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Frequency, Light, Energy & Sound

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(4) "Use These 10 SECRETS For 7 Days & See INCREDIBLE RESULTS!" Joe Dispenza & Lewis Howes. Total Biology Decoding and Psychogenealogy / Biología Total y Psicogenealogía - Jason Kelly Thompson - Uruguay. Total Biology is a science which identifies human illnesses and their behaviors by looking beyond simple symptomology.

Total Biology Decoding and Psychogenealogy / Biología Total y Psicogenealogía - Jason Kelly Thompson - Uruguay

This concept brings together the knowledge of several scientific disciplines including the observation of plants, animals and human beings, throughout the evolution of life on the planet. In Total Biology, we understand disease as the perfect solution the brain created for the immediate survival of the person, their family and the human species! This understanding allows us to achieve healing using the biological laws discovered in 1978 by Dr.

Hamer. Dr. Intention Studies, Mind Magic, & The Power of Eight. Raymond Charles Barker - The Cause And Cure For The Common Cold And Sickness (With Treatment) Dr. Kersey Bio - Energy Medicine. The Human Assemblage Point And Health. 1.

The Human Assemblage Point And Health

At the physical, emotional, atomic and quantum levels, a human being is an independent oscillating energy field. All oscillating energy fields, by virtue of the fact that they are oscillating, must have an epicentre or vortex of the rotation. The epicentre of the human energy field is called the Assemblage Point. 2. EFT Tapping Points. For dynamic therapy & coaching sessions and fully accredited training courses - Call us on: 020 8371 8202 Read more about our top quality EFT training courses here Read more about individual therapy and coaching, face-to-face or via Skype here The diagram below shows the location of the most used points during an EFT treatment.

EFT Tapping Points

These points are in fact at the ends of energy meridians and are located just beneath the surface of the skin, responding to touch rather then having to use needles. The Health Revolution: Becoming Healthier through the power of your mind. You Can Completely Self Heal Yourself with this Powerful Method. (1) Why we Need Magnetism for Detox and Health with Dr. Dean Bonlie. Earthing Sheets Review: Do They Really Work & Improve Sleep? Updated: March 25, 2019 Are you having trouble getting a full night’s rest?

Earthing Sheets Review: Do They Really Work & Improve Sleep?

Or are you struggling with a chronic illness or pain? If so, read on. This earthing sheets review is going to offer a surprisingly simple solution you can try right away. (1) How To Multiply Energy Into Your Organs. The Healing Song. 6 Ways Drumming Heals Body, Mind and Soul. (4) Are Negative Ions Good For You? Autonomic Response Testing.

MUSCLE TEST- ANCIENT TRICK THAT ANSWERS ALL YOUR QUESTIONS. PENDULUM SCIENCE. Autonomic Response Testing vs Classic Kinesiology. Vogel Crystals Explained. William Bengston on How to perform energy healing. If you’ve ever felt you could heal, help others to heal, or just wanted to learn about energy medicine, then do we have the hands-on healing show for you!

William Bengston on How to perform energy healing

Today I’ll be talking with William Bengston, PhD, sociology professor, self-proclaimed skeptic, President of the Society for Scientific Exploration, and a leading researcher into the mystery and power of energy medicine, and the author of a must-read book, The Energy Cure: Unraveling the Mystery of Hands-On Healing Today we’ll talk about hands-on healing, what it is, what it looks like, what the studies show, and how we can all do it. That plus we’ll talk about vaporizing clouds, God in a Bottle, why table tennis isn’t for tortoises, turning down flat screen TV’s, the power of charged cotton, and why in the world you don’t have to be from Alpha Centauri, in order to help others heal. "We've Found The Evidence"

A Critical Analysis of Chromotherapy and Its Scientific Evolution. How Color Therapy or Chromotherapy Can Heal Your Body. We all know that light is composed of colors.

