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Facebook Twitter - mobile platform for web developers. VigLink – Earn Money from Ordinary Links. ValueClick. Specific Media. Affiliate marketing made easy - content monetization. RadiumOne – Enterprise Advertising Platform – We Know Your Next Customer. Ad Creator, National and Local Advertising. Advertising Services, Audience Analytics, and Publisher Tools for your Website. Interclick is now Genome from Yahoo! Digital Media Advertising Agency.

Display & Retargeting. Home / Marketing Solutions / Display & Retargeting Display & Retargeting Targeted display is a crucial piece of any well-rounded online marketing campaign.

Display & Retargeting

Whether you’re creating an online push to raise brand awareness or an effort to increase conversions, our comprehensive suite of targeted display solutions can help to keep your company ahead of its revenue goals and one step ahead of your competitors. At eBay Enterprise Display & Retargeting (formerly Fetchback), our goal is to provide you with customized campaigns, world-class tools and unmatched expertise to help you every step of the way. You’ll have access to our award-winning creative team, high-touch account management and expert optimization to help grow your brand and ensure your success. Backed by the power of eBay, deep analytics, and partnerships with some of the strongest ad exchanges, DSPs and SSPs in the space, we’ll blanket the web with your brand, fetch back lost customers and help grow your prospect pool. Mastering the Adtech Matrix.

Connecting Publishers and Advertisers Across the Indie Web - Burst Media. Home - AudienceScience. Retargeting and Display Advertising. Rocket Fuel - Artificial Intelligence. Real Results. - Rocket Fuel. Ad Network+Exchanges Guide. The IAC Network is made up of 30-plus leading and emerging sites you know—and most likely use—such as Citysearch, Evite and

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Lives well lived What our activity-based sites share is a mission to deliver information and inspiration to enrich our users' lives and drive social activity and transactional behavior offline. That means our 47 million users go out, get together and stay active in the real world. And they spend billions of dollars a year doing it. Talk about engagement. Another important fact is that the majority of our sites are owned and operated by IAC. Ad Network+Exchanges Guide. Audience Grab Networks reaches more than 6 million engaged viewers in the U.S., according to comScore (February 2009).

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We serve more than 18 million video streams per month in the U.S. Our composition among the key consumer audience of adults 18 to 49 is 61 percent. Video Engagement Because our site partners understand the content needs of their viewers so well, we have very high engagement metrics: 82 percent of viewers watch the pre-stream ad through completion. Targeting We can target by content category: news, business, sports, casual gaming, lifestyle, entertainment and health. Ad Network+Exchanges Guide. Audience interclick's data platform is guided by sophisticated audience analysis.

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We partner with third-party data providers to combine a comprehensive suite of targeted, highly scalable solutions to our advertisers. interclick also offers agencies premium access to audience-based reporting and analytics, identifying "in-market" consumers across interclick's network of 137 million unique users in the U.S. Transparency. Ad Network+Exchanges Guide. Dedicated Media has been a leader in online media sales and advertising since 2004.

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Dedicated Media is the parent company behind three very successful divisions: Dedicated Networks, CPADNA and Prospect Digital. Our mission is to create, plan and execute the best possible media and marketing programs for clients across our proprietary advertising networks. Dedicated Networks: a powerful online advertising network based in Los Angeles with offices in New York, Dallas and San Francisco. The focus of Dedicated Networks is to provide lasting and scalable results for our clients through display, rich media and video advertising. Dedicated Networks utilizes behavioral targeting, retargeting and Local Reach, an exclusive technology that allows media buyers to place national buys with a local feel, helping their clients maximize their ad dollars and produce the best results possible for advertisers. Ad Network+Exchanges Guide. Premium Reach.

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Ad Network+Exchanges Guide. The proliferation of advertising networks makes it very difficult for technology marketers to pick the right one.

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Achieving network scale without sacrificing quality is the core benefit of the IDG TechNetwork. Marketers rely on IDG to sort through the thousands of technology Web sites and identify publishers that meet standards set by IDG over several decades of award-winning technology reporting. With the IDG TechNetwork, advertising appears on the appropriate sites and is optimized to meet agreed-upon marketing requirements. Ad Network+Exchanges Guide. Ad Network+Exchanges Guide. Ad Network+Exchanges Guide. Audience 24/7 Real Media enables both brand and direct response marketers to engage with their target markets at every stage of the customer life cycle.

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Network Reach 2,000-plus quality Web sites142 million monthly uniquesInternational media networks in the UK, France, Canada and Korea Targeting. Ad Network+Exchanges Guide. Platform-A, AOL's advertising organization, makes it easier than ever for marketers to harness the power of digital media to meet their marketing objectives.

