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Complete Guide to Hashtag Analytics. The ultimate guide to creating the perfect social media calendar. Social media is hard!

The ultimate guide to creating the perfect social media calendar

And building an audience even harder! (We even wrote about it!) Hard does not mean impossible and it certainly doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have fun along the way nor try and make the process as painless as possible. CrowdFire: It Will Make You into a Social Media Hero Live And Social. Formerly known as JustUnfollow, Crowdfire is an app that is also available for desktop that can help you totally change your social media following and followers.

CrowdFire: It Will Make You into a Social Media Hero Live And Social

The free version of the app allows you to configure up to 2 accounts, I have the Live And Social Twitter and Instagram set up on mine. Over a period of between 15 minutes and half an hour everyday I use the tools on Crowdfire to develop, clear up and strategically target new followers. Here’s more on what you can do with Crowdfire… Copy Followers One of the best things about Crowdfire is that you can look at and follow the people who follow certain users. Remember, your competitors might not be perfect and you don’t want to take the same bad habits as them. Meet Sombrero, Your Personal Social Media Marketing Trainer. Small businesses benefit a lot from social media marketing, provided they do it right.

Meet Sombrero, Your Personal Social Media Marketing Trainer

All too often though, have we seen small businesses try it, only to give up on it very quickly. Some don’t see the immediate benefits they were hoping for, others find it too difficult to manage. Whatever the issue might be, people are not getting the most from their efforts. 3 Soon-to-be-Everywhere Social Media Trends You Can Profit on in 2016. What is the next big wave of social media?

3 Soon-to-be-Everywhere Social Media Trends You Can Profit on in 2016

Maybe it’s Peach—or another hot new social network. Maybe it’s a strategy like posting times or text faces. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ It’s really hard to say! (And yet here I am saying it.) To ride the wave of the next big thing in social media, it often takes a lot of trial-and-error, a good deal of trendspotting, and some courage to try new things. 1. You can buy stuff straight from your News Feed!

E-commerce has felt a bit like a missing piece from the social media feeds. Consultant Webmarketing : Comment déterminer le prix de vos prestations. Ça y est ! Vous avez décidé de franchir le pas et de vous lancer comme auto-entrepreneur indépendant en Community Management / SEO / Webmarketing / What Else… (biffez les mentions inutiles). Parmi les décisions fondamentales à prendre quand on lance son affaire figurent : définir le nom de sa «boite», choisir le modèle de ses cartes de visite, acheter son téléphone et… déterminer le prix de ses prestations.

Cette dernière interrogation étant commune à tous les entrepreneurs, cet article va tenter d’apporter des éléments de réponse en se basant sur ma propre expérience de consultant… 19 Free Social Media Analytics Tools for Marketers. Where do you turn for meaningful stats on your social media marketing?

19 Free Social Media Analytics Tools for Marketers

I’m grateful for the insight from some truly incredible tools that help make sense of the actions I take on social media. How have my followers grown this month? 19 Free Social Media Analytics Tools for Marketers. Social Media Analytics Tools & Software. Audiences personnalisées. Une personne qui a déjà fait preuve d’un intérêt pour votre entreprise est plus susceptible de s’engager avec vos messages marketing.

Audiences personnalisées

Mais comment faire pour trouver et toucher cette audience sur Twitter ? Les audiences personnalisées constituent un excellent moyen de créer des campagnes de remarketing hautement pertinentes. Elles permettent par exemple à une application mobile de recontacter les utilisateurs qui ne se sont pas engagés récemment avec l’application. Un éditeur de logiciels peut pour sa part toucher des personnes qui viennent d’assister à une conférence. Et la société de vente de vêtements @iclothing cible des acheteurs qui ont récemment visité son site Web. 6 Brands Making Their Advertising Campaigns Go Further With Social Media. Advertising and social media are the marketer’s peanut butter and jelly.

