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Google AdSense. - Advertising for all budgets. Website owners make money. Publishers | ExoClick. Contextual Advertising & Behavioral Marketing. Referral Banners - Get paid to show banners and refer friends! Adiply. Infolinks' suite of smart ad units monetizes websites with In³ technology. Gaming ads, Mobile Offers, E-commerce solutions - GetGamers. CPMStar - For Web Site Publishers. CPMStar is the only network out there that will actually improve the quality of your site by showing ads that interest your audience because the ads themselves are focused on games and gamers.

Your users will see appealing motion graphics representing the world's highest quality games and entertainment. This translates to happier users and higher income for your site. We use our own proprietary ad server that is constantly optimizing to maximize your profits. Our terms are simple and require no exclusivity or long term obligations, our payout rate is tops, and we pay Net 30 with a low $1 minimum.

Game, Videos, Humor, Community, Movie, and many other online entertainment categories generate strong revenue on our network. Discover what many of the web's biggest game sites, like Newgrounds, Armorgames, MMOHut and Artix Entertainment have all found: it pays to use CPMStar! Check out some of our Custom Ad Units. BidVertiser - Webmasters Make Money With Pay Per Click Affiliate Program. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search Engine Affiliate Partner Program. is a premier Internet affiliate network specializing in serving pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Since 1999, we have offered solutions that allow website owners, search marketers and affiliate publishers to generate revenue by sending their quality traffic to 7Search advertisers. A partnership is one of the most profitable opportunities available on the Web today. Review the 7Search Affiliate Programs More on 7Search Affiliate Marketing In order to create a sustainable online business, website owners need to create a strong and steady stream of revenue. Integrate one or more of the 7Search affiliate opportunities (sponsored search boxes, Pay-Per-Text, AccessoryAds, advertiser referrals) or partner solutions (XML feeds for search engines or portals) and you'll earn for each and every qualified click of an advertisers listings by your users. Sign up to be a 7Search Affiliate! PPV Pay Per View - Pop Under - Pop Up Ads - Targeted Internet Advertising Services. Sell Text Links. If you have web pages with PageRank and would like to sell text links on them but don't have the time to do it yourself, offers a service where we will find buyers for the text links on your web pages, manage the link inventory and process payments.

Each month you will receive a payment from us for 50% of the revenue generated by the text links on your web pages. Our service is simple: 1. Register for an account. 2. This service will allow you to generate revenue from your web pages with no additional effort. You will have the ability to filter the types of text links which appear on your web pages by approving the categories you want. You will be paid the following monthly rates for text links. Standard and Content Link Ad Rates System statistics Please contact us for more information. See Also: Buy Text Links Generate revenue from your web site by selling simple text link ads. Ad Network. Adblade - Publishers - Publisher Solutions. - Ad Optimization for Small to Mid-Sized Websites. Publishers | Conversant. Who isn't a fan of maximizing publisher revenue? We have one goal — to maximize your profits while keeping your costs down. And we’ve been doing it for more than 15 years. With our comprehensive, cross-device solution we help publishers make more money in more ways.

That’s why over 5,000 brands and tens of thousands of publishers choose to work with us. Across devices and across channels, you simply can’t choose a better partner to drive publisher revenue. Richer Profiles Maximize Revenue Precision targeting is the key to optimizing your impressions and maximizing your publisher revenue. Premium Advertisers We work with more than 5,000 leading brands, including more than 400 blue chip companies. 3 of the top 4 cellular carriers 7 of the top 10 auto manufacturers 8 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies 70 of the top 100 retailers 96 of the top travel companies 245 of the Internet Retailer 500 Full Range of Ad Formats Standard Display Rich Media Over the Page Video The Power of PersonalSM.