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Platform-A integrates AOL MediaGlow's premium content (e.g.,, AOL Music, MapQuest, Moviefone and TMZ), AOL People Networks' social media (e.g., AIM, Bebo and ICQ),'s massive third-party ad networks and the industry's most powerful ad technologies into a unified solution for advertisers. Now that fragmentation has sent audiences scattering across the Web, it's harder than ever for marketers to break through. Platform-A simplifies the process by allowing marketers to target audiences at scale across multiple digital channels—affiliate marketing, display, mobile, search, sponsored listings and video—all in one place. Since Platform-A reaches nine out of 10 consumers online,*marketers can connect with large numbers of their ideal consumers. *comScore Media Metrix, February 2009. Ad Network+Exchanges Guide. Audience acerno anonymously targets 100 percent of U.S. online shoppers with display ads to drive incremental sales for multichannel retailers and product manufacturers, and consideration for brand advertisers.

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Network Reach acerno anonymously reaches more than 140 million U.S. shoppers on comScore top 500Web sites. Targeting Behavioral targeting: Ad Network+Exchanges Guide. Global Footprint We are the second-largest global network, with a global sales team. We're growing fast, having completed an $80 million Series C round in February 2008. Ad Network+Exchanges Guide. Audience is a vertical advertising network focused exclusively on reaching African- American and Hispanic audiences in the U.S. Network Reach With more than 300 Web sites and almost 1 billion ads served monthly across standard display units, mobile and podcasts. Solutions. Ad Network+Exchanges Guide. Accountability. It's a big word that most networks can't live up to. But they're not Adify Media, the private marketplace for brand advertisers.

Ad Network+Exchanges Guide. Consumers spend up to 40 percent of their media time online, but only 5 percent of brand advertising spending has followed. Why? In large part because, until now, it has been difficult and inefficient to reach consumers within high-quality online ad environments. Built for branding, the first online ad network focused exclusively on brand advertising, was built from the ground up to enable scalable Web-wide brand campaigns. Our extensive experience and proprietary technology enable brand advertisers to increase efficiency and lower cost without compromising quality or results.

Experience matters. Ad Network+Exchanges Guide. Despite the attractive benefits of buying from networks (scale, reach, cost-efficiency), issues surrounding lack of transparency and control have left many advertisers unwilling to use them out of concern for the safety of their brands. It's also easy to get caught up in the idea of networks as "high-value providers," but if you don't know exactly what you're buying into, those dollars, especially CPM dollars, could be going to waste. Redefining how brands use networks Casale Media's network, MediaNet, addresses these concerns directly, and it represents a different breed of ad network: one that puts quality and client control first.

We focus our efforts entirely on the types of segments that brands want to reach, and we structure our booking options to accommodate the ways in which brands want to reach them. Ad Network+Exchanges Guide. Audience Average income approximately $78,000Average age is 37Our network is 49 percent male and 51 percent female. Ad Network+Exchanges Guide. CPX Interactive is redefining the online advertising landscape. By layering the development and execution of cutting-edge online strategies on top of its own global distribution model, CPX ensures advertisers success on any metric while efficiently monetizing 100 percent of its publishers' inventory, from premium to remnant. Ad Network+Exchanges Guide. Integrity Assurance Program At Epic Advertising, we've invested a significant portion of our revenue toward developing an internal integrity assurance department that upholds the highest standards for traffic, lead quality, transparency and brand protection.

Ad Network+Exchanges Guide. Ad Network+Exchanges Guide. Audience Hydra serves advertisers seeking mass consumer reach for their online campaigns. Ad Network+Exchanges Guide. Ad Network+Exchanges Guide. Connecting marketers to millions of passionate sports enthusiasts wherever they are, Sportgenic is a sports marketing company that uses innovative technology to connect brands to passionate sports enthusiasts. Introducing Sportgenic Torque: A new force in sports marketing. Ad Network+Exchanges Guide. Succeeding in today's business environment takes more than standard solutions. Tribal Fusion takes clients beyond the banner with targeted solutions that deliver results. We offer: Ad Network+Exchanges Guide. Advertiser Solutions.

Ad Network+Exchanges Guide. Our Inventory The Undertone network consists of 350 of the highest-quality, best-performing Web properties. 100 Percent Quality Guarantee Undertone is the only network to guarantee that your ads appear only on high-quality Web sites. If your ad is placed by Undertone on a non-Undertone-qualified publisher site, Undertone will refund the cost of the campaign up to $50,000.