6 Brands Making Their Advertising Campaigns Go Further With Social Media

The recipe for a successful advertising campaign is one that considers Twitter a key ingredient in its amplification strategy, with big brands standing to grab the attention of a collective audience of over 300 million active users, 500 million unregistered unique Twitter visitors, and 700 million monthly consumers of Twitter content through third party sites. Here Are the Top-Performing Fast Fashion Brands on Social. The climax of the famous speech by Miranda Priestly (played by Meryl Streep) in the 2006 fim, The Devil Wears Prada, is that the sweater Anne Hathaway’s character is wearing has slowly trickled down over the years from high-end runway to “some tragic Casual Corner where you, no doubt, fished it out of some clearance bin.”

Here Are the Top-Performing Fast Fashion Brands on Social

The implication here is also that the quality and design has declined in those iterations. But these days, Miranda Priestly’s premise would be totally irrelevant. via GIPHY via GIPHY Enter Fast Fashion. The Best (And Worst) Times To Post On Social Media (Infographic) We get it, managing your business's social media accounts can be daunting: from tweaking tweet lengths to mastering Facebook tone, to using the right hashtags at the right times.

The Best (And Worst) Times To Post On Social Media (Infographic)

But what savvy social media users know is that there's a science to getting it right—if you follow certain parameters, you’re almost guaranteed to get the results you were working toward. All it takes is some knowledge and forethought, and anyone can be well on their way to posting engaging content. Thanks to this infographic from online payroll company SurePayroll’s blog, we know the best and worst times to post. Here are a few takeaways for each major social media site: Post On Facebook During the Afternoon Slump Most people need some motivation to get through the afternoon slump, and for many of us that means checking Facebook. For more on managing your Facebook account, check out these six rules.

Schedule Tweets For Lunchtime. Here's The Best Time To Post A Photo On Instagram. If you want people to like your Instagrams, the most ideal time to post is at 5 p.m.

Here's The Best Time To Post A Photo On Instagram

EST on Wednesdays. Easy, right? Following a request from The Huffington Post, Latergramme, a service that lets users manage and schedule Instagram posts, ran an analysis of over 61,000 posts to determine the when photos received the most "likes" and comments. On average, the team found that 2 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST are the best times to post if you want your followers to pay attention to you; the worst times are 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Check out the charts (below) to see more details on the best days and times to post. So what's so special about 2 a.m. and 5 p.m.? Posting at 5 p.m. is an especially good time to engage people who have hopped on Instagram at the end of the workday and are procrastinating before they leave for the evening, Smith added. The Latergramme team also broke down the best times for each day of the week. Here Is an Hour-By-Hour Breakdown of When People Post on Instagram. Instagram on Tuesday revealed that it now has 400 million monthly users, up 100 million since the beginning of this year. And those users, many of who are millennials, post 80 million photos to the social platform every day. So a study by Mavrck—which analyzed 1.3 million Instagram posts—should get brands' attention.

It explores, among other things, the best times of day to share a message on the visual platform. While Mavrck didn't offer engagement data, the Boston-based company advised that marketers might get greater engagement between 6 a.m. and 12 p.m. In a nutshell, here's why: While posting volume is relatively low during those morning hours, users are still peeking at their feeds regularly on their smartphones. Here is Mavrck's hour-by-hour breakdown of what percentage of Instagram posting occurs when (all times are local to the user posting the photo): In addition, the most popular hashtags were #TBT (throwback Thursday) and #WCW (woman crush Wednesday), Mavrck found. The Best Times to Post on Social Media 

When is the best time to post on social media? Everyone wants to know the best times for getting the highest engagement on social media channels. Posting the right content at the right time can make the difference between getting lots of valuable comments on your post and clicks on your links or no engagement at all. The best time to post on social media depends on a variety of factors, including the region you're targeting, the type of information you post, the platform, your target audience and how they interact with the platform. This means different businesses may find different times of the day work best for them. The Best Times to Post to Social Media. Facebook Studies show that weekend posts get 32% more engagement on Facebook. However, there is some debate over the best time to post. Some say 1:00pm while others say 3:00pm, but the implication is that posts in the early afternoon receive more engagement. Twitter Posts published on Wednesday at 12:00pm and 6:00pm receive more follows, favorites and retweets.

The best time to post on Instagram is... - Ecommerce Marketing — Ecommerce University.