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Events Registration. Cloud Computing: IoT-Time to Get on Board. IoT - From Device to Azure. IoT is all the rage, but how do you connect those "things" TO the internet, to the cloud, to Azure?

IoT - From Device to Azure

Luckily Visual C++ MVP Alon Fliess is here to help with a great blog post. Introduction to the Internet of Things – From the Device to Microsoft Azure CloudTechnology advances in “Buzzwords” steps. At the beginning, there is the basic technology. Constellation's Ten Most Popular Research Reports of 2015 YTD. Here's a list of Constellation's most popular research reports from 2015 (Q1 & Q2) These reports reflect the trends that are currently resonating with our early adopter audience.

Constellation's Ten Most Popular Research Reports of 2015 YTD

Download your copies today. The Elements of Business Architecture for Digital Transformation by R "Ray" Wang Constellation surveyed over 200 CxOs and identified the top 10 boardroom priorities for 2015. As anticipated, digital transformation emerged as a significant boardroom topic, and market leaders and fast followers seek guidance on the elements required to support a digital business. This report provides key concepts and frameworks for defining the architectural design elements required for digital business disruption. My.socialtoaster. IoT & Cloud Are Transforming ECM By @JMancini77. The combined impact of the consumerization of technology, cloud, mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT) is ushering in a new era of information management that will change the face of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) as we know it.

IoT & Cloud Are Transforming ECM By @JMancini77

Cloud, mobile and IoT together have accelerated a mighty upheaval in the technology landscape as more content enters the enterprise than ever before - leaving enterprises struggling to manage it effectively. The modern ECM platform is required to scan, store data, manage work flow, business process and compliance. Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and Collaborative (MACC) technologies will be the nerve center for big data and predictive analytics. 11 Facts You Didn't Know About #Content #Analytics and #BigData. The information below is from the new AIIM survey, Content Analytics: automating processes and extracting knowledge.

11 Facts You Didn't Know About #Content #Analytics and #BigData

[video] Solutions for the Cloud with Alex Gorbachev. "We have been in business for 21 years and have been building many enterprise solutions, all IT plumbing - server, storage, interconnects," stated Alex Gorbachev, President of Intelligent Systems Services, in this interview at 16th Cloud Expo, held June 9-11, 2015, at the Javits Center in New York City.

[video] Solutions for the Cloud with Alex Gorbachev

Register FREE Before Friday! ▸ HereYour registration includes: ▸ Cloud Expo sessions▸ Big Data Expo sessions▸ @ThingsExpo sessions▸ DevOps sessions▸ Containers sessions▸ Microservices sessions The World's Largest Cloud Computing Event, November 3-5 at the Santa Clara Convention Center! SYS-CON.TV. @CloudExpo @IBMCloudant #API #IoT #Microservices. Taking Cloud Databases to the Edge Database apps on mobile devices shouldn't stop working when there's limited or no network connectivity.

@CloudExpo @IBMCloudant #API #IoT #Microservices

In his session at 16th Cloud Expo, Bradley Holt, a Developer Advocate for IBM Cloudant, discussed how to bring data stored in a cloud database to the edge of the network (and back again), whenever an Internet connection is available. He demonstrated techniques for replicating cloud databases with mobile devices in order to build offline-enabled mobile apps that can provide a better, faster user experience, both offline and online. Why the Internet of Things won't be about the 'things' “Smart” objects such as self-operating thermostats and self-driving cars may sound like science fiction.

Why the Internet of Things won't be about the 'things'

But many experts say these and other early possibilities suggested by the Internet of Things (IoT) are only a hint of what’s to come—and the massive amounts of consumer data they are set to collect. Seen as the fifth wave of online technology that's emerging as the mobile and social revolution begins to peak and wind down, the IoT era will be marked not by people talking to each other using new technologies, but instead by machine-to-machine communication.

Tapping Into the Internet of Things (IoT) Develop and deploy your nextapp on the IBM Bluemixcloud platform.

Tapping Into the Internet of Things (IoT)

Start your free trial The Internet of Things is changing things The Internet of Things (IoT) is radically changing the way companies approach the management of their assets, the monitoring of their business operations, and the way they interact with their consumers. IoT provides new ways to remotely manage equipment through telemetry, to use real-time machine data to devise new operational models, and to use location awareness and smarter products to interact with customers with new services. Equipment makers are benefiting from sensors that are embedded in machinery that provide vital real-time information about equipment usage, potential faults, location, security, and consumables that are required.

