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Home and Garden DIY Ideas, Photos and Answers. How To Fix Scratches in Wood Furniture With 2 Ingredients. How to Reupholster a Chair {Step-by-Step Photo Tutorial} How to Upholster a Chair: Step-by-Step Instructions for a Reupholstered Chair. DIY Striped Upholstered Bench. Yesterday I shared a few changes I made to our master bedroom.

DIY Striped Upholstered Bench

One of those changes was the piano bench that I made into an upholstered stool. And the best part is that I made it for just $5! I was originally inspired by the $400 Ballard Designs Simone Bench. It's totally awesome...and totally out of my price range. So, I decided to make my own instead. The entire project took less than an hour, and was super easy to do. DIY Antique Chair Reupholster Tutorial. You found the PERFECT chair on Craiglist – complete with mesmerizing legs and beautiful curves (sounds like a 1950s supermodel!).

DIY Antique Chair Reupholster Tutorial

Unfortunately, the ghastly fabric makes your design spirit cringe, but you have the foresight to look beyond the dilapidated print to see its beautiful soul. Thankfully, with this DIY reupholster tutorial, you can unleash the beauty from within that antique chair! You could take your chair to a professional re-upholstery company, who will charge you anywhere from $250 – $350 for a single chair. Or, you could take matters into your own hands and complete the DIY reupholster. Reupholstering an antique chair is time-consuming, but it’s fairly simple to do. Before you Move on Considering it is antique furniture, you’ll need to clean it out. How To Make A DIY Rustic Headboard. This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Yogabed.

How To Make A DIY Rustic Headboard

The opinions and text are all mine. Sleep is really important to me. How to Reupholster Almost Anything! Furniture is expeeennnssiiiveeee….

How to Reupholster Almost Anything!

Seriously, I could send my kid to a semester of college for what they want for some sofas! Luckily, you don’t always have to go out and buy new. If your existing furniture has good bones and a solid, sturdy frame, chances are you can reupholster it. Think it’s just for the pros? Nope. Our feature project above, is from Jen at ‘Chronicles of Home’. From Brit + Co, learn how to reupholster a thrift store chair in just a few easy steps! This reupholstered foot stool brings back the midcentury charm of this beauty. Easily Repair Pet Claw Marks. Best Household Cleaning Supplies & Products. Any pressure washer can clean a hard surface like concrete, but it takes forever, and if you move the nozzle too fast or too slow, you wind up with streaks and striping.

Best Household Cleaning Supplies & Products

However, that is not the case with this whirlybird-style surface cleaner from Briggs & Stratton (No. 6178). Snap it onto the end of your pressure washer and put it to work cleaning dirty concrete. As soon as you pull the trigger, the cleaner lifts off the surface and floats like a hovercraft. Just push it along at a steady pace and let it do its job. The spinning jets blast a clean, uniform 14-in. RETOUR EN STOCK Hibou sage verveine meubles par MMEmbellishments. Home and Garden DIY Ideas, Photos and Answers. 12 Shocking Things You Can Do With Your Old Dresser. Home and Garden DIY Ideas, Photos and Answers. When saw this beauty in antique store, I said this will be much perfect after touch es.

Home and Garden DIY Ideas, Photos and Answers

Anyway the story of the this a piece of Antique sideboard buffet , cabinet is,,, I searched about 1 week this antique piece history,I wrote some Antique pages in Facebook,I send some pictures directly to antique stores, most people said this piece is antique but not valuable.I didn't believe them, I continued to search again. Finally I found some experts about antiques. Almost they want me the photos about every single pieces, I sended them. As like below I can not share all pictures here,I wanted to share a few with you.

As a result we learned ,This unique piece is real Antique and from 1840's French, Louis VX Buffet. Every single piece was original.And we didn't touch any of them.We used original hardwares, How To Make An All-Natural Conditioning Furniture Polish. Domestic Bliss Squared: DIY: fix scratches in wood furniture. A few weeks ago I read this post at Lily & Thistle about a DIY for fixing scratched furniture.

Domestic Bliss Squared: DIY: fix scratches in wood furniture

It seemed too good to be true! She claimed that she used a mixture of 1/4 cup vinegar and 3/4 cup olive oil and magically got rid of the scratches in a piece of thrift store furniture. I knew I was going to try it, though! See, I have this table: Armoire TransformationMy Uncommon Slice of Suburbia. When I try something out for the first time I have those voices in my head saying what are you doing, you can’t do this, you will screw it up I can get a tad bit overwhelmed.

Armoire TransformationMy Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

My solution is to find out as much information as I can by reading reading reading before I dive in. Nightstand Chalk Paint Tutorial — The Grace House. Home and Garden DIY Ideas, Photos and Answers. Home and Garden DIY Ideas, Photos and Answers. I am in the process of redecorating my guest room/office to make additional space for working on sewing and craft projects.

Home and Garden DIY Ideas, Photos and Answers

I needed a bed to tuck up against a wall and was in the market for an antique sleigh bed. Unfortunately I couldn’t find one to fit my frugal budget. Home and Garden DIY Ideas, Photos and Answers. So I scored this table and chairs for $10 from a neighbor, little did I know this would give me a major headache but turn out beautifully in the end!

