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Hackney Society - Who we are & what we do. Lennox House, Cresset Road © The Hackney Society St Augustine's tower.

Hackney Society - Who we are & what we do

Ekit Journal. University Rooms: stay in a historic Cambridge College room. Nigel Coates 'pavilion' & Gefrye garden. Herb garden. Mothers' Union. Eddingtons Clean+ Dish Brush. HELM – Historic Environment Local Management. Local government have a huge role to play in the preservation and protection of our historic environment.

HELM – Historic Environment Local Management

Not only do authorities own and run large parts of our heritage, but they also have key roles to play in ensuring that is protected both through direct conservation and by making sure that new developments are built and designed to fit sympathetically into their surroundings. That is why English Heritage established HELM. HELM (Historic Environment Local Management) provides accessible information, training and guidance to decision makers in local authorities, regional agencies and national organisations whose actions affect the historic environment. Civic Voice. Highgate Society in the news. The leafy suburb of Highgate in north London has long enjoyed a liberal, even radical, reputation.

Highgate Society in the news.

Its high concentration of left-leaning creative professionals was drawn to the area not just by large green spaces and fine views, but also by the legacy of wealthy social reformers who led campaigns from the salons of their grand mansions. But those same properties are at the centre of a growing battle between middle-class pillars of the community and a new generation of super-rich residents. The Highgate Society says it is launching at least one appeal per month against planning applications for mega-mansions, huge extensions and iceberg basements. “It’s much more than extensions,” said architect Elspeth Clements, chairwoman of the society’s planning group. Islington Society. The society was founded in 1960 to involve and support local people in the conservation and regeneration of Islington’s built environment and local services It took a while for Britain to recover from the war and it was only in the 1960s that significant rebuilding began.

Islington Society

In many parts of London, this meant plans to demolish buildings damaged in the war which had survived and which many believed could be repaired. Islington was no exception and it was a scheme to demolish Union Square and replace its Victorian terraces with five and six storey blocks of modern flats that was the catalyst for the birth of the Islington Society in the autumn of 1960. The Packington Estate went ahead, commencing in 1963, and by the time the decision to approve the scheme had been lambasted by a government inquiry, it was too late to save Union Square. North London - Citizens UK. North London Open House Encourages Landlords to Rent to Syrian Refugees by Monica Brimacombe / January 27, 2017 1:39 PM / 1 comment Community groups supported by North London Citizens, part of Citizens UK, are holding an Open House this Thursday to show landlords that renting homes to Syrian refugees families can be a life-changing experience for everyone involved - and make financial sense.

North London - Citizens UK

Paul Eedle of Muswell Hill Methodist Church, which is working to bring a Syrian family to the UK under the government’s new Community Sponsorship scheme, and Atia Lokhat-Hafezjee, a landlord who has rented a flat to a newly-arrived Syrian family in Tottenham, have organised the event to confront head-on the suspicions which many landlords have of renting to families on housing benefit. (Read more) 1 reaction Share. Local history & archives. Tower Hamlets Local History Library & Archives covers the area of the present-day London borough of Tower Hamlets - the original East End of London which, until 1965, comprised of the boroughs of Bethnal Green, Poplar and Stepney.

Local history & archives

If you are interested in a building in the borough, tracing your ancestors who lived here, doing a school or college project on some aspect of the borough or are just feeling nostalgic, we may well be able to help you. A lot of material about Tower Hamlets is deposited elsewhere (notably at the London Metropolitan Archive), but there are substantial holdings of archives relating to the borough at the Local History Library & Archives. Opening Hours Monday Closed Tuesday 10am - 5pm Wednesday 9am - 5pm. Equality Advisory and Support Service. Equality and Human Rights Commission. Horticultural Clapton 02. Horticultural Clapton 04. Horticultural Clapton 05. Horticultural Clapton 06. Linenfold Parlour - Sutton House. Great Chamber - Sutton House. Little Chamber - Sutton House. Sutton House (National Trust)

Horticultural Clapton 10. Sutton Place 10. Sutton Place 01. Sutton Place 02. Sutton Place 04. Sutton Place 06. Sutton Place 07. Sutton Place 08. OPEN Dalston. East London - Citizens UK. Redbridge Citizens letter supports bar on supermarket homes plan by Monica Brimacombe / February 17, 2017 2:30 PM Support for Redbridge Council’s decision to refuse Sainsbury’s planning permission in Ilford due to a lack of affordable housing We, the undersigned, would like our support to be noted for Redbridge Council’s decision to refuse planning permission to Sainsbury’s Supermarket Ltd’s proposed housing development at 55 Roden Street, Ilford, IF1 2AA on the basis that only 4% of the 683 homes included in the 33 story development were classified as ‘affordable’ (17 for social rent and 10 ‘intermediate’ homes).

East London - Citizens UK

This is despite the well acknowledged fact that there is an urgent need for affordable housing for local people in Redbridge. (Read more) Add your reaction Share TELCO celebrates 20 years of people power in east London and sets ambitious vision for the future by Esmat Jeraj / November 25, 2016 1:12 PM (Read more) Add your reaction Share (Read more) 2 reactions Share. Discover Hackney. Bromley The House Mill Trust. Lee Valley - Visit and enjoy hundreds of great days out from Olympic venues, nature reserves, campsites.

Hac Soc Lea Valley walk Annabel, Rachel, Tina & Stephanie record keeper with bird book. Hac Soc Coppermill stream & Building. Hackney Society Lea Valley walk. Site of Burbage's The Theatre and the Curtain Theatre, Curtain Road Shoreditch. Mander Organs. Noel Mander started working on his own account in organ building in 1936.

Mander Organs

His lineage can be traced back to the 18th century organ builder, George Pike England. Isokon plus. Promotional leaflet for the launch of the Isokon Long Chair, Designed by Marcel Breuer 1936 Promotional leaflet for the launch of the Isokon Donkey 2, Designed by Ernest Race 1963 View from the workshop, 2014.

isokon plus