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VEILLE. ANALYSE PURE. 6 Twitter Analytics Tools to Improve Your Marketing. Do you know if your Twitter marketing is working? Monitoring and analyzing your Twitter projects can be challenging. With the right metrics, you can improve and tailor your Twitter campaigns for better results. Luckily, third-party Twitter tools provide these metrics, but there are MANY tools to choose from out there. So here I’ll share some of the best Twitter analytics tools to help you improve your Twitter marketing. #1: SocialBro: Explore Your Community I consider SocialBro one of the top three most effective marketing tools for businesses. SocialBro comes with excellent analytics that give great insights not only about your marketing campaign, but also about your Twitter account and followers. Here are the analytics tools available with SocialBro. Real-time Analytics Real-time Analytics gives you details of the people who are active users and have tweeted in the last 10 minutes in real time. It’s a quick way to know when you should be tweeting.

Insights About Your Account You can see: Summary. SocialShare | Indicateur de performances de partages Social Medias (KPI)

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REDDIT. 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Maximizing Reddit for Business. Utiliser Reddit pour sa campagne de marketing en ligne | Natifs - Stratégie numérique. Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas encore Reddit, disons simplement que c’est le plus grand agrégateur de nouvelles sur Internet avec plus de 2 milliards de pages vues par mois et plus de 34 millions de visiteurs uniques. Bien sûr, avec de telles statistiques, il est normal que Reddit soit la cible des publicitaires et de campagnes de marketing plus ou moins efficaces.

Si vous ne retenez qu’une phrase de cet article, vous devez retenir celle-ci : « Ne faites pas de marketing sur Reddit sans bien connaître la communauté et sans travailler avec elle pour créer du contenu à valeur ajoutée pour celle-ci « . La clientèle de Reddit est particulièrement allergique à la publicité et comprend une communauté beaucoup plus efficace dans son utilisation d’Internet que la moyenne. Comprendre Reddit Sur Reddit, tout utilisateur peut soumettre tout type de contenus sur le site. Les subreddits Les subreddits sont des communautés de Reddit dédiés à un sujet en particulier. Exemples de subreddits Conclusion. Advertising: Reddit versus Facebook - Hackers Gonna Hack. To acquire users for IllestRhyme, a user content driven rap site I started, I ran two ads: one on Reddit and one on Facebook.

The results were startling. According to the data from Clicky, the analytics engine I use most, Reddit sent me roughly 170 visitors for a 3 day ad, purchased at $30 per day. Of those visitors, only 5 registered for the site. That gives me a conversion rate of 2.8%, at a cost of $18. I'm happy to eat the cost up front for new users as they're the lifeblood of the site, but $18 is pretty extreme. After the Reddit ad ran its course, I created a Facebook ad with the same parameters: $30 a day, however many visitors that buys me. I realize this data isn't comprehensive, but it's still eye opening. Live in the US Are 18 or older like #Freestyle rap, #Hip hop music, or #Rapping Conversely, on Reddit I was forced to choose a subreddit to advertise on (along with a small percentage of the site at large). A Simple Guide to Reddit for Marketers (Infographic) For many people, social news website Reddit was something they’d never heard of.

That changed on 29 August, when President Obama took to Reddit to answer questions around his policies.+ The ensuing news frenzy and interest crashed Reddit – and no wonder. Today, the stats show the event had over 2 million readers, 25,500 comments and over 10,000 users still active on the post.+ Crazy – yet for anyone that’s used Reddit before then, it shouldn’t be. Now marketers are starting to look at Reddit and, while this is potentially another crap attempt to monetize a platform that’s not in that mindset, it’s understandable why businesses are looking Reddit’s way To help those new to Reddit understand its popularity, as well as best practices for the site, Prestige Marketing Inc. has created this handy infographic with some of the cooler stats and background on Reddit Enjoy – but just don’t be surprised if you try integrate yourself with Reddit and receive a big fat silence in return…+


AMELIORER medias sociaux actuels. FACEBOOK. 7 Essential Functions for Viral Facebook Contests. TWITTER. Now available: Scheduled Tweets. Starting today, all marketers using Twitter’s Ad Products can schedule organic or Promoted Tweets for specific dates and times up to a year in advance. These can be coordinated to go live with new or existing Promoted Tweet campaigns to enable you to plan your real-time campaigns at your convenience. With scheduled Tweets, you can publish content at any time without having staff on-call to Tweet on evenings, weekends, holidays, or other inconvenient times. Advertisers also gain the flexibility to plan content in advance for events like premieres and product releases. Scheduled Tweets are available to Twitter Ads users in all supported languages. Two ways to create scheduled Tweets You can create and schedule new Tweets from the blue Tweet button on the top right corner of the navigation bar at

New Tweet box The Compose Tweet button on the Creatives page will bring up a new Tweet Box. Here you can compose a Tweet and add a photo, location, or card as you like.


PINTEREST. How Constant Contact Uses Pinterest to Reach a B2B Market. Pinterest launches Article Pins to target readers. By Nick Cicero on Sep 24, 2013 Five million articles are pinned each and every day, according to Pinterest. This segment of readers has never really been targeted by the site known for its glamour shots of food, fashion and crafts. That changes today with the introduction of Article Pins, as revealed in a blog post published on the company’s website. Article pins join movie, recipe, and product pins as part of the Rich Pin family. Articles will now have more information right on the pin, specifically the headline, author, story description and link. It has been a busy month for Pinterest.

How to get Rich Pins As a marketer, this now offers new opportunities to keep users interacting with article content on sites longer. Simply put, we have come a long way from simply pinning a headline and a photo. If you’re a business on Pinterest, here’s how to start using rich article pins While this sounds really simple listed as 4 steps, you may want to ask your developer to set this up for you. Infographie | Guide des marques : comment choisir les réseaux sociaux les plus efficaces. The 6 Simplest Ways To Say “Thank You” On Social Media. 75 Top Marketing Blogs to Make Your RSS Reader Fat! 75 of the world’s best marketing blogs all in one place. Add them to your favourite reader now. You’re welcome. Wanna learn more about new online marketing strategies? Good luck! The thing that gets most people is that the most informative blogs are also the ones that put out a mass number of posts per day, which is hard to keep up with.

This is why I want to share with you some great blogs as a whole, as well as blogs that offer category-specific RSS feeds. Without further ado, here are 75 online marketing blogs and blog categories for online marketers. All-in-One Marketing Blogs This bad boy will do it "All in One" like you wouldn't believe. Some of the best blogs in the industry cover more than one area of online marketing, even though they may be well-known for one specialty. HubSpot (RSS) – HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing blog publishes an average of twelve posts per week on analytics, blogging, email marketing, landing pages, lead generation, paid search, SEO, and social media.