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Live and on-demand: Cloud fuels transformation in broadcasting. A few years ago, pioneers in the media and cable industry began exploring cloud technologies, with early efforts largely focused on facilitating on-demand scenarios at lower cost.

Live and on-demand: Cloud fuels transformation in broadcasting

This week at IBC, the cloud is everywhere. Media companies all over the world are adopting cloud strategies, not just for on-demand video, but also for live sports events and live entertainment, content management, editorial collaboration, audience analytics, and ad scheduling — from the back office, through production, to interactions with viewers themselves. Moving operations to the cloud allows companies to set up a new program or even a new channel in a very short timeframe — without investing tens of millions of dollars. That elasticity is a key advantage, and so is the ability to support the multitude of content formats necessary today across smartphones, tablets, PCs, set-top boxes and gaming consoles.

These kinds of events are only getting easier. Cloud Workshops. Accenture Digital sur Twitter : "How are #digitalnatives pushing adoption for #cloud services within the #enterprise? Good read: via @InfosecurityMag" OnWindows sur Twitter : "Microsoft now holds the most industry certifications of any commercial #cloud provider. Azure Government is awarded four more industry certifications. Microsoft’s Azure Government cloud platform has been awarded a further four industry certifications, meaning that Microsoft now holds the largest number of industry, government and international certifications of any commercial cloud provider.

Azure Government is awarded four more industry certifications

Here’s an overview of what these latest accreditations are and what they mean for government customers. FedRAMP Moderate Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO) Azure Government – including identity services (Azure Active Directory and multi-factor authentication) – is now certified for US government customers. Receiving the P-ATO for Azure Government provides independent attestation that the cloud platform meets the rigorous standards and security requirements laid out in NIST 800-53. DISA Level 2 Provisional Authorization (PA) As part of Microsoft’s FedRAMP authorisation, Azure Government has also been granted a PA for DISA Level 2 by the FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board. Successful User Adoption is Key When Moving to Cloud. It’s undeniable that most people prefer predictability and stability in both their professional and personal lives.

Successful User Adoption is Key When Moving to Cloud

But this can mean we get stuck in our ways and anything that tries to alter this is rejected. This obstacle is often faced by organizations looking to adopt new technology or processes. A digital transformation is even more of a challenge because its impact is felt in every corner of the business. Microsoft Advanced Analytics Registration. Predict What’s Next Advanced analytics means harnessing the power of data to advance your organization.

Microsoft Advanced Analytics Registration

It enables you to not only look back, but to look forward and stay ahead of the competition. Join Microsoft Subject Matter Experts live and hear how Microsoft’s machine learning service in the cloud enables you to easily build, deploy and share advanced analytics solutions. AccentureVoice: The 5-Step Guide To Successful Cloud Innovation. By Mick Slattery, President, Hybrid Cloud, Avanade.

AccentureVoice: The 5-Step Guide To Successful Cloud Innovation

Henkel: A Move to the Cloud with Office 365. For its transition into a digital business, global manufacturer Henkel needed its 47,000 employees in 75 countries to be able to work and collaborate anywhere, on any device.

Henkel: A Move to the Cloud with Office 365

Henkel was running an outdated platform of Microsoft Office 2003 and Lotus Notes, which didn’t provide the flexibility it needed to be truly mobile. At Avanade, we had to prove to Henkel that there was an economical, evergreen business case for storing data in the cloud. We did this by showing Henkel the future cost of running the environment, as well as detailing the management of the transitional phase. Our assessments discovered that a similar level of investment would be required to keep the existing setup with Lotus Notes running, without achieving an improvement in quality. Avanade. Avanade acquires CloudTalent, a strategic cloud and infrastructure advisory firm Acquisition Deepens Cloud Roots for Avanade in the United Kingdom and Western Europe SEATTLE/LONDON – 3.AUGUST.2015 – Avanade, a global business technology solutions, cloud and managed services provider, today announced that it has acquired CloudTalent, a strategic, cloud advisory business headquartered in the United Kingdom (UK).


With a unique and pragmatic approach to IT transformation planning, CloudTalent helps organizations realize the benefits of cloud, providing simple solutions to complex problems for clients across all sectors. The acquisition strengthens Avanade’s Microsoft-focused infrastructure and cloud business in the UK and supports expansion of services across Western Europe. Many organizations understand the importance of migrating to the cloud to transform their business operations, but have difficulty achieving this significant IT change. About Avanade About CloudTalent. Why Cloud Security Beats Your Data Center. Cloud computing has developed a bad reputation for security, but it will soon provide tighter security than traditional on-premises IT.

Why Cloud Security Beats Your Data Center

Here's why. 1 of 8. The vast majority of CIOs are worried that cloud computing is reducing their organisation's control over IT and creating long-term security risks.

