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Teacher tips RED. Do Typing Games Really Increase Learning in the Classroom? If you’ve ever learned touch typing as a kid you might remember learning how to type on a typewriter. There were no touch typing games where you got to catch bubbles or build towers by pressing the correct key. Learning to type was based on plain old repetition. As a kid, this doesn’t sound too exciting and who can blame them?

Games have taken entertainment and learning from a more passive approach to a more interactive approach. Allowing students to interact in the classroom via games helps them learn in a way that they are familiar with. Touch typing games have become one of the most popular ways to solidify typing skills in the classroom through the level of interaction they allow and the variety of students which they appeal to. Kids are familiar with video games and over 91% of U.S. school kids play them.

While playing, students are also learning a valuable skill including, increasing hand eye coordination and muscle memory. Not all students learn alike. Comments comments. At What Age Should Kids Start Using Computers? Imgres. Keyboarding Games for Kids - Learning to Type Games for Kids. Keyboarding Games Keyboarding Games Kids love typing games for kids! In fact, these are our most popular learning games on site. Learning Games for Kids presents Typing Adventure.

This amazing online learning game for kids is perfect for getting the skills needed to master keyboarding. In today’s technological world it’s so important for every child to have typing skills. It’s another thing to add to an already jam packed learning day, but learning games for kids makes it easy and fun. Each game supports correct finger positioning and encourages reach and keyboard memorization. Though our keyboarding games are used by school districts all over the U.S., many children are using online learning at home as a their main method of education.