Dragplus. Personal privacy in the era of the Internet of Things. Personal privacy in the era of the Internet of Things. Shared via SimonPorter sur Twitter : "8 Myths and Facts about IOT - OpenMind #iot #cloud... 8 Myths and Facts about IOT. Any new technology involves a certain amount of uncertainty and business risk.

8 Myths and Facts about IOT

In the case of the Internet of Things, however, many of the risks have been exaggerated or misrepresented. While the IoT vision will take years to mature fully, the building blocks to begin this process are already in place. Key hardware and software are either available today or under development; stakeholders need to address security and privacy concerns, and collaborate to implement the open standards that will make the IoT safe, secure, reliable and interoperable, and allow the delivery of secured services as seamlessly as possible (Push Technology).

Cisco is expecting the industry to gross over $19 trillion over the next few years. However, the problem is that these ‘things’ have myths surrounding them, some of which are impacting how organizations develop the apps to support them. Job. Java Cloud Engineer (seed funded IoT Big Data Startup) Job Details Our client is looking for an up-and-coming IoT startup that is using Big Data to help established utility companies offer innovative ways to use their service as well as collect and make sense of data to save money and increase ease of use.


They love engineers who consider themselves hackers, but who also possess a strong understanding of CS fundamentals. Prior industry experience is great, but recent CS graduates with internships and impressive individual projects would also be considered. Likewise, domain knowledge in enterprise or security software is great, but it's not a must have requirement. Interdependency of IOT and Cloud Computing. IoT. My 17 Predictions for Technology in 2015 #Cloud #Wearables #BigData #IOT #3DPrinting #Selfie. How Smart Homes Actually Work. The fast growth of technology has led to the introduction of exciting products for your home.

Much like we can download and use applications on our smartphones; the same idea is now available for appliances we use every day in our homes. A home equipped with such technology is called a smart home. Smart homes are designed to fit the different life styles for each owner. The smart home technology is highly automated, efficient, and convenient for operation in the home. This means that the home owner can control various appliances and the settings for the appliance with a remote control or their smartphone. SimonPorter sur Twitter : "8 Myths and Facts about IOT - OpenMind #iot #cloud... 8 Myths and Facts about IOT. SimonPorter on Twitter: "8 Myths and Facts about IOT - OpenMind #iot #cloud... 8 Myths and Facts about IOT. BusinessConnect 2015. Cloud and IOT: Making it real at the Imperial College of London. How will analytics and the Internet of Things help your company? Morita Develops 360-Degree View Safety Camera Systems for Fire Truck Jointly with Clarion.

TOKYO, June 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Morita Holdings Corporation announced on June 11 that its consolidated subsidiary Morita Corporation (hereafter, Morita) has upgraded its existing "Advanced Monitor" by developing a 360-degree-view safety camera system "Morita Advanced Monitor AM Series" jointly with Clarion Co., Ltd. (hereafter, Clarion) to enhance the safety of firefighting and rescue operations. The new system is based on Clarion's driver safety assistance system "SurroundEye. " (Photo: "Advanced Monitor," which previously indicated open and close status of various doors and shutters, now enables the driver to have a 360-degree bird's-eye view even while driving, thus making the drive even safer. Video feeds from the four cameras mounted on the vehicle are synthesized on to the driver's monitor utilizing independently developed image-processing technology. Meningitis Angels Encourage CDC to Protect Teens by Preventing Meningococcal B Meningitis.

HOUSTON, June 9, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Frankie Milley, the mother of an only child, Ryan who died from meningococcal meningitis and founder of a national organization called Meningitis Angels, said today, "It is tragic about the continuing preventable meningococcal outbreaks. Meningitis does not stop at the dorm room door. " The CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) will meet in late June to decide whether or not to make a routine recommendation for use of Meningococcal group B (Men B) vaccines for middle school entry – college freshmen age.

Rethinking Omni-Channel Merchandise Optimization in the Connected-Customer Era. Before viewing this eBook, please fill in all required form fields (*) Please update the fields in red below. As Enterprises Churn Out Applications, Prevoty Offers Monitoring Solution to Protect Them. With more and more enterprises relying on customized applications to run their businesses, Prevoty, Inc. today announced the availability of Prevoty ASM, a new application security monitoring technology designed to protect business critical applications from security threats.