That's according to an independent survey of UK CIOs from enterprises with over 1,000 employees by market researchers at Vanson Bourne on behalf of Fruition Partners. The research found that 84 per cent of CIOs are worried that cloud is causing them to lose control over IT. Microsoft Singapore sur Twitter : ".@Gartner_inc crowned #MSFT a leader in public #cloud storage service for second year running: Named a Leader in Gartner’s Public Cloud Storage Services for Second Consecutive Year. Gartner research recently published their Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Storage Services and recognized Microsoft Azure as a leader for the second year in a row based on completeness of our vision and ability to execute.

Named a Leader in Gartner’s Public Cloud Storage Services for Second Consecutive Year

This comes at the heel of recent independent research report by Nasuni where Azure Storage is recognized as the best performer in benchmark tests. Gartner’s report further substantiates Microsoft’s position as the only vendor named a leader across Gartner Magic Quadrants for IaaS, Application PaaS, and Cloud Storage. The amount of digital data produced each year is growing exponentially. According to IDC, by 2020 total digital data will be close to 40 Zetabytes (40,000,000PBs) and majority of it will be stored in cloud. Microsoft Azure Storage is very well positioned to help our customers scale their storage in cloud at a lower cost, all while maintaining high durability and availability. Figure 1. OnWindows sur Twitter : "Worldwide public #cloud computing will reach almost US$70 billion in 2015, says @IDC: Worldwide public cloud computing will reach almost US$70 billion in 2015. Worldwide public cloud computing will reach almost US$70 billion in 2015, according to a new report from IDC.

IDC’s Cloud Computing: The Essential Foundation of Industry Digital Transformation – Worldwide and US Cloud Forecast by Vertical, 2015–2019 report indicated that the top five verticals – discrete manufacturing, banking, professional services, process manufacturing and retail – will account for around 45% of the total spend for the market. The report also found that the number of cloud-based solutions used across the world is to triple by 2019 as more intelligent solutions are built on top of a new third-platform comprising of cloud, big data analytics, mobile and social.

Businesses Look to Cloud to Reduce Costs, Improve Efficiency. The vast majority of businesses are pursuing a cloud adoption strategy with the primary goals of improving IT efficiencies and reducing costs, according to a survey of 279 IT professionals by Cloud Cruiser and Dimensional Research. According to the survey findings, reducing costs and looking for IT efficiencies continue to be the top benefits companies seek with their migration to the cloud. Cloud IT Spending Surges, And May Be More Pervasive Than The Numbers Show. Before the Move to the Cloud, Businesses Should Understand the Context. The cloud is one of the biggest technological changes since the birth of the internet as well as being one of the most talked about. In most industries it has become a part of everyday business language and with each utterance of the word ‘cloud’, pressure builds on IT decision-makers keen to remain at the forefront of the digital revolution. Among all the hype and discussion, it is easy to see how businesses often become confused when it comes to moving to the cloud.

Far too many businesses see it as the objective, rather than an enabler that allows them to increase agility and empower user productivity. The key to realising the value of cloud technology, is thinking beyond the boundaries of IT. OnWindows sur Twitter : "Accenture, Avanade to deploy cloud-based e-mail for UK health services: How Cloud Is Changing the IT Workforce. One of the fascinating things about technology change is the unanticipated consequences it has on us as people and professionals. Email sped up the pace of business. The Web made every buyer an informed shopper. Smartphones are changing the way we interact with the world around us. Microsoft Malaysia sur Twitter : "Not all #cloud(s) are created equal n this can impact TCO, shares @Kent_Cunningham #government. Delivering an Agile, Open Government Cloud for Less. Today, most divisions within the federal government-and many at the state and local levels-have “cloud-first” policies with the goal of migrating much of their IT operations to the cloud.

A question that I receive quite often though is how can customers truly maximize savings and reduce operational overhead for each application type. Simply put, not all clouds are created equal-and how you move to the cloud and which cloud you move to can have a dramatic impact on the total cost of ownership (TCO). As agencies gain familiarity with cloud services, virtualization via Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is often seen as the fastest path to cloud enablement, and this can certainly free up some resources and offer enhancements like automatic scaling and storage monitoring.

However, IaaS should be considered as a first step toward optimization for existing applications, and not the grand finale, by any means. Rob Leach sur Twitter : "Trying to understand how to harness the power of @MSCloud, then check out my recent @AvanadeInc blog post at. Gartner sur Twitter : "Earl Perkins, @Gartner_inc: #Cloud is here to stay… You have to deal with it. Now. #GartnerSEC #ITSecurity #Risk. To do more with less, the City of Miami turns to the cloud.

