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Bookshelf as shoe closet. Why I Love IKEA Kitchens. IKEA Love/Hate. The back bedroom, which will become our nursery is rather small and didn’t have a closet. So we thought about how we could incorporate some storage without eating up too much valuable floor space. The easiest thing to do would have been to frame up a small closet with bi-fold doors and install a rod to hang clothes from, but if you’re going through the trouble to build something from scratch, why not try to take it to the next level? While a framed closet with bi-fold doors and a single hanging rod is fine, it could be so much more functional with proper organizers and if it were built-in, it could become part of the architectural detail of the room.

So we decided to do a semi-custom built-in (if that makes any sense). As our base we used IKEA’s Pax line of closets. As far as closets go, there's definitely more to love about the Pax system than hate. DIY - Peindre des meubles en mélaminés. Dans mon précédent article, je vous présentais notre chambre et les meubles ikea peints par mes soins.

DIY - Peindre des meubles en mélaminés

Aujourd'hui, je vous propose un DIY (Do It Yourself) pour peindre des meubles en mélaminé. J’achète souvent des meubles Ikea sur le bon coin, généralement je les trouve en excellent état pour la moitié du prix neuf. Mais à part les tons basiques du Suédois, je voulais une couleur un peu plus personnalisée. Alors pour peindre un meuble en mélaminé, il vous faut: 1. un meuble ;o). 2. une sous couche Julien, j'ai utilisé celle pour carrelage, verre, stratifié. Allez, on y va! 1. Kitchen Chronicles: Ikea Pax Pantry Reveal! Ladies and gents, I present to you our finished Ikea Pax Pantry: Let's first back up to where we left off in my last post...

Kitchen Chronicles: Ikea Pax Pantry Reveal!

The pantry was up, but with no hardware, crown molding, or insides. Before & After: Olga Brings Her Passion for Pallets Home — Mango & Tomato. Meuble TV épuré et design DIY. Matériel : Chez IKEA : 2 Besta banc (49€ pièce)4 portes Besta vara fac (5€ pièce)2 Besta structure chromé (30€ pièce)

Meuble TV épuré et design DIY

IKEA PAX Wardrobe Hack. We had 2 very ugly, very dated, almost uninhabitable rooms in the back of the house.

IKEA PAX Wardrobe Hack

One was pink, one was purple and the windows were rotted and leaked into our family room and kitchen below. I wish I had before pictures of them but to be honest we really forgot about them for a few years and thought of them more as storage. That sounded bad. Like we live in a huge mansion or something and use hundred dollar bills as toilet paper. Trust me, it was not like that. Then after we added baby boys to our family faster than a {insert any ‘yo mamma’ joke here}, we were out of space and decided to renovate these 2 rooms to become our master suite.

One such work in progress area was our dilemma of having no closets in this room. Ikea Hack - Dining Room Table. Last week I performed a little Ikea hack on my dining room Ikea Jokkmokk table.

Ikea Hack - Dining Room Table

My initial idea was to remove the legs, replace them with hairpin legs, then sand and re-stain the top.I will admit, I often have grand diy ideas but my execution often doesn't pan out. I am happy to say that this time around, everything worked perfectly. My table turned out better than I could have imagined and I absolutely LOVE it. Plus the whole hack was SO simple....just a few easy steps. Remove legs and trim - just a few screws. I bought hairpin legs from this shop on eBay for $50 and screwed them to each of the four corners.

For Your Inspiration Board: Indoor Sliding Doors. Previous image Next image Let's talk doors.

For Your Inspiration Board: Indoor Sliding Doors

I know, not very exciting, unless you're talking about unique and interesting sliding doors. Adding a sliding door to your space can be a functional space saver or a stylish architectural detail, or both. They really can add an interesting element to your space, and can work in many different spaces, from a modern loft to a traditional country home and everything in between. Stumped How to Make a Tree Stump Table.

** Welcome to everyone who’s visiting from Design*Sponge today!

Stumped How to Make a Tree Stump Table

~ Karen ** Before I sold everything I owned and painted my whole house white I couldn’t buy a decorating magazine. Why you ask? I couldn’t put any of those nice things in my house. It’d look stupid. I found most of the stuff in my house at garage sales or at the side of the road so the latest doo-dad from Fancy Store just wasn’t going to fit in. So anything featured in a decorating magazine dated anything later than September of 1840 wasn’t exactly going to blend. When I finally painted and redecorated my house, I bought some magazines. Crap. BILLY Bookcases transform into Murphy Bed. Bedroom Published on July 17th, 2014 | by msilberberg We live in Manhattan where space is a premium.

BILLY Bookcases transform into Murphy Bed