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We'll be adding more tools and tips, so be sure to check back for more information. Learn the Basics Basics of Book Marketing The world of marketing can be tough to navigate, even for seasoned pros. Read More 10 Ways to Market Your Book Pressed for time? Read More Guide to Targeting an Audience Knowing your audience is one of the most important aspects of marketing. How to use a cloud camera to secure your home during holiday travel. The holidays are here. And as home owners across the land put out their mistletoe and menorahs, Santa won’t be the only one committing home invasions. According to the FBI, some 400,000 burglaries will hit American homes between now and the new year.

So if you’re planning to travel, you might want to beef up your home security before you go. This year, a variety of cloud-based recording services are making it easier than ever to monitor your domicile from afar. With almost any kind of webcam, you can stream live images of your home over your wireless network, and monitor them from your laptop, phone, or tablet. Many cameras include motion-detection capabilities, so they can alert you when something’s afoot in your absence, and give you a chance to respond by calling the cops and alerting your neighbors. In this article, I’ll describe how to set up a simple surveillance system using cloud-based cameras, so you can keep an eye on your castle no matter where you celebrate the season.

Meet Nest Cam. Video History: Other cameras only start recording if there’s motion. The trouble is, motion detection isn’t always perfect, so if your camera misses something, you will too. With Nest Aware, Nest Cam continuously records and stores 10 or 30 days of footage. And because it saves to the cloud instead of a memory card, you can store more video and see what happened even if your camera is stolen.

Alert summary: If something happens, you can quickly scan through your Video History to find it. Nest Aware highlights moments when there's motion or sound and shows you what happened. Keep watch: 5 cloud security cameras. Whether you feel the need to keep an eye out for intruders at home, keep tabs on the baby in the other room or just want to see what your pets are doing when you're not around, cloud security cameras can help. These cameras offer more flexibility than do regular webcams because they typically use a Web portal, rather than a laptop or personal computer, as the monitoring and control hub, allowing you to check in from anywhere -- including your smartphone.

But keep your expectations in check. While you can use the cameras to get the gist of what's going on at home, the quality of video can be downright awful when streamed over your home Wi-Fi, through the public Internet and over the cellular data network to your smartphone. Cloud security cameras and services all take slightly different approaches and offer a variety of features. Which one might work for you? Facts and features In addition, all offer apps for Android and iOS mobile phones. DIY home surveillance with a Webcam.

We're on the tail end of the summer vacation season, which according to the FBI is one of the peak periods of home burglaries. Chances are good you're about to head out of town, leaving your dwelling to fend for itself against intruders. Got a house sitter or an alarm system? Good for you. If not, there are a handful of ways to turn a computer into a tool that will alert you if someone's there who shouldn't be. For the sake of this guide we're keeping things simple and limiting our list to free apps that work on PCs, Macs, or both. A few simply use your browser. Later on we also have a section on specialty hardware that can take you beyond what most Webcams are capable of. The software Software can offer a definite piece of mind over browser-based solutions. Yawcam (PC) Yawcam is free and PC-only.

The app does an exceptional job at letting you pick various ways you want to be notified. I set mine up with Gmail, which was a snap. The Webware Specialty hardware Tilt-and-pan Webcams: Delve into DIY security with these connected cameras. DIY security gives you greater flexibility over your connected home, allowing you to set up each gadget as you see fit and avoid subscription-based services that lock you into a contract.

Still, the install-yourself systems vary widely. The all-in-one units typically come with a built-in camera while the accessory-based kits tend to offer cameras a la carte, as an optional add-on after your initial purchase. The related apps differ too. Some have live streaming, while others record a clip only when they detect motion. Some have local storage options, while others save footage to a cloud server. And some offer free cloud storage, while others charge a fee. Archos Smart Home Starter Pack Archos' $250 (£200 in the UK, Australian availability not yet announced) Smart Home Starter Pack has an Android tablet-hub, various motion and temperature sensors and two small, battery-powered cameras.

Read CNET's full review of the Archos Smart Home Starter Pack. ArcSoft Simplicam BOT Home Automation Ring. Best Wireless Home Security Cameras 2015 - Indoor/Outdoor. Need to keep an eye on your abode from anywhere? Wi-Fi security cameras are easy to set up; can stream video to your phone, tablet or PC; and will send you notifications if they detect motion or loud noises. Most cameras also provide automatic motion-activated recording and night vision. We've tested several of the best cameras on the market and rated each based on its performance, ease of use and affordability. Based on these criteria, our top pick is the Nest Cam ($199 at Amazon). How We Tested Each Wi-Fi security camera is evaluated for design, simplicity of setup process, feature set, mobile app, video performance and overall value. We penalize a camera if it requires an excessive amount of time to set up, or suffers from a confusing setup process.

We rate each camera's mobile app for its reliability and its design, and pay particular attention to the intuitiveness of the interface. Finally, we factor in whether a camera offers cloud storage for recorded video. Nest Cam Runner-Up. How to use a cloud camera to secure your home during holiday travel.