Doing more with less. For Kevin Burns, chief information officer for the City of Miami, Fla., “that’s what we do here every day — because we have to.” Burns and his team are the IT backbone for between 4,000 and 4,500 City of Miami employees, a figure that peaks during summers when the city hires more parks and recreation staff. The various supported departments and functions include building, planning, zoning, finance, HR, public safety (both police and fire departments), code enforcement, solid waste management and public works.

“We maintain all the systems and servers, manage and secure the data, provide all the networking, the phones, the devices — the whole of the IT and telecommunications footprint,” Burns says. It would be a full plate for any IT department. Microsoft Malaysia sur Twitter : "What's the ideal mix for advancing digital government to adopting #cloud technologies? An Open, Intelligent, Secured and Trusted Cloud: The Ideal Mix for Advancing Digital Government. As government agencies, from the federal to the municipal level, strive to meet mandates for the use of cloud technology, they must also meet and maintain high security and management standards to safeguard the sensitive data many of their mission systems hold.

Microsoft and Google rise while IBM sinks in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for cloud providers. Gartner's new cloud research - summarized in Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, Worldwide - still gives Amazon the leading position in its "Magic Quadrant" for IaaS providers, while Microsoft has made some progress compared with last year. (See charts below.) However, compared with last year, IBM has fallen noticeably in "ability to execute", in Gartner's opinion, and been overtaken by both Google and VMware. Microsoft Canada sur Twitter : "The #cloud is touching down in Canada. #MSFTCloudCA... Redirecting... Toronto, June 2, 2015 – Microsoft today announced plans to deliver commercial cloud services from Canada. Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online will be delivered from Toronto and Quebec City in 2016, further strengthening Microsoft’s footprint in Canada’s competitive cloud landscape.

“Soon, the Microsoft Cloud will be truly Canadian,” said Kevin Turner, Worldwide Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft, who travelled to Toronto to make the announcement. Puterworld Malaysia - Digital transformation in industry: F1 Williams, Avanade case study. Avanade explains why hybrid is the next wave in cloud for businesses. This article was first published in the Winter 2014 issue of OnWindows. Cloud Is Your Friend. Digital transformation tales from Pit Lane. Move to the Cloud with Avanade. Finland has biggest take up of cloud computing services in EU, research reveals. Rethinking the CIO in the New Data Environment. How CIOs can stay ahead in this mobile-first, cloud-first world.

Microsoft adopts a cloud standard that keeps your data private. Microsoft knows that you probably don't trust it completely with your sensitive info, especially if you live outside the US. What assurances will you get that you won't be spied on, or sold down the river? The company thinks it has an answer: it just became the first big service provider to adopt a new international standard for privacy in the cloud. The guideline requires that Microsoft give its business clients (and by extension, you) guarantees about what happens to online data. It'll only handle personal info according to instructions, makes it clear where that data is going, enforces strict limits on public use and promises that content won't be used for ads. Importantly, the measure also requires that Microsoft give a heads-up about government requests for data whenever the law allows.

The pledge is partly symbolic -- Microsoft already follows a lot of these principles. Microsoft Developer sur Twitter : ".@shanselman talks about the future of #clouddev at #VSConnect. Watch it live now: Connect(); Microsoft Visual Studio vNext & Azure. Email in the Cloud? Avoid 4 Common Pitfalls. No matter what incentives vendors may offer to entice you to move email in the cloud, don’t rush the decision. Smart startups pick their (AWS) services carefully. The sheer number of Amazon Web Services is a blessing but can also be an embarrassment of riches. Savvy startups know that choosing the right option for their purposes will make their lives easier and their company potentially more profitable.

As an example, check out this Medium post by Talko software engineer Ransom Richardson on why Talko chose to use Amazon’s DynamoDB NoSQL database service over Amazon RDS managed MySQL database service. Blogs. Image uploaded by @Deloitte (Deloitte) S 2014 Global Outsourcing and Insourcing Survey Results. Amazon Web Services Had 44 Price Cuts. Corner office analytics. Witter / ? Leverage the cloud and new emerging technology - Six keys to building a dependable enterprise architecture strategy. Why user experience and ecosystem will rule the cloud. Google cloud keeps getting new features, but new customers are harder to come by. How to become a cloud computing leader. Enough PaaS vs. IaaS: The cloud is really about Services as a Platform. SunGardASVoice: Seven Cloud Computing Trends In 2014. IBM banks on cloud computing, financing to lure small & medium enterprises.

Cloud9 + Git == App Engine Nirvana · Brad Abrams. Cloud Computing - Getting ready is half the challenge. United Nations aims for cloud interoperability. TechAmerica Releases Best-Practices Report for Government Cloud Adoption - Government IT. Many Clouds. One API. No Problem. Jericho Forum. About. (315) Cloud Computing Use Cases.


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