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50+ Social Bookmarking Sites : Importance of User Generated Tags, Votes and Links. Editor’s Note: This post was updated in October of 2016.

50+ Social Bookmarking Sites : Importance of User Generated Tags, Votes and Links

Is social bookmarking still relevant in 2016? Read this updated post by Anna Crowe to learn more. The positive effects of social bookmarking for publishers of news sites, blogs, and other websites are outstanding. Social bookmarking can introduce sites to others with relevant tastes and drive traffic and valuable backlinks to your site. Some social bookmark sites pass on link juice, while some use the NoFollow attribute. The Benefits of Social Bookmarking The external metadata compiled via user-generated descriptions, tags, titles and categorization is incredibly valuable to search engines, as in the same philosophy as anchored backlinks, descriptive content about a web site defined by the users of that site who are not associated with the marketing or coding of that site, can be extremely powerful in gauging the importance and relevance of the content and tags which are used on that site.

Image Credits: Featured Image: Deposit Photos. Estudo revela horários nobres das redes sociais - ADNEWS. A Sprinklr divulga anualmente o estudo “Horários Nobres nas Redes Sociais”, que avalia os dias e horários de maior engajamento online dos usuários brasileiros nas plataformas.

Estudo revela horários nobres das redes sociais - ADNEWS

A nova edição do estudo, com dados de 2015, foi agora divulgada pela empresa (acesse aqui). Estudo nega que redes sociais criem 'bolha ideológica' Pesquisa mostra que Facebook não priva usuários de conteúdos contrários à sua ideologia (Foto: Reprodução) Redes sociais como o Facebook não estão colocando os usuários em uma "bolha ideológica" de informações, apesar dos temores pelo contrário, revelou uma pesquisa divulgada nesta quinta-feira (7).

Estudo nega que redes sociais criem 'bolha ideológica'

The Instagram accounts changing the world. No one can really dispute the power of social media.

The Instagram accounts changing the world

Whether it's raising awareness for once-ignored issues, or helping to bring down entire governments, sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are now stronger than ever. Offering people the chance to take pressing political problems into their own hands, it's become a whole new way of addressing everyday social injustice. “Instagram has a way of uniting complete strangers in a way that Facebook, for example, does not,” explains Amber Amour, founder of #StopRapeEducate. “It's a useful tool because it allows one to reach a large audience, and to be heard.” But how effective can one image really be? With their slogan emblazoned across the chests of basically everyone – from Cara Delevingne to Miley Cyrus – the notorious Free The Nipple movement has had no shortage of publicity recently. Poet Alyssa Seibert has swapped images for words with her Instagram account.

How Instagram is breeding a new generation of idols. We all know that feeling – scrolling endlessly on social media and in rolls the perfect picture to summarise exactly how you’re feeling.

How Instagram is breeding a new generation of idols

Most of the time our "OMG, this is so me!” Moments are more likely to be videos of cute pugs on hung-over Monday mornings or The Simple Life screen grabs, as opposed to life affirming art. Now a group of young creatives are seeking to intellectualise this insta-slang with new group show Same, curated by reigning royalty of the Internet, Molly Soda. Digital artist Soda found herself increasingly fascinated by this phenomenon, “I love that people can feel so connected to images that aren’t their own,” Soda explains.

“It’s almost comforting in a way, to know that we have the ability to feel connected to complete strangers.” Unlike celebrities, whose actual contact with their social media platforms is often minimal, artists working online have full access to how people react to their work. Pearltrees.


Pearltrees. Social Network Analysis (SNA) Software with Sentinel Visualizer. Degree Centrality Degree centrality is simply the number of direct relationships that an entity has.

Social Network Analysis (SNA) Software with Sentinel Visualizer

An entity with high degree centrality: Is generally an active player in the network. Is often a connector or hub in the network. Is not necessarily the most connected entity in the network (an entity may have a large number of relationships, the majority of which point to low-level entities). In our example network diagram above, Alice has the highest degree centrality, which means that she is quite active in the network.

Betweenness Centrality Betweenness centrality identifies an entity's position within a network in terms of its ability to make connections to other pairs or groups in a network. Holds a favored or powerful position in the network. In the example above, Rafael has the highest betweenness because he is between Alice and Aldo, who are between other entities. Closeness. Site monta mapa-múndi das mídias sociais. Confira. E se cada mídia social fosse um país, como seria o mundo?

Site monta mapa-múndi das mídias sociais. Confira

Pelo menos do ponto de vista geográfico, é possível ter ideia de como isso seria. É que o site Flowtown ( montou uma espécie de mapa-múndi onde cada rede aparece como um país, ocupando um espaço proporcional ao número de usuários que tem. Soberano, o Facebook aparece com o maior território, fazendo fronteira – ao sul – com o Twitter. Junto ao nome das maiores redes, o mapa indica a "população" do território. O Facebook, a maior, aparece com 500 milhões de usuário.