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Renrendered Merge After Effects Expressions Dan Ebberts's resource for AE scripting and expressions Angry Alien Productions: 30-Second Bunnies Theatre and other cartoons. A Fine Motion Graphics Blog — The Mograph Blog Expressions - Geometry Circular Functions As we mentioned in the previous section, there's a close relationship between the trigonometric functions and circles—so close that some older textbooks call these functions 'circular functions'. One reason for this relationship is that the set of all right triangles with the same hypotenuse forms a circle, with the hypotenuse defining its radius. As you can see, the perpendicular sides of the right triangles correspond to the X- and Y-coordinates of points on the circle, relative to the circle's center. We therefore can use the trigonometric functions to find the coordinates of points on a circle, in the same way we found the length of an unknown side of a right triangle, above: For any point on a circle with radius r, the X-coordinate is given by r*cos(A) and the Y-coordinate is given by r*sin(A) — where A is the angle in radians from the horizontal. Example: Circular Motion It may seem like no big deal to make a layer orbit in a perfect circle. The final animation:

Numbering with InDesign CS3 Now it’s possible. Now it’s easy and fun. In this simple tutorial you will learn how to use improved bullets and numbering InDesign’s feature to get numbers on your tickets. We will start with ticket dimensions: 80x30mm. Create new A4 InDesign CS3 document with 67 non facing pages in landscape orientation. Open pages palette and double click on A master. Go - Type – Show hidden characters (make it active). Type some text in newly created text frame and after the first line press Enter 2 times to get 2 paragraph symbols as on image below. Select second paragraph symbol and lower font size for a couple of points. Now make duplicates of text frame to fill A master page. If you open page 1 you will find that text frames are not editable. Now go to page 1 and select second paragraph symbol of the first text frame located in upper left corner. Option/Alt click on bullets and numbering button located in control panel. List type: numbers List: choose New… name it, and leave both items checked.

CRISH DESIGN - Motion Graphics Design and Training by Trish and Chris Meyer redefinery Expressions - Reference Tables Layer Parameters These are the layer parameters to which you can apply expressions. (You can also apply expressions to effect parameters and to some mask parameters.) Use this table to know what each parameter expects from your expressions: how many dimensions, what kind of units, and common value ranges. For instance, using this table, you can see that an expression applied to the position parameter should produce results of 2 dimensions (3 if a 3D layer), with each component typically ranging from zero to the comp height or width. Global Objects This table lists all of the global objects available in After Effects, and the type of objects they return. Comp Attributes and Methods This table lists all of the attributes, methods and sub-objects belonging to comp objects. Layer Attributes and Methods This table lists all of the attributes, methods and sub-objects belonging to layer objects. Footage Attributes and Methods Property Attributes and Methods Vector Math Methods Interpolation Methods

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