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Cloud Computing

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Cloud Data Storage. CDMI 1.0.2 Web. VNC For Ubuntu On Amazon EC2 - A GUI To Your Server. [Tutorial] Instalar a Interface Gráfica e VNC num servidor Ubuntu. Por vezes podemos necessitar de utilizar um servidor VPS, mas a linha de comandos pode ser complicada para certos utilizadores habituados à interface gráfica.

[Tutorial] Instalar a Interface Gráfica e VNC num servidor Ubuntu

Por isso mesmo, neste tutorial iremos apresentar os passos que necessita de seguir para instalar a interface gráfica numa VPS com o sistema operativo Ubuntu, assim como o servidor VNC para aceder à mesma. A maioria das VPS’s são distribuídas com uma instalação mínima do Ubuntu, contendo somente os pacotes essenciais e a ligação a partir do SSH. Scratch - Imagine, Programe, Compartilhe. Building Open Interoperable Cloud Infrastructure. At pennies per virtual machine-hour, the economics of cloud computing are both compelling and daunting to replicate. Whether you are building your own cloud infrastructure, building a public cloud or choosing a cloud service, there are key strategy and technology decisions that make the difference between success and failure. In his General Session next week at 12th Cloud Expo | Cloud Expo New York [June 10-13, 2013], Intel VP & GM Jason Waxman will share industry best practices for deploying cloud infrastructure that maximize the benefits of cloud economics, agility and interoperability.

Learn how Intel is working with industry leaders to deliver open, secure and efficient cloud computing based on optimized compute, networking, storage and software technology and what are key tools and resources to help you achieve your cloud computing goals. Speaker Bio: Waxman joined Intel in 1997 as a product marketing engineer and has spent his Intel career in enterprise and data center computing. Cloud Infrastructure. Faltam recursos para segurança na cloud. As empresas portuguesas menos seduzidas pela cloud computing consideram a segurança dos dados como o principal factor para essa atitude, segundo um estudo da Quocirca, pedido pela CA Tecnologies.

Faltam recursos para segurança na cloud

Cerca de 80% dessas organizações de Portugal e Espanha assumem que têm falta de experiência e recursos necessários para garantir a segurança dos serviços na cloud. Das empresas inquiridas em Portugal e Espanha, receptivas às vantagens dos ambientes cloud, 84% crêem que muitos dos serviços de segurança – autenticação única (Single Sign On, ou SSO), gestão federada de identidades e de acessos –, podem ser mais acessíveis caso sejam oferecidos através de um modelo ou híbrido ou baseado totalmente em cloud computing.


Privacy and Cloud computing. The big data world is operating at 1 percent. Many would be shocked to know that researchers analyze and gather insights from only 1 percent of the world’s data.

The big data world is operating at 1 percent

That 1 percent of analyzed data has been the only driver of innovation and insights in what we now know as “big data.” The other 99 percent of the 1 quintillion bytes of data that is collected every day (according to a recent study from IDC) remains untouched. We all know that big data has so much promise. For a very large number of problems today, the effective use of data is a bottleneck. The drug discovery problem is more about data than chemistry. Today, we recognize that these, and many other critical global issues, are all data problems. Realizations Where do you start when you have a data set as large as the human genome, for example, or President Obama’s recent call to map the human brain? Starting with queries is a dead end: Queries are not inherently bad. Big data is the beginning, not the end That’s something that we can all rally around.

Amazon brings NoSQL to the masses with DynamoDB. Amazon's new cloud offering called DynamoDB overcomes some of the scaling limitations of SimpleDB.

Amazon brings NoSQL to the masses with DynamoDB

Learn more about the DynamoDB NoSQL system. Cloud computing offerings such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon SimpleDB allow developers to focus on coding without having to worry about the infrastructure. This week we look at Amazon's new cloud service called DynamoDB. NoSQL in the cloud While relational databases do many things well, there are instances where its rigid nature is overkill or it just doesn't perform great. You might be wondering how DynamoDB differs from other Amazon products, most notably SimpleDB. Up and running Getting started with Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a straightforward process; you go to the AWS site and click the Sign Up Now link.

Why is OpenNebula the Solution for Private Cloud Computing? OpenNebula comes with several characteristics that makes it a unique software for the management of private clouds.

Why is OpenNebula the Solution for Private Cloud Computing?

This is actually not a mere coincidence, but rather a consequence of the design principles followed by the OpenNebula team at the time of creating the architecture and whenever a new feature is planned. So, without a shred of a doubt, we can claim that OpenNebula has the ability of managing Private Clouds embedded in its DNA. Let’s see the three stronger points of OpenNebula when managing a local set of physical and virtual resources, for in-house consumption: Data models adjusted to the datacenters. The entities that OpenNebula work with, as abstractions of the physical and virtual resources, are a reflection of the typical resources found in traditional datacenters. Benefits of Virtualization, Increase IT Efficiency and Virtual Management.



Identity Management. Privacidade da Informação.