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David Tompkins

An Outdoor person who loves everything outdoors. My favorite among the many includes camping, hiking and thrill seeking with my motorcycle.

2021 Pay with GasBuddy App Review: Is It a Legit Way to Save Money? Boating Industry to name 2020 Top 100 Best in Class. EPG Media LLC wants you to have a positive experience in connection with our products and services.

Boating Industry to name 2020 Top 100 Best in Class

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Read the full policy here: This company wants our motorcycles to be electric. Youtube. 5 ways to exercise outdoors in cold weather during coronavirus pandemic. CLEVELAND, Ohio — Exercising in the winter can be difficult, as freezing temperatures make outdoor yoga classes, water activities and beach volleyball way too cold for comfort.

5 ways to exercise outdoors in cold weather during coronavirus pandemic

But during the coronavirus pandemic, when many people aren’t comfortable going to indoor gyms, the difficulty is even worse. But there are still outdoor exercise options you not only can do in the winter, but are perfect for the colder months. Hiking popularity rises as social distancing rules continue. readers share hiking trails discovered during the pandemic. When we asked readers to share the Massachusetts hiking trails they’ve discovered during the coronavirus pandemic, descriptions of popular and lesser-known paths through beaches, mountains, and parks poured in. readers share hiking trails discovered during the pandemic

The Blue Hills Reservation in Milton was the most mentioned of the 30 recommended spots to hike, specifically for its Skyline Loop trail, Houghton’s Pond Loop, and Ponkapoag Pond Trail. Sprinter vs. Teardrop Trailer: What's Best for Camping? Most of the people I know who have a car camping vehicle of some sort are not satisfied with some aspect of it.

Sprinter vs. Teardrop Trailer: What's Best for Camping?

If it’s a truck topper, they might hate putting it on and taking it off their rig. Or they don’t like towing a trailer and dealing with parking it. Or maybe they have a van and need more room for their growing family. If you don’t already own one of the choices out there, the number of solid options continues to expand, which makes researching them even more baffling. How Alyssa Ravasio created Hipcamp, the Airbnb of the outdoors. We are all works in progress; even the successful women you see owning it on Instagram faced stumbling blocks along the way and continue to work hard to stay at the top of their game.

How Alyssa Ravasio created Hipcamp, the Airbnb of the outdoors

While it can be hard to shop for outdoorsy loved ones, the Department of Environmental Conservation is now allowing residents to give the gift of camping this holiday season. RAY BROOK | While it can be hard to shop for "outdoorsy" loved ones, the Department of Environmental Conservation is now allowing residents to give the gift of camping this holiday season.

While it can be hard to shop for outdoorsy loved ones, the Department of Environmental Conservation is now allowing residents to give the gift of camping this holiday season.

DEC has announced that DEC gift cards and electronic gift certificates for stays and services at all DEC campgrounds can now be purchased online. “DEC camping gift cards are the perfect gift for campground-loving visitors,” Commissioner Basil Seggos said. “This year, DEC makes it easy to give the gift of camping with gift cards and electronic, print-it-yourself gift certificates available online. We have you covered for the upcoming holiday season with excellent camping opportunities at DEC campgrounds in 2021.” DEC camping gift cards are physical cards mailed to the designated recipient. The Rideau Canal is the Boating Trip Perfect for Leaf Peepers. Major partnership announced with goal of promoting responsible outdoor recreation in Colorado.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) is partnering with Leave No Trace (LNT) to help educate people on how to recreate responsibly in order to conserve and protect Colorado’s natural resources.

Major partnership announced with goal of promoting responsible outdoor recreation in Colorado

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in more people spending time outdoors in Colorado, with state parks seeing a 30 to 50 percent increase in visitation compared to previous years. This visitation increase has resulted in a corresponding increase in trash volume and irresponsible recreation. The two groups share the same goal of inspiring "people to connect with the great outdoors and balance outdoor recreation with mindful conservation," making this the ideal fit. “We can achieve more together than alone,” said Ben Lawhon, Director of Education and Research at Leave No Trace. Major partnership announced with goal of promoting responsible outdoor recreation in Colorado. How to Pack for a Family Camping Trip. {QUICK TIP} T-Mobile Money Extends Massive 4% APY Perk to Sprint Customers. The Strange History of Motorcycles in WWI. When people think of old-fashioned motorcycles today, they often think of Harley Davidson choppers tearing up American highways during the '70s and '80s.

