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Three.js - Javascript 3D library. Nunjucks. You've been looking for a more sophisticated templating engine for JavaScript.


Here it is. Rich Powerful language with block inheritance, autoescaping, macros, asynchronous control, and more. Heavily inspired by jinja2 Fast & Lean High-performant. Small 8K gzipped runtime with precompiled templates in the browser Extensible Crazy extensible with custom filters and extensions Everywhere Available in node and all modern web browsers, with thorough precompilation options Who's Using It? Firefox Marketplace “Nunjucks has allowed us to port all of our existing templates from a Django project to something that's easier to manage. Mozilla Webmaker Webmaker from the Mozilla Foundation encourages people to create. Apostrophe CMS “P'unk Avenue chose Nunjucks as the template language for the Apostrophe content management system, an open source CMS for node developers.

And many, many more... More Examples Use any of the builtin filters to work with variables, and even create your own.


Introduction · NancyFx/Nancy Wiki. First of all, welcome to Nancy!

Introduction · NancyFx/Nancy Wiki

Our main inspiration is the Sinatra framework for Ruby and, hence, Nancy was named after the daughter of Frank Sinatra :) Many people wonder what Fx in NancyFx means so here it is (drum roll); it just means framework! NancyFx is the name of the umbrella project that contains all the components. These guides will give you a quick tour of some of the features in Nancy without diving into too many details. There will be more to things than meets the eye so we invite you to explore Nancy on your own as well!

Nancy is a lightweight, low-ceremony, framework for building HTTP based services on .NET and Mono. This means that everything in Nancy is setup to have sensible defaults and conventions, instead of making you jump through hoops and go through configuration hell just to get up and running. All of this is built, by the community, as an open-source framework, meaning you get full access to the source code, and is licensed under the MIT license. More Info. GitHub - Code52/pretzel: A site generation tool (and then some) for .NET platforms. Welcome to DotLiquid, a safe templating system for .net. Try to use DotLiquid with c# Easy HTML Templates with Mustache.

Tutorial by Matt Doyle | Level: Beginner | Published on 27 April 2012 Categories: Learn how to create HTML templates using Mustache, the easy-to-use, logic-less template system.

Easy HTML Templates with Mustache

Templates are a great way to separate your website's code from its design. There are many great web template systems available for different languages and platforms, including Smarty for PHP and the Django template language for Python. In this tutorial you'll explore Mustache, a relatively new and very simple template system that you can easily use to create HTML templates. The advantages of using Mustache How to install and use the Mustache processor How Mustache tags, variables, and data objects work Using sections to create conditions and loops Including one Mustache template inside another ...and lots more!

Along the way, you'll see plenty of code examples that show you how Mustache works.


jQuery. D3.js - Data-Driven Documents. Node.js. Razor. Javascript. Janl/mustache.js. RazorTemplates 1.2.1. StringTemplate. A Lean and Mean Un-opinionated Templating Engine - CodeProject. Download - 89.4 KB Table of Contents Introductory Rant I've fussed with the templating engine RazorEngine in conjunction with Microsoft's Razor parser and code generator and every time I fuss with it, I spend far too much time getting the NuGet dependencies working correctly, and I've never been able to get the whole ApplicationDomain thing working correctly so that I don't end up with hundreds of temporary assembly files in my bin folder.

A Lean and Mean Un-opinionated Templating Engine - CodeProject

Worse, this is not a solution that "just works" out of the box. Just try cloning the RazorEngine repo and trying to compile it. So I'm presenting you with a lean and mean template parser that simply gets the job done. Goals Simple - Let's try to write this in under 500 lines of code. Requirements We should be able to apply template parsing to any kind of text document, not just HTML. Code Blocks A code block always begins with @{ and always ends with a matching }.

Literal Copy With a Code Block Hide Copy Code My name is @name.

T4 Templates

Templating. CS-Script.