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Welkom - Our Common Future 2.0. Recyclable solar cells created using trees. Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology and Purdue University have developed new solar cells based on natural substances derived from plants, including trees.

Recyclable solar cells created using trees

The organic solar cells have an efficiency of 2.7 percent – a new high for cells on substrates derived from renewable raw materials – and can be easily recycled. The research was led by Georgia Tech College of Engineering Professor Bernard Kippelen, who expects to help make sustainable and renewable solar cell technology truly practicable for the first time. “The development and performance of organic substrates in solar technology continues to improve, providing engineers with a good indication of future applications,” explained Kippelen. “But organic solar cells must be recyclable. Otherwise we are simply solving one problem, less dependence on fossil fuels, while creating another, a technology that produces energy from renewable sources but is not disposable at the end of its lifecycle.” Een nieuwe voorjaarsklassieker! - Het NK Decentraliseren - Instituut voor publieke waarden. Een nieuwe voorjaarsklassieker!

Een nieuwe voorjaarsklassieker! - Het NK Decentraliseren - Instituut voor publieke waarden

Het NK Decentraliseren Geniet u ook zo? Wij wel, want we zijn al twee jaar lang getuige van een epische wedstrijd. NETpositive. Becker Underwood Becker Underwood is the global leader in the development and commercialization of yield-improving and value-creating seed-applied biological products for the agricultural sector.


It is the mission of Becker Underwood to engage in practices that promote and sustain their business, customers, suppliers and community in ways that also protect and positively enhance their impact on the environment, society and their company. Oxford Brookes University. Files/reports/collaborative-economy-2012.pdf. Creating Shared Value: how to align sustainability and business strategy.

Based upon 15 years of international experience in sustainability strategy and implementation, Between-us has developed a process tool to assist companies with the conception of sustainability as a key element of business strategy.

Creating Shared Value: how to align sustainability and business strategy

The tool, called GLOBE-US, finds its basis in the Business Model Generation-approach of Osterwalder and Pigneur. GLOBE-US is comprised of 7 steps, starting with the original business model. Through the relevant material issues, the tool focuses on value creation and ultimately disruptive business model design. Process for business value creation Because of its structured and comprehensible process, GLOBE-US provides an understandable approach to company specifics on people, planet, and profit, and leads to a strategy roadmap for business value from sustainability. ISO 26000 in de praktijk. Consultancy on Effective Corporate Social Responsibility. How firms innovate their business models for sustainability. Historically, most companies advanced their sustainability credentials through reporting, efficiency or even just good marketing.

How firms innovate their business models for sustainability

Approaches often involved streamlining processes or products to achieve a smaller environmental footprint. These innovations are worthwhile and move us closer to sustainable development, but they don't address the underlying value structure of a company. 3 Minute Introduction to Strongly Sustainable Business Model Canvas by Antony Upward on Prezi. Motiongraphic: Creating Shared Value, It's the Future. Action Plan Template for Business Plans (2).pdf. Sustainable Business/The business plan. This is a template for a sustainable business plan.

Sustainable Business/The business plan

It can be used for planning a new business that is yet to start, or an existing business in need of a business plan. Alternatively, it offers some quick reference guidance in some aspects of the business. Copy it into your own word processor and spread sheet calculator. Use the linked information as a guide for each section. You will find information in the Booklets relating to each section of the business plan. Bob Willard - Sustainability Advantage.

As sustainability champions, we are sometimes confronted by frustrated people who ask what we mean by “sustainability.”

Bob Willard - Sustainability Advantage

What they really want to know is sustainability’s relevance to them, their organization, or their community. Is it a threatening concept, or a friendly one? Or maybe it’s just a fancy, multiple-syllable word for something to which they are already paying attention, at least partially? Some people add a fourth leg / dimension: culture. I see culture as intertwined with the social leg, but organizations like Living Principles divide the social aspect into people and culture. They draw society as the second largest circle because that is where their customers and other important stakeholders live.

It’s the people in societies who decide how they will exchange goods and services. To be fair, the society-economy relationship is symbiotic. Stay tuned … Sustainability 2.0: A Guide to Competing in a Changing World « Incite. Characteristics of a sustainable business model. Over the last year a new term has been rising up – the sustainable business model.

Characteristics of a sustainable business model

So far it has been used to signal the need to go beyond innovating products or services, and change the fundamentals of how a business makes money. Wanted: truly innovative sustainable business models. The promise of business-model innovation has long captivated the sustainability field, generating plenty of hype.

Wanted: truly innovative sustainable business models

But all the talk has yet to yield many real business-model changes. You might not know it to hear companies talk. Any business change can end up being classified as "business model innovation". In a BCG and MIT survey of executives and managers earlier this year, nearly half of the respondents said their companies had changed their business models as a result of sustainability opportunities. However, the majority of innovations we see involve changes in companies' processes and/or products, not underlying business models.

This raises the question: What exactly is a business model? SustainAbility and GlobeScan's just-released report, Changing Tack, reveals an urgent need for fundamentally different approaches to creating, delivering and capturing value. Changing Tack – Library. Changing Tack Extending Corporate Leadership on Sustainable Development Changing Tack is the final output of The Regeneration Roadmap.

Changing Tack – Library

The project seized 2012’s major sustainability milestones – particularly the Rio+20 summit in Brazil – as an opportunity to assess progress on sustainable development, to examine the evolution of the role of business in delivering this agenda to date, and to consider what and how might be done, particularly by the private sector, to accelerate and scale progress in the urgent manner required. The Regeneration Roadmap team conducted interviews with pioneers in this field, held dialogues with thought leaders around the world, and undertook extensive research including multiple surveys testing expert, public and consumer attitudes and expectations regarding sustainable development. Urgenda - Samen Sneller Duurzaam. - Accept cookies. Ecologie, spiritualiteit, gemeenschapsvorming. Op deze website kun je informatie vinden over de Vereniging Ecodorp, haar projecten en de initiatieven van haar leden.

Bovendien functioneert de website als interactief kanaal waarlangs belangstellenden en leden met elkaar kunnen communiceren (via het prikbord) over ecodorpen, waarbij het gaat om de combinatie van ecologie, spritualiteit en gemeenschapsvorming. Momenteel (2011) is er geen ecodorp-project in uitvoering waar wij als vereniging direct bij betrokken zijn. Er zijn een paar initiatieven afgerond (klik op ‘Projecten’) en we hebben wat ijzers in het vuur voor toekomstige locaties. Tevens is er, of wordt er gezocht naar, samenwerking met organisaties met overeenkomstige doelstellingen. NIEUWE BUSINESS MODELLEN - Nieuwe Business Modellen.