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How Wolves Change Rivers. What do you get if you cross sustainable tourism with a sense of humour? — WTM Responsible Tourism Blog. Time for tourism to ban use of plastic water bottles. Interview: TravelMole Sustainable Tourism Editor Valere Tjolle. Sustainability in tourism and travel is a broad and complex topic.

Interview: TravelMole Sustainable Tourism Editor Valere Tjolle

Making sense of a myriad of daily announcements, awards, reports and developments requires much experience and special skills. In this short interview, TravelMole sustainable tourism editor Valere Tjolle shares his story and reflects on tourism, sustainability initiatives and why so much still needs to be done. Best described as a catalyst and mentor, Valere has been involved in the tourism industry since 1959, when he helped his father as a 14 years old boy. The term sustainability wasn’t around back then (the concept is timeless), but Valere recalls that people generally were much less wasteful then. This year, Valere’s focus is on the global top 100 sustainable destinations – plus his mould-breaking integrated tourism initiative – Best of Romagna and ‘A World Beyond Tourism’.

Valere, when did you first start using the words sustainable, or responsible tourism? One specific seminal moment. How to Measure ROI and Economic Value of Sustainable Tourism - Sustainability Leaders in Travel and Tourism. Statistics (see below) tell us that more and more travelers make their choice of accommodations, activities, and restaurants based on their social and environmental commitment.

How to Measure ROI and Economic Value of Sustainable Tourism - Sustainability Leaders in Travel and Tourism

While these statistics depict the desire by consumers to have ‘green’ travel choices, they do not speak to the bottom line economic value for travel companies that choose to implement sustainability into their operations. Other than the occasional anecdote that spotlights an individual hotel’s experience, there is no detailed and reliable benchmarking data behind “green is good for business” claims. However, a study taking place in Ireland aims to change that notion. Guest post by Irene Lane, Greenloons Putting numbers to the win-win-win of sustainable tourism By all accounts, Ireland has been moving toward sustainable tourism at a rapid pace. Green Destinations.

How to develop eco-tourism and sustainable business in the Amazon rainforest. In the second part of the series, we'll learn three ways to work sustainably in the Amazon rainforest and three ways to develop ecotourism enterprise in the central-west region.

How to develop eco-tourism and sustainable business in the Amazon rainforest

How to work sustainably in the Amazon How do farming social enterprises in this region run sustainable, organic, fair-trade operations? 1. Connect supply and demand100% Amazonia has found a way to work sustainably with the fair-trade farmers of the Amazon. They co-ordinate with individual farmers, collect their produce, freeze it and ship it to manufacturers around the world that want large amounts of fair-trade products. Owner Fernanda Stefani said: "We are a solution provider. 2. The future pieces in the tourism puzzle. SEEKING Presenters for International Aboriginal Tourism Conference (Canada) Tourisme Autochtone/Quebec Aboriginal Tourism (QAT) will host the 4th annual International Aboriginal Tourism Conference (IATC) on March 24 -25th, 2015 at the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, Quebec City (Canada).

SEEKING Presenters for International Aboriginal Tourism Conference (Canada)

The conference theme is: Commit to Achieve – The Role Of Commitment In The Performance Of Our Industry. The sharing economy: make it sustainable. Studies N°03/2014.

The sharing economy: make it sustainable

Iddri, 2014. 32 p. Is the sharing economy a tool for ecological transition? The main objective of this report is to analyse the environmental potential of the sharing economy, considered in its full diversity, and the conditions for the realization of this potential. Highlights Reselling, giving, swapping, short-term renting and lending—with or without monetary exchange and whether practiced between individuals or through companies or associations—are all models that can help to increase the usage duration of resource-consuming goods. The environmental balance sheet of sharing depends on several conditions that are highly specific to each model. Public authorities should build an economic and regulatory framework that is favourable to virtuous models.

Baltic University Programme OnLine Publications Baltic University Programme - Baltic University Programme - A regional university network. HopineoTrips : Vous voyagez cet été? ... Incubator_Toolkit_v5. Project: Sustainable Tourism IT Based Course and Handbook. How the sustainable foods market went mainstream. Ruukel : #Sustainable tourism sounds... Ruukel : #TREBLE workshop starts in... Who will lead the way towards more sustainable tourism? There is a lot of talk about sustainable tourism.

Who will lead the way towards more sustainable tourism?

Sustainability should be the responsibility of all those involved in tourism. But, who will play a lead role in walking the talk, making tourism more sustainable in real life? Governments? International organizations? Destination managers? “Consumers hold all the power when it comes to the sustainability movement”, says Bruce Poon Tip, the founder of G Adventures, world’s largest adventure travel company with 2000 employees and operating in more than 100 countries. In 1990, when Poon Tip started, travellers, he says, were “completely unconscious.” “It’s up to the consumers to make the right choices and travel with companies that are truly making an impact, versus those who are just talking the talk”, says Tip Poon in the interview to Travel+Escape. EDEN social media : november 2013. Program. Travel Labels and Certification Hangout, June 19. Ruukel : meeting with @Tweets_KH and... Photo by aivarruukel.


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