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Office Furniture and Industrial Equipments

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Ergonomic and adjustable 24 hour chairs. Non-slip rubber mat in varied thicknesses. Heavy duty extreme plastic lockers for storage. A range of extremely heavy duty plastic lockers ideal for use in schools, swimming pools, wet area changing rooms and also outdoors as they do not rust.

Heavy duty extreme plastic lockers for storage

Made from tough polythene that is almost impossible to dent or damage, these lockers are vandal resistant making them a great locker for schools and other public buildings. Fitted with heavy duty hinges designed to withstand 3200 N before breaking. The lockers are suitable for hygienic environments as they can be washed down. They are also weather resistant and suitable for use in wet or cold environments including outside.

Supplied with cam lock (2 keys) as standard. The lockers are available in 3 sizes (450, 600 and 900 mm high) and are all stackable and nestable on and next to each other. The lockers are supplied with a grey body and a choice of blue, red, yellow or green doors as standard. Standard Lock = Cylinder / Cam Mastered Lockers can be supplied with Hasp lock fittings at no extra charge (please specify at the time of order). Find metal key cabinets online. Work conveniently on height adjustable desk. By Harley Smith Marketing Employees spend a lot of their time in their workplaces.

Work conveniently on height adjustable desk

In most organisations where employees have desk jobs, long hours of sitting causes physical discomfort to them, leading to injuries and lack of productivity. Thus, investment in ergonomic furniture can help companies in reducing such issues (Daily Mail, Dobson, 2015). Furniture companies manufacture a variety of height adjustable desks that have multiple benefits. Given below are some of them: Secure your displayed information in a lockable notice board. By Harley Smith Marketing Notice boards can be seen in commercial spaces, schools, colleges, offices and factories for display of important notices, schedules, advertisements, etc.

Secure your displayed information in a lockable notice board

Additionally, businesses can use notice boards for promotional purposes as well, for example, a store or a restaurant can place a notice board outside to display information on their discounts or specials. While there are several designs and variants available in notice boards, investment in a lockable notice board is a good idea for businesses and educational institutions. According to an article published by B2B Marketing, there are several advantages of using a secured notice board. Given below are some of them (B2B Marketing, Johnson, 2014): 1) Increased Shelf Life of Displayed Documents: By using a secured notice board, one can increase the life of displayed documents. Monitored Access of notice boards: Lockable display boards also help in restricting the access to the displayed information.

Marketing. Brand Promotions Using Information Display Stands. It is important for businesses to promote their brands in order to boost their profits.

Brand Promotions Using Information Display Stands

One can use display stands for effective and less expensive promotions of their products and services. Effective promotional strategies help businesses to stand out in the market. From a small fast food kiosk to huge supermarkets, businesses need visibility to attract clients. There are several ways to promote a business. In the following article, some of the easy and cost-effective ways of conducting promotions through display stands are discussed. Contact Online Marketing Agency Units 19 & 20 Nimbus, Hercules Way, Farnborough. How to Choose Lifting Equipment for Your Business. For businesses with warehouses and workshops, there can be multiple requirements for lifting heavy items.

How to Choose Lifting Equipment for Your Business

Thus, companies require appropriate lifting tools to facilitate these tasks. The following article will discuss on how to choose material lifting equipment for businesses. harleysmith on Wednesday, February 10, 2016 reviews [0] Selection of appropriate lifting equipment in warehouses and workshops can help workers to conduct their tasks conveniently and with reduced manual efforts. Manual handling of heavy weight items can cause physical stress to workers and can also lead to injuries (Environment Health & Safety, Risk Factors).

Type: There are several types of material lifting utilities available online. Top 10 Furnishing Requirements Of Modern Offices. Offices should be designed and furnished to inspire employees.

Top 10 Furnishing Requirements Of Modern Offices

There is a huge impact of physical space on an employee’s overall efficiency, suggests a research article published by Research Gate (ResearchGate, Hameed & Amjad, 2009). Thus, we can say that a poorly furnished workplace can cause boredom and monotony to an employee, while vibrant and well-furnished offices can boost one’s morale. Other advantages of well-equipped and well-designed offices can be listed as: - Improved productivity of employees - Improved job satisfaction levels - Improved employee retention rate - Significant boost in business - Impressed clients and visitors - Improved market value of a business Nowadays, companies offer modern designs and décor to their employees to create a stylish and healthy work environment. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Adjustable and stylish leather office chair. Employees spend a considerable amount of time sitting in their chairs while at work.

Adjustable and stylish leather office chair

Long hours spent sitting in chairs can cause discomfort to an employee’s back and neck, while other postural disorders may be caused by spinal misalignment (Wahlig, 2015). Thus, it is essential that office make provisions for well-designed ergonomic seating. According to an article published by Dohrmann Consulting, "Ergonomics is the process of designing or arranging workplaces, products and systems so that they fit the people who use them" (Dohrmann Consulting, 2014). There are multiple benefits for businesses of investing in quality ergonomic office chairs. Some of them are listed below: Improved Posture: Ergonomic chairs can improve body posture as these types of chairs are designed with lumbar support. AJ Products has been in the furniture industry for many years and has been delivering quality office chairs across the UK. ³ Triano, J. (2010) "Office Chair: How to Reduce Back Pain?

" Easy to adjust electric height adjustable desk. Colourful mobile notice boards. Practical scissor lift table for easy lifting applications.