The Strange History of Motorcycles in WWI

What many people don't think about are motorcycles being used on the frontlines of brutal trench warfare to combat the forces of Kaiser Wilhelm II. Although the motorcycles of WWI are largely missing from movies and pop culture about the war, they played a massive role in shaping what combat looked like worldwide. Throughout the war, they saw a wide variety of use across a wide range of areas. At their heart, these motorcycles were an evolutionary link between the horse-based warfare of the 1800s and the machines of the 20th century. Yotta Savings Review: 5 Things to Know About the Lottery-Inspired Savings Account.

8 Tips for Swimming Outdoors in the Winter. The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the summer season for many swim teams across the country.

8 Tips for Swimming Outdoors in the Winter

But as teams look to get their swimmers back in the water, the impending fall and winter months have raised a new question: how can swimmers safely train outdoors during the winter months? Many states still have not reopened outdoor pools, and even in places where they have, many indoor pools have not yet reopened. For many teams, this means continuing to train outdoors, where the risk of the spread of coronavirus is generally lower. Training outside in the winter is not ideal, especially if you live in a colder climate, but even in some southern areas. In places like Texas, for example, generally viewed as “warm weather” states, the temperature still occasionally dips below freezing. Make sure to bring an extra towel and lots of extra layers.

USA TODAY: Latest World and US News - Sesame Cash Review: What to Know About Credit Sesame's Debit Card. Thrill seekers: Why do we love rollercoasters? We say that our feelings can be like a rollercoaster – and, as it turns out, the psychology of our emotions has influenced rollercoaster design from the beginning.

Thrill seekers: Why do we love rollercoasters?

Thrill engineer Prof Brendan Walker talked to us about fairground rides, adrenaline and adventure, and why we seek out the seemingly scary… What does a ‘thrill engineer’ do? I came up with the term because I really like the idea of combining the objective practice of engineering, creating things with rules, with the subjective elements of human emotions. So, being a thrill engineer means I craft extreme, human emotional experiences, using design principles. More appreciation for the importance of the great outdoors. While it’s far from unusual for popular outdoor spots such as Rocky Neck State Park and Hammonasset Beach State Park to reach maximum capacity on hot summer weekends in normal years, during this pandemic summer more residents are heading outdoors for recreation at a wider variety of parks, forests and trails.

This rediscovery of the simple joys of walking, hiking, picnicking, star-gazing, camping, bird-watching and generally enjoying nature is one of those proverbial silver linings in this time when so many are feeling isolated and public health officials continue stressing the importance of social distancing.

Splurge Smarter: 7 Tips for Making Financially Responable Splurges. When it comes to saving money, so-called “splurging” may very well seem like the ultimate enemy. I assume that, when most people think of what it means to splurge, it mostly involves spending hard-earned money on foolish things you don’t need thanks to some random impulse you have. While that may be partially true, I actually think of it a bit differently.

To me, splurges aren’t defined by last-minute decision making but by that other half of the equation: spending on something you might not really need. However, what fun is life if you only stick to necessities? With that in mind, I believe there is a way to splurge smartly. Delay your purchase. Slow Your Motorcycle Longer In Corners. {QUICK TIP} Apple Card Adds $50 Sign-Up Bonus at Walgreens (June 2020) Meet the Wild Hyper Cyber Motorcycle for the Future. Italy's New Hiking Trail Will Connect All 25 National Parks. Bird-watching soars amid COVID-19 as Americans head outdoors. Conner Brown, a 25-year-old law student at Stanford University, spent the early days of the pandemic following his brother as he spotted and collected characters in the Pokemon Go mobile game.

Then, Brown noticed the birds. “I thought, ‘Why don’t I take up birding?’ It’s like real-life Pokemon Go. It’s super addicting because you can start logging them and you get a little collection. It’s really cool,” Brown said. Brown, who's living near Annapolis, Maryland, can now identify 30 different bird species. “The world of birds is so much more vibrant and active than I’d ever realized, and once I paid attention, it just hit me in the face,” Brown said. With restrictions dragging on, interest in bird-watching has soared as bored Americans notice a fascinating world just outside their windows.