How Color Therapy or Chromotherapy Can Heal Your Body

Along with colors, light also consists of chemical and emotional elements since it emits heat, electricity and magnetism. Thus, light, along with its component colors, can be used for healing the mind, body and spirit. This is the basic principle behind Chromotherapy or color therapy. Different colors have different effects on the mind and body. The Science That Will Change Your Future. "Grounded" - An independent documentary about grounding Watch the full movie here for free.  Also available on DVD - click here .

Supernatural Breathing With Joe Dispenza. Obeying Universal Laws Can Be Fun - 33 Degree Freemason Manly P. Hall [Full Lecture / Clean Audio] Ex Employee of Bellicon USA exposes Truth. 528 Hz DNA Repair Explained. Kion - Frequencies - How Sound & Vibrations Can Elevate Your Life. Jerry Tennant: Healing is Voltage. With This FREQUENCY You Will Manifest Anything In Your Life. Red Light Therapy - EndAllDisease. Red Light Therapy: Uses, Benefits, and Risks. We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Here’s our process. What is red light therapy? Red light therapy (RLT) is a controversial therapeutic technique that uses red low-level wavelengths of light to treat skin issues, such as wrinkles, scars, and persistent wounds, among other conditions.

In the early 1990s, RLT was used by scientists to help grow plants in space. Red light was then studied for its potential application in medicine, more specifically to find out if RLT could increase energy inside human cells. Scientist Proves DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies. The Facts:Quantum physics has revealed astonishing discoveries, many of which challenge many long-held belief systems. It opens up discussions into metaphysical realities, and are thus labelled as mere interpretations due to the vastness of their implication.Reflect On:For a long time, authorities have suppressed ideas that are different, even if backed by evidence.

Who is deciding what information gets out and is confirmed in the public domain? Who decides to establish something as 'fact' within the mainstream? “I regard consciousness as fundamental. Immune System Activating : Mantak Chia. Les Brown Physics Of Crystals Full Documentary. ( Age of Lucidity ) A breakthrough that has already happened - GLOBAL BEM conference Nov 2012. How to Understand and Make a Sacred Medicine Wheel. When you think of “medicine” what is the first thing that comes to mind?

How to Understand and Make a Sacred Medicine Wheel

For many modern people, medicine is associated with drugs, surgical procedures, nurses, dentists, or doctors that all improve one’s physical health. However, “medicine” in many past ancient cultures was understood as an interrelated process of physical and spiritual well-being. Medicine was once thought of as a way of being in harmony with the primal energy of nature, and a way of becoming aware of the personal power within each of us that allows us to become more whole and complete. Before we based our lives on beliefs and interpretations of “holy scriptures,” we looked to the surrounding world for answers and we observed the rhythm of nature to guide our existence.

What we discovered is that life behaves in cycles or circles rather than Cartesian “line” that we perceive time and existence these days. The Origins of the Medicine Wheel The origins of the Native American Medicine Wheel are not entirely known. A Scientist Explores Energy. The Incredible Healing Power Of Sound with Michael Tyrrell. Doctors Heal A Tumor With Meditation. Dr. Jack Kruse - Blue Light Toxicity, Mitigating 5G & Mitochondrial Health. Eric Dollard, Tom Brown & Bob Beck 1986 - US Psychotronics Association.

Mantak Chia: Techniques to Activate The Second Brain. The Secrets Of Vibration & Frequency! (The Power Of Sound!) Inner Intelligence. Secrets of Your Cells Discover YOUR inner intelligence, the secrets hidden in your cells.

Inner Intelligence

Where in our cells is INTELLIGENCE? Our cellular architecture encompasses a hidden fabric of vibrating strings and tubes that some scientists say carries consciousness. ILA 2016 - Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt - Photopheresis, heavy metal toxicity and immune mobilisation. Light and the body. Full Certified Free Reiki Course Level 1. Edgar Cayce How to Heal Your Body [FULL VIDEO]

What's the Buzz? Sound Therapy. Donna Eden - Eenrgy Medicine Three 22 - Magnets. PART I For Everyone: The EFT Tapping Basics. A Refreshing New Use of An Established Process.It Often Works Where Nothing Else Will.

