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Body Image - Society Expectations

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#MermaidThighs: the three-years-too-late sequel to the thigh gap. Celebrities Changing Beauty Expectations. 10+ Reasons I Love My Ugly Body. Thank you to Celebrate Vitamins for supporting this blog post!

10+ Reasons I Love My Ugly Body

I am extremely passionate about sharing my story and the lessons I’ve learned in hopes of inspiring others to live their own I’mperfect Life! Just a heads up, for those new to seeing this post…This was written in May 2014 and while I’m still on the same journey the path has changed multiple times since then– I experienced a few injuries that caused fitness related setbacks, a few family emergencies, apregnancy, a miscarriage and a subsequent 20lbs weight gain. I share it all here on my blog and I hope you’ll take time to look around my for further inspiration and join my mailing list to get my Quick Start Guide for Creating a Healthy Lifestyle and updates on my ongoing adventures as well as notifications of upcoming I’mperfect Life events.

Thank you for taking the time to read and share. Don't hate the player ~ Hate the game: This Blog is Going to Embarrass my Husband. In the morning, every morning, when my husband Michael first awakes, he rolls over and drapes his long, lean arm across my body.

Don't hate the player ~ Hate the game: This Blog is Going to Embarrass my Husband

He nestles his chin into the back of my shoulder; his lips, dry from morning, press against my ear. And with pebbles of sleep in his gravely voice, he sings. It's more of a chant really. He isn't the best singer in the world. But the words never change. I wish I could give the music to you on this page. Imagine me, half sleeping. Unilever says it will ban face scrub product polluting harbour in two months. Polluted: Micro-plastics used in scrubs and exfoliants are flowing into Sydney Harbour.

Unilever says it will ban face scrub product polluting harbour in two months

Photo: David Gray A global consumer company says in two months it will start phasing out a facial scrub ingredient polluting Sydney Harbour. The push back against tiny microscopic plastic beads used in scrubs and exfoliants, along with other plastic fragments is to be stepped up, with scientists about to start examining if they are accumulating in fish regularly consumed by humans. An Australian Research Council grant has been awarded to bring in a US expert on the problem as global personal care leader Unilever, which owns the Dove brand, has thrown down the gauntlet, saying it will start phasing out the use of microbeads in January.

In a statement to The Sun-Herald it said: "In Australia and around the world, Unilever is in the process of phasing micro-plastics out of our personal care products. Advertisement Mr Dee said other companies should follow Unilver's lead. School formals and finals: a clash girls don’t need. We have created a culture where no amount of reasoning will convince most girls that any dress will do and their personality is the only thing that matters.

School formals and finals: a clash girls don’t need

This week thousands of VCE students are starting their final exams. They've been working for 13 years to get to this point and a good percentage of them are determined to do their best and get the ATAR that will get them into the course to which they aspire. So why do some schools conspire to put a great big obstacle in their path? My daughter faces a full complement of "heavy" VCE subjects. She spent a lot of time worrying about the Year 12 formal, which took place last week - just six days before the start of her exam period. She is a sensible girl and realised that it was only one night, but she was not willing to turn up to this event unprepared. Then we had to get shoes. Advertisement I suspect that many mothers of daughters will identify with my frustration, but the mothers of sons may be wondering what all the fuss is about. Now you can buy a thigh gap with your jeans.

Why waste your life at the gym and nibbling carrots to achieve a Victoria's Secret figure when you can just slip one on - and all for a bargain $69.99!

Now you can buy a thigh gap with your jeans

Introducing Thigh Gap - the must-have jeans, available with one, two or three-inch bars, that force your flesh apart for a bang-on-trend look. Don't worry ladies, the fashion industry has not sunk so low - instead this is a punchy sketch from JustBoobs poking fun at just how unrealistic the thigh-gap phenomenon really is. The all-women comedy troupe, championing the #EndThighGap hashtag, give a much-needed confidence boost to all those feeling pressured by catwalk standards. The lady stripped bare: Tracey Spicer at TEDxSouthBankWomen. Why We Should Stop Saying Street Harassment Is a Compliment. 3 Bullsh*t Reasons Why Women Are Taught To Not Cut Our Hair Short (And Why You Can Do It Anyways) I’d always had long hair.

3 Bullsh*t Reasons Why Women Are Taught To Not Cut Our Hair Short (And Why You Can Do It Anyways)

But more than having long hair, I had hair which, by our society’s beauty standards, was “beautiful” – long, silky, and straight. I had people, even complete strangers, compliment me on my locks. Some people would even tell me how beautiful I was just because of it. I would nod, smile, and say thank you. Sexism goes both ways. Feminism helps both.