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes and Moths Ready to Spread Like Wildfire. 21st December 2015 By Dr. Joseph Mercola Guest Writer for Wake Up World While countries around the globe are still assessing the risks – and experiencing the environmental backlash – of genetically engineered (GE) plants, biotech companies are moving on to their next targets – insects. The latest science project, courtesy of researchers from the University of California, is mosquitoes genetically engineered to stop the spread of malaria. Gnostic Media 221 - Curtis Duncan: "Homosexuality and the Chemical Manipulation of Humanity" Transhumanist Values. 1. What is Transhumanism? Transhumanism is a loosely defined movement that has developed gradually over the past two decades.[1] It promotes an interdisciplinary approach to understanding and evaluating the opportunities for enhancing the human condition and the human organism opened up by the advancement of technology.

Attention is given to both present technologies, like genetic engineering and information technology, and anticipated future ones, such as molecular nanotechnology and artificial intelligence.The enhancement options being discussed include radical extension of human health-span, eradication of disease, elimination of unnecessary suffering, and augmentation of human intellectual, physical, and emotional capacities. Other transhumanist themes include space colonization and the possibility of creating superintelligent machines, along with other potential developments that could profoundly alter the human condition. Esoteric Agenda - Full Documentary. Donald Marshall Interview 2016 : { Cloning Centres, Vril, Queen Elizabeth, B.o.B, Reptilians }

The Truth About Alcohol: Etymology and Symbolism. PLEASE SHARE! Colin Flaherty - The Untold Story of Black on White Crime - Hour 1. Steps toward Global Mind Control. 1909. Five years after his release from a primitive "insane asylum," Clifford Beers, formed the U.S. National Committee for Mental Hygiene" and called for a network of mental hygiene societies throughout the world. "1 1910. The Eugenics Record Office in Cold Spring Harbor in New York was funded by the Carnegie Institute, and would receive funding from the Rockefeller Foundation three years later. "The Rockefeller Foundation also will fund Nazi Dr. Ernst Rudin's eugenics research at the Kaiser Wilhelm Brain Research Institute in Berlin. Top 10 Superpowers Science Will Soon Give us. How Trigger Warnings Are Hurting Mental Health on Campus. Something strange is happening at America’s colleges and universities.

German Library Burns Books That Aren’t Politically Correct. Harald Kautz-Vella – Black Goo, Part 1, 2, and 3. Some interesting stuff..stick with it…~TS. Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons. Recreating Balance: How to easily convert any music to 432hz and why. Genetically Engineered Food Alters Our Digestive Systems! Part 4.

TransHumanism ( h+) // Genetic Modification of Life. John Friend & Jeff Rense - Dear White People: Your Days Are Numbered: 3.23.15. The Realist Report: How the "Holocaust" was faked. HUMAN RESOURCES Social Engineering In The 20th Century HQ FULL. Lloyd Pye - Human Genetics. U will be RFID Microchipped.