Home and Garden DIY Ideas, Photos and Answers

If you look on the right you will see a major flaw in the wood were we sanded. I love to stain table tops and I am not a big fan of painting them. What was I going to do? Soooo, a stained flower design just off to the side. Only problem stain did not want to take😟 Onegoodthingbyjillee. Home and Garden DIY Ideas, Photos and Answers. I am a furniture hoarder... okay i admit it. If i had the room in my house or garage or had a bigger vehicle to lug around pieces you would probably end up seeing me on an episode of hoarders buried alive. Home and Garden DIY Ideas, Photos and Answers. Home and Garden DIY Ideas, Photos and Answers. Buffet Makeover How to Make Existing Furniture Work in Your Home. Old World Chippy Distressed Paint Finish. Milk Paint Application How your milk paint reacts with your stain will depend on the type of stain that you used.

I used gel stain with no finish or top coat before applying the milk paint and received these results. I suggest testing on the underside first - too much crackle and you should sand the stained surface lightly for better adhesion. Not enough crackle and the paint is sticking too well, so you may need a light top coat in between. Test, test, test! Here's my base stained with the gel stain. For this table, I really wanted an Old World Finish, a finish that looks authentic and has tons of character. I start with two cups, one with the milk paint and one with an equal amount of warm water.

Then I slowly pour a little water in, stir, then add a little more water, stir – just like making powdered milk! Home and Garden DIY Ideas, Photos and Answers. Lilyfield Life: White Wax, Liming Wax: Make your own. Did you know that you can tint furniture wax for a different look? You probably know that furniture wax usually comes in clear and brown wax. You can also buy white wax - often called Liming wax - a clear wax with an added white pigment that gives a white grained finish, white washed faded effect to your bare or stained wood or painted furniture. Liming works best on either open grained wood such as oak, pine or ash but it also looks great on ornately carved furniture where the white wax will settle in the crevices and give a soft worn look (like antiquing with dark wax but cleaner and more gentle).

Traditionally this look was achieved with lime which is pretty caustic. The No Sand Way to Prepare Your Furniture for Painting - Design Asylum Blog. When Should You NOT Paint Wood Furniture? - Thrift Diving Blog : Thrift Diving Blog. When should you not paint wood furniture? Painting “perfectly good wood” is controversial. Don’t believe me? If you’re a DIY’er that paints furniture for any length of time, I’m certain someone has opened their mouth and gasped: “OMG, you paint wood?! Why would you do that?” …riiiight after you proudly showed them how awesome your piece looks after you spend 6 hours painting it. Not the best feeling in the world. In fact, you feel rather crappy after that kind of criticism. Painted Upholstered Chair using Chalky Finish Paint - Sincerely, Sara D.Sincerely, Sara D. {If you’re new here, you may want to follow me on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest.}

Home and Garden DIY Ideas, Photos and Answers. How to get gross smells out of old furniture - Atta Girl Says. Chalk Paint Vs Milk Paint? What's the Difference? -Decorated Life. Posted on February 4, 2016 by Christine in Painting. Pinterest. 35 Furniture Refinishing Tips - Page 5 of 7 - DIY Joy. Distressing painted furniture. Share. Lessons in Chalk Paint. Distress Paint with Petroleum Jelly - Prodigal Pieces. BEST Homemade Chalk Like Paint Recipe! 47 Tips And Tricks To Ensure A Perfect Paint Job. Nightstand Chalk Paint Tutorial — The Grace House. How to Paint a Piano with Chalkpaint. Milk It for All It's Worth - Bless'er House. Distressed Coffee & Side Table DIY ‹ Peep Toes and Pacifiers. Home and Garden DIY Ideas, Photos and Answers. Fix Chipped Veneer The Easy Way - Slipcovered Grey.

BUFFET - BEFORE & AFTER - Proverbs 31 Girl. The Beginner's Guide to Distressing with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Home and Garden DIY Ideas, Photos and Answers. The 4 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Painting Their Kitchen Table - Painted Furniture Ideas. Iseeidoimake. Flawless Matte Satin Paint Finish: Furniture Painting Basics. This post has been a long time coming. Paint Color Highlight - Annie Sloan Old White & Tutorial - The Painted Drawer. Salt Wash Finish on Furniture - Refunk My Junk. 4 steps to a perfect polyurethane finish. DIY Pallet Ottoman Tutorial - Katie's Crochet Goodies. How to Reupholster a Chair - Step by Step: The Family Handyman. Step 1: Gather materials and prep the seat board If you have upholstered chair seats that are stained, worn out or just plain ugly, there's no need to call a pro. How to Remove Rust (Mind Blowing!) 5 Tips For Buying Furniture To Paint And Sell - Canary Street Crafts.

3 Ways to Get an Antiqued Look When Painting Furniture. Top 60 Furniture Makeover DIY Projects and Negotiation Secrets. 30 Ways To Repair, Restore, Or Redo Any Piece Of Furniture. How to Clean and Paint a Wicker Chair. Dressier Dresser.