ContraVir Engages the Baruch S. Blumberg Institute to Further Research and Develop CMX157. EDISON, N.J., June 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- ContraVir Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Forbes Mergers and Acquisitions Overhauls Branding to Reflect Growth, Showcase Attributes. Centre of Gravity Of Wealth Shifts East Away From US Over Past 20 Years, New Report Shows. LONDON, June 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The world's centre of gravity of wealth has shifted east away from the United States in the last 20 years, reflecting the rapid wealth creation and rising affluence seen in emerging markets, particularly in Asia, according to a Wealth-X report released today . As fortunes in North America shrank during the global financial crisis of the late 2000s, the centre of gravity of wealth began moving off the coast of New York to the coast off Tunisia at around 10 times its historic speed, The Last Decade Of Wealth: A Review Of The Past 10 Years In Wealth and Luxury noted.

Lee Tran & Liang LLP Files Co-Founder Lawsuit against Leading Biotech Start-up Resilience. LOS ANGELES, June 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Lee Tran & Liang LLP (LTL), the plaintiff's law firm in the Snapchat and Yik Yak co-founder disputes, announced today that it filed a lawsuit against one of the most promising biotechnology start-ups in the country, Resilience Therapeutics, Inc., and its officers Retsina Meyer and Jeffrey Sabados. 22nd Century Announces Launch of “0.0 mg Nicotine” MAGIC Cigarettes in the United Kingdom. 22nd Century Group, Inc. Condor Gold Plc Announces Completion of 1,952m Drilling on the Flagship La India Project.

How Cloud is Helping Shape IoT. Can We Predict the Size of the Internet of Things Market? By @JHurwitz. Can We Really Predict the Size of the Internet of Things Market? CTOvision Readers Eligible For 20% Discount Off Solid Conference June 23-25 San Francisco. Brainlab Introduces New Generation of VMAT* for Brain and Spine at 3rd ESTRO in Barcelona.

Forrester - Engage Audit Professionals for Better Security Assessment Outcomes. Ubuntu 15.04 : OpenStack prêt à être déployé avec Kilo et première version de Snappy Core. Dubai Based BRIX Property Partners Launches International Real Estate Investment Platform. Dubai Based BRIX Property Partners Launches International Real Estate Investment Platform. 17 nominations et 11 prix remportés par des clients de Xignite au Benzinga Fintech Awards. IPsoft acquires Swedish IT professional services firm to support rapid growth in Nordics. IDC Analyst Connection: Opportunities in Omni-Channel Merchandise Optimization. Bloor Research - DB2 BLU Acceleration on IBM Power Systems: how it compares. Monitor. Manage. Perform. Scorecarding with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence.

Simple is STILL better: Embrace Speed & Simplicity for a Competitive Edge. Three Ways System Downtime Affects Companies and Four Methods to Minimize It. File Security Evolution: From 5 Years Ago to Today (with a Hint at Tomorrow) How to Woo Employees to Enterprise File Sync & Share: The Dropbox Breakup. Clabby Analytics on IBM DB2 BLU Acceleration vs. SAP HANA vs. Oracle Exadata. A Pacesetter Perspective: How SaaS is fueling powerful competitive advantage. Three Ways System Downtime Affects Companies and Four Methods to Minimize It. File Security Evolution: From 5 Years Ago to Today (with a Hint at Tomorrow)

Evaluating File Sync and Share Solutions: 12 Questions To Ask About Security. Rightsizing Your Network Performance Management Solution: Four Case Studies. It Ain't Easy Being an App: <i>MokiMobility Five Pain Points Infographic</i> File Security Evolution: From 5 Years Ago to Today (with a Hint at Tomorrow) Use IBM PureSystems patterns to achieve simplified IT with superior economics. IDEAS International Seeding Clouds on Power Systems with IBM SmartCloud Entry. See Your Network Challenges and Solve Them: Intelligent Performance Management.

Cloud Technologies

Cloud Strategies. Cloud Views and News. Cloud Balancing, Cloud Bursting, and Intercloud. Cloud Layers. The Four Pillars of Service-Orientation Part 1 of 3. Cloud computing. Future Cloud Architectures. Cloud Databases. Cloud Computing for dummies. Multi-Domain Cloud Convergence.