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HARO - Help a Reporter Out (TM)

HARO - Help a Reporter Out (TM)
Sources No such thing as free publicity? From The New York Times, to ABC News, to and everyone in between, nearly 30,000 members of the media have quoted HARO sources in their stories. Everyone’s an expert at something. Sharing your expertise may land you that big media opportunity you’ve been looking for. Reporters

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Rank Tracker - Track Your Search Engine Rankings Easily! Dear Fellow Website Owner, If your site depends on Google and Yahoo! placements for traffic and sales, your search engine rankings are tied directly to your bottom line. That's why you need to keep a close eye on your rankings to make sure you're near the top at all times. Yelp Alternatives: Which User Review Services Matter? After Google, Twitter, and Facebook, Yelp is arguably the Internet company next in line to have its name converted into a verb. If you want to find a restaurant, a plumber, or even a lawyer, Yelp probably has you covered. As a consumer, you likely use Yelp and similar services all the time; but as a business owner, you realize what a double-edged sword it is. Many restaurateurs have watched their free time vanish along with their hair as they tried to massage their Yelp star rating and appease every last customer unhappy with the crème brulee. Today, however, Yelp is only part of the puzzle.

A directory of direct links to delete your account from web services. Can't find what you're looking for? Help make better. easy No Info Available Blog - How to successfully respond to an editorial request Editorial requests are a great first step to building a relationship with a journalist, it is the only time they’ll come to you looking for content. However, in order to make the most out of this opportunity you need to be as helpful as possible in your response without overloading them with information. Although responses need to be short and simple, one liners such ‘I'm interested in this, I run a startup’ or ‘this is me, please contact me on’ don’t give the journalist any information about yourself, your business and why you are relevant to their request. Introduction Depending on whether the journalist is asking for a quote, case study or products for a gift guide you need to introduce your company. At the beginning of the response include your company name, what you do and where you’re based in one to two lines - this helps the journalist understand if you’re relevant and where you may fit in to their article.

4 SEO Presentations w/ Tips, Graphics + Data You Can Use NOTE: All of the slide decks in this post are free to download and distribute, as are any of the stats/graphics in them (please reference the source if you do). Hopefully they'll be helpful learning tools and will make your deck-building processes easier than mine have been! The past few weeks have been a whirlwind for me, and they're not slowing down anytime soon. Just 2 weeks ago, I jetted off to San Marino (a small country in the northeastern part of Italy) with my travel blogging wife, Hannah Smith from Distilled, Marcus Tandler + Niels Dorje of TandlerDorje, Gianluca Fiorelli and Google's Avinash Kaushik (along with several great local speakers). 503 - Real not Fake: 9 Ways to Build a Positive Reputation Customers are ever-more suspicious of hype, and can learn a lot about your business before they even visit. You've heard the buzz-words 'transparency' and 'integrity' - make them your marketing advantage as you share information about the the management team, staff and daily activities. Consumers find the 'real business' of hospitality endlessly fascinating, so give them facts to feast on - leave the hype and BS to your competitors. How to Build your Reputation as a Real and Genuine Business: Keep the Menu Honest: is 'home made' really made in someone's home?

JournoLink. PR. Connected JournoLink uses cookies JournoLink requires cookies to function. You can read more in our Privacy Policy Request copy, quotes and spokespeople Our editorial requests allow you to ask relevant businesses across our database for copy, content or spokespeople by using the simple form below. 10 Great Social and Web Analytics Tools In a recent post, the good folks at iSpionage reviewed the importance of using analytics to guide your Internet marketing efforts and which metrics make the most sense to track. Using analytics helps you understand which of your marketing efforts are paying off, which tactics you should refine, and what actions you need to take in order to get better results from your Internet marketing strategy. While analytics are a must for any Internet marketer, it can be a bit daunting to know exactly which tool to use in order to track your results. After all, there are literally hundreds of analytics tools available on the market, all with different features and benefits.

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