PART I For Everyone: The EFT Tapping Basics

First, if you haven't seen our EFT intro video, please view it now. It sets the stage regarding your EFT possibilities. Note: Over the years, my original term of EFT has also become known as Tapping. 432 Hz – Unlocking The Magnificence Of The 3, 6 and 9, The Key To The Universe. Recreating Balance: How to easily convert any music to 432hz and why. A frequency is the number of movements up and down per second, called hertz.

Recreating Balance: How to easily convert any music to 432hz and why

Energy is the ability to move, it is what fuels the movement up and down. 432hz tuning simply means that the note A in the middle of the musical scale will vibrate at 432hz, then all other notes along the scale are tuned accordingly. All octaves of the A note will be doubles or halves of that 432hz frequency (27, 54, 108, 216, 432, 864, etc) Powers Of The Mind! (What we all can actually do!) Learn How to Unlock Tissue Memory. The unexpressed trauma of past experiences stored in the musculature and connective tissue of our bodies creates tension, blocks circulation and can ultimately lead to pain and disease. Learn what you can do as a massage therapist to unlock and free clients of these tissue memories.

Want to earn continuing education credit for this article? Learn more. UPDATED June 2015. Daily 17 min Qi Gong practice with Mingtong. BeHEALTHi Integrative Natural Health Services and Wellness Coaching: Melbourne, Australia - NES Home Infoceuticals. Genius Insight Trial. Wilhelm Reich Orgone Accumulators and Products. Multiple Sclerosis Care & Treatment by Dr. Allen Bowling. Magnets and electromagnetic therapy are forms of energy medicine. For thousands of years, electricity and magnetism have been used in medical treatments. Ohm Therapeutics. #195 What is Bioenergetics? with Debbie Ventura. The Healing Field – TeslaMania – 2016 Tesla Electric Festival. The Healing Field – Sound, Light and Electromagnetic Field Therapy. In the blockbuster science fiction movie Elysium, leaders of an earthbound drug addicted society try to invade Elysium, a utopian space station that circles the earth.

Mindtech Enterprises. FDA DISCLAIMER: Content on this app is for reference purposes and is not a substitute for advice from a licensed health-care professional. Quanta and coherence effects in water and living systems. This Japanese method will help you to feel better and heal in a few minutes. (2006-04) Dean Bonlie- DDS Magnetism.

Tibetan Medicine - Nangten Menlang International. Tibetan Medicine is a holistic system that honors the deep interconnectedness between the body, mind and external environment. Inside the Superhuman World of the Iceman. Aura therapy. Six Healing Sounds. Biophotonics – The Science Behind Energy Healing. How to Heal Yourself With Thoughts. Adronis - Harnessing The Mind's Untapped Potential. Welcome to Quantum Energy Wellness - Energetic Medicine. Overview of Energetic Medicine and Quantum Physics Quantum is the smallest amount of a physical quantity that can exist independently, especially a discrete quantity, especially a discrete quantity of electromagnetic radiation.

Acutonics® Sound Healing Education, Sound Therapy with Tuning Forks, Harmonic Attunement® Energy Exercises. Secret Sounds - Ancient Sounds that Advanced your Consciousness. Eric Pearl - Biology of transformation - The Field. The Shaman Within: Channeling Universal Life Force to Heal Your Body. 7 Health Benefits of Vibroacoustic (Sound & Vibration) Therapy. Live to 110 Podcast #80: Why we Need Magnetism for Detox and Health with Dr. Dean Bonlie. The Science of Healing Thoughts. Frequency Healing. Your Immortal Brain - Mastering the Art of Observation. Your source for the Wet Cell. NH365 056: Music therapy – Amazing discoveries in healing the body naturally. Sun Gazing - Why I Stare At The Sun. How to Determine the Best Chinese Reflexology Points for You to Massage. The Lost Scale Extended Version. Donna Eden Introduction to Energy Medicine. Tesla Applications For Healing. How Mind Changes Genes through Meditation.

5 Levels of Healing. Banish Osteoporosis, Insomnia, Fatigue and More With Simple Taoist Bone Breathing Technique.