The trend coincides with peak migration for hundreds of species and nesting season, giving newfound birders a front-row seat to some of nature’s biggest shows. Instacart Review (2020): 5 Things You Need to Know About the Service. Tips for camping in your own backyard or living room. Hiking alone during coronavirus pandemic and shelter in place. Coast Guard Reminds Boaters to Follow New Regulated Navigation Area Near Pittsburgh – Homeland Security Today. 2020 Allegiant Air Review: Getting a Cheap Flight You Can Live With. Motorcycle safety instructor shares crash experience to teach road safety across Virginia. ROANOKE, Va. Island Reporter, Captiva Current, Sanibel-Captiva Islander. Currently, more and more states are requiring boaters to take a boating education course.

"Brianna's Law" establishes new boating safety requirements in New York State. Liverpool, N.Y. — The start of the new year ushers in many new laws, including major changes for boat owners. 5 Great Campers for Motorcycle Camping. Mint vs. Personal Capital Review — The Pros and Cons. The Best Bikes For Tall Riders. A New Plan to Make Camping in National Parks Worse. A controversial advisory panel for the Interior Department has outlined a plan to privatize national-park campgrounds, allow commercialized services such as Wi-Fi and food trucks, and limit benefits for seniors. Recreational boating is spreading invasive species in the Mediterranean.

Hiking Challenge Begins At Will County Forest Preserve. Yahoo fait désormais partie dâOath. Egypt’s Dahab Remains a Secret Paradise for Adventure Travelers. Tips and Tricks to Keep You Safe While Hiking This Summer. Safety measures stressed as boating season approaches. Are thrill-seekers with heart conditions courting danger? Discover The Ride With Zero Motorcycles At The International Motorcycle Shows. How Does Life Insurance Work? — 3 Things to Know About Life Insurance Policies.

US$ 380Mn North America Youth ATV & UTV Market Trend Growth 2024. Viraltag Review — 3 BEST FEATURES FOR LEVELING UP YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA GAME. 5 Best Beginner Motorcycles for Aspiring Riders. 5 Easy-to-Start Side Hustle Ideas. Adventure awaits, go buy a motorcycle. The brain's tiny thrill-seekers. Camping tricks and campfire hacks you need to try. Enjoy the great outdoors. Mid-Michigan's deadliest county for motorcycles and other biker facts.

Martinsville Speedway campers making most of camping in snow. Air Opus camping trailer inflates into a tent in just 90 seconds. Study finds Great Outdoors Colorado gives state $507 million economic boost – The Denver Post. Clean Hiking: Granite Gear Seeks 25 Garbage-Collecting Trekkers. Terrific Towns 2017: The Great Outdoors. Hungry After Hiking Zion National Park? Small-Town Utah is Home to Some World-Class Food - Vogue. Five Reasons ‘Why We Ride’ Motorcycles. Outdoor adventures, family fun: Why America loves camping. Startup Marketing: How to Get Your First 1000 Customers. Outdoors: Rick's Hunting and Fishing Picks. Creating a Competitive Advantage by Foregoing Venture Capital. 7 Safety Tips to Keep in Mind When Exploring the Outdoors With Your Pets. Camping: 5 ways to make it an eco-friendly camping trip. Startup Ideas: It All Starts With Defining the Real Problem. REI's Force Of Nature Wants To Change The Game For Women Outdoors.

Are you nature proof? Before heading outdoors, put your readiness to the test. Tips on preventing Lyme Disease. The Middle East’s best camping spots - Al Arabiya English. American Hiking Society 8 of the Best Section Hikes on the Florida Trail - American Hiking Society. Winter Camping 101 - Scouts Canada's Essential Guide to Enjoying the Outdoors in Winter. Hike the Pacific Crest Trail Through Lindsey Fox's Amazing Watercolors - Backpacker. Camping Life Magazine. Adrenaline Junkies Break Guinness Records on a Global Scale - Seeker. Winter Hiking - Grand Canyon National Park (U.S. National Park Service) The man who made Road Racers.

America's 10 Most Dangerous Hikes - Backpacker. The Bounteous Boulders of Oman – Indiyatrik. The longest day: How two Americans conquered Canada in 17 hours. 25 Best Hikes in the World to Put on Your Bucket List. 20 wilderness areas to see before you die.