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Discover The Most Profitable Keywords For PPC & SEO. Tip Sheet: HARO Best Practices. Help A Reporter. AdWords: Keyword Planner. We are the largest Sensory Deprivation Tank Center in the US. Ask Us Anything! : IAmA. 3 Simple Rules for Social Media Success - Inspiration Center. Building Your Brand on a Shoestring Budget 10 big ideas that will help your brand grow and grow Attract New Customers with Automated Local Citations Make technology work for you and go focus on what matters most.

3 Simple Rules for Social Media Success - Inspiration Center

503 - Real not Fake: 9 Ways to Build a Positive Reputation. Customers are ever-more suspicious of hype, and can learn a lot about your business before they even visit.

503 - Real not Fake: 9 Ways to Build a Positive Reputation

You've heard the buzz-words 'transparency' and 'integrity' - make them your marketing advantage as you share information about the the management team, staff and daily activities. Consumers find the 'real business' of hospitality endlessly fascinating, so give them facts to feast on - leave the hype and BS to your competitors. How to Build your Reputation as a Real and Genuine Business: Keep the Menu Honest: is 'home made' really made in someone's home? How fresh is 'fresh' and can we trust the terms 'organic', 'local' and 'made daily'? InShare. Everything You Need to Know about Google Plus [Videos] Using Keyword Planner to get keyword ideas and traffic forecasts - AdWords Help.

Yelp Alternatives: Which User Review Services Matter? After Google, Twitter, and Facebook, Yelp is arguably the Internet company next in line to have its name converted into a verb.

Yelp Alternatives: Which User Review Services Matter?

If you want to find a restaurant, a plumber, or even a lawyer, Yelp probably has you covered. As a consumer, you likely use Yelp and similar services all the time; but as a business owner, you realize what a double-edged sword it is. Many restaurateurs have watched their free time vanish along with their hair as they tried to massage their Yelp star rating and appease every last customer unhappy with the crème brulee. Today, however, Yelp is only part of the puzzle. Assorted competitors--some from the giants of the Web--also give consumers a soapbox upon which they can express their views about all manner of service providers. We analyzed the biggest, most popular websites that let users review service-based businesses. Yelp The 800-pound gorilla, Yelp has massive power in this industry.

Google Places Judy’s Book Angie’s List Yahoo Local MerchantCircle Citysearch.

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Social media tips and training. Word cloud. Mind maps. Twitter. Linked In. Brilliant business reading. Deal of the day etc. PowerPoint Templates, Transitions & Animations. Free Ebooks. Body Language. 25 Useful Brainstorming Techniques. By Celes on Feb 9, 2009 | ShareThis Email This Post Caught with a problem you cannot solve?

25 Useful Brainstorming Techniques

Need new ideas and solutions? The process of brainstorming requires you to think out of the box that is keeping you in the problem. The idea for this post was triggered by a question from a reader, who asked me on my thoughts of the best brainstorming methods to achieve the best results. Here is a list of 25 brainstorming techniques you can use to get out of the situation you are in. Time Travel. Final note: To get a quick mental boost in just 15 minutes, check out: Increase Your Mental Clarity in Just 15 Minutes Get the manifesto version of this article: [Manifesto] 25 Useful Brainstorming Techniques Image © Personality types. The Manager's Cheat Sheet. Facebook vs Twitter for Business to Business (B2B) Networking. Whether you have a brick and mortar store, or operate an e-commerce store, online networking can really help grow your business.

Facebook vs Twitter for Business to Business (B2B) Networking

One of the effective ways to network online is by participating on a social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter. With a limited amount of time to invest in online business to business networking, should you spend your time and energy building a large following on Twitter, or Facebook? To help you make a more informed decision here are a few strengths of the two social networks: Facebook Strengths Facebook Ads On Facebook you can purchase ads that target an extremely specific audience. Personalization Facebook provides lots of options for personalizing your business page and profile. Twitter Strengths Going Viral A tweet sent at noon can end up on the evening news that same day.

Easy to Set Up. How To Use Pinterest For Marketing Research. Free Online Idea Management and Collaboration Service.