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Cloud Computing

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Un événement phare mondial débarque à Neuchâtel C’est dans le cadre de Microcity de l’EPFL, un temple dédié à l’innovation inauguré en mai 2014, que la ville de Neuchâtel accueillera pour la première fois l’événement phare de Navispace organisé avec Alp ICT et le CSEM (Centre Suisse d’Electronique et Microtechnique).

Un événement phare mondial débarque à Neuchâtel

Cette journée débutera en matinée au CSEM par un hackathon de trois heures intitulé « Developer Workshop – Build your own IoT device with MediaTek Labs! ». A la fin de cet atelier destiné aux développeurs, les participants seront en mesure de lire et interpréter les données collectées par des capteurs connectés et de les stocker dans le cloud. Ils partiront également avec un MediaTek LinkIt ONE offert par les organisateurs. La participation à l’hackathon est gratuite, l’inscription est nécessaire. La deuxième partie de la journée fera la part belle au réseautage entre les géants mondiaux de la technologie et les entreprises suisses innovantes avec l’Innovation World Cup Conference. Inscriptions au Developer Workshop:


Top Trends of 2012: The Consumer Cloud. In 2012 we've seen amazing growth in the Consumer Cloud, meaning cloud computing for everyday users.

Top Trends of 2012: The Consumer Cloud

There are three main categories in the Consumer Cloud: storage, sync, and notes. Dropbox, Apple's iCloud and Evernote (respectively) have been the most impressive performers in each category so far this year. Note that the cloud - a.k.a. the Internet - is of course the backend of many a popular consumer app. Flickr, Gmail and even Facebook all store your content in the cloud. But what we're talking about here are services that allow you to store and manage files in the cloud.

In 2012, there are three main types of Consumer Cloud services: Online storage: Dropbox is the leading brand in this category, despite competing with heavyweights like Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, and others.Online sync: iCloud enables Apple users to easily sync their media across devices. You may use different products, depending on your preferred computing platform. Etude: l’impact du cloud sur le secteur informatique romand.

Une étude conduite par ICTjournal et le cluster Alp ICT auprès du secteur informatique romand montre que le cloud recèle de grandes opportunités, mais aussi des dangers pour la branche.

Etude: l’impact du cloud sur le secteur informatique romand

How Companies Like Amazon Use Big Data To Make You Love Them. Last month, I talked to Amazon customer service about my malfunctioning Kindle, and it was great.

How Companies Like Amazon Use Big Data To Make You Love Them

Thirty seconds after putting in a service request on Amazon’s website, my phone rang, and the woman on the other end--let’s call her Barbara--greeted me by name and said, "I understand that you have a problem with your Kindle. " We resolved my problem in under two minutes, we got to skip the part where I carefully spell out my last name and address, and she didn’t try to upsell me on anything. After nearly a decade of ordering stuff from Amazon, I never loved the company as much as I did at that moment. Remember, this was a customer-service call, so I was fully prepared for it to suck. Like most American consumers, my experience with service interactions is largely negative, whether it’s on the phone, in the murky depths of a commerce site, or in the aisles of an electronics store.

The Most Useful Data Set in the World Technically, this is hard to do. 1. 2. Companies need to do the same. 3. Amazon Selling Over 1 Million Kindles Per Week. Amazon has been selling over one million Kindles per week for the last three weeks, the company reports.

Amazon Selling Over 1 Million Kindles Per Week

These impressive sales are driven by Amazon’s recently launched tablet, the highly popular Kindle Fire. According to the company, the device has been breaking records since its launch 11 weeks ago: “Kindle Fire is the most successful product we’ve ever launched – it’s the bestselling product across all of Amazon for 11 straight weeks, we’ve already sold millions of units, and we’re building millions more to meet the high demand. In fact, demand is accelerating – Kindle Fire sales increased week over week for each of the past three weeks,” said Dave Limp, Vice President for Amazon Kindle. It’s not just on that Kindle Fire is a bestseller; as we reported, it was also the bestselling tablet at Target stores on Black Friday, outselling its direct competitor, Barnes & Noble’s latest NOOK Tablet. How Has Cloud Computing Impacted Businesses Around the World? [INFOGRAPHIC]

We have long been advocates of moving business operations into the cloud.

How Has Cloud Computing Impacted Businesses Around the World? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The remote access, cost-savings and organizational benefits alone make it a no-brainer. Now that we've been floating around in the digital ether for a few years, what have we learned? How has cloud computing affected company bottom lines? Has it really made operations "greener? " Why do most companies move into the cloud in the first place? Business technology company CSC commissioned a survey of IT decision makers in eight countries to find out the motivations behind their move to cloud computing systems and its effects on their businesses.