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Cloud hotel management system, hotel PMS

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Emerging-clouds-in-hotel-technology.pdf. Bobbil news sur Twitter : "We're delighted to @ClockSoftware have joined bobbil Great #cloud based #software for #hotels. Find software products and reviews for Clock Software. Guest-facing features introduces by the hotel management system Clock PMS. Clock Software reveal interesting facts about a guest-operated functionality inf the hotel management system Clock PMS - the Self Service Portal.

Guest-facing features introduces by the hotel management system Clock PMS

Clock Software on 11 Sep 14 There are so many hotel management systems in the market and more pop up every day, all claiming to be powerful, efficient, easy and affordable. However, one relatively new system, Clock PMS by Clock Software, is defined as being focused on guest experience and direct sales. In a recent report from Krasimir Trapchev, co-founder and CEO of Clock Software, it's been revealed that there is increased awareness on the need for a functional guest-facing technology as far as 21st century hospitality industry is concerned.

"In a bid to help hoteliers ensure a profitable and sustainable hotel management culture, Clock PMS is coming into the market at a time wherein responsive business operations cannot be over-emphasized," he states. Clock PMS bookings. Front desk operations - room plan. Hotel front desk system. Hotel confirmation letter. Hotel revenue management: derived rates. Housekeeping management in Clock PMS. Hotel reservation management system. Web reservation system: bonus code. Clock PMS: Cloud based hotel property management system. Reliable, secure, ready.

Clock PMS: Cloud based hotel property management system

Always! All you need is Internet access and a web browser. It only takes 1 minute to create your account and you are ready to go. Clock PMS operates in the cloud on one of world’s most reliable data centers – Amazon WS, and works on any device – PC, Mac, tablet and even smartphone. Practically, there are no system requirements to worry about. So you need to invest next to nothing in IT infrastructure and maintenance - no servers to buy or upgrade, no updates to apply, no installations, no extra IT costs. No installations and system maintenance Works on any desktop or mobile device (PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone) Powered by Amazon Web Services™ Higher system uptime Access your account from anywhere Q: “What will happen of my Internet connection fails.” Amazon Web Services™ is a trademark of, Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries. Front desk system that enables faster and better guest service. Front desk operations The reception of a hotel is a busy, sometimes crowded space in the property that serves as a contact point between hotel staff and hotel guests.

Front desk system that enables faster and better guest service

The reception is also called front desk or hotel front office and the staff behind the desk are receptionists or front desk officers. The job of a front desk officer is really complex and requires good communication skills, quick reactions and self control, multitasking and different language skills. The main tasks of these employees are to welcome guests, to fill in their registration cards, provide the room keys and check-in. After arrival and accommodation, customers can contact the hotel reception for a wide variety of services, from asking for the nearest restaurant to ordering extra services or requesting adjustments of the service they consume - change their room, put a claim on housekeeping etc. Read more. Mobile Guest Self Service Portal gives extra powers to your hotel PMS.

Self registration Your customers can prepare their address cards by filling in their personal data, to avoid any queues at the reception.

Mobile Guest Self Service Portal gives extra powers to your hotel PMS

You can choose the data fields that will appear on the Self Service Portal in the settings. Room selection Offer your guests to pick up a room of their choice. What's more, if they have been in your hotel before, the system recognizes them instantly and the room numbers they have stayed in, will be marked accordingly. Clock PMS web reservation system - online booking engine for hotels. Instant payments with WorldPay and PayPal Meet PCI DSS requirements of credit card issuers, which are mandatory for all merchants, including accommodation properties.

Clock PMS web reservation system - online booking engine for hotels

Use our instant automated payment interfaces to world leading payment service providers like PP and WP. Alternatively, collect guest CC details as a guarantee and restrict and control user access and storage according to PCI DSS requirements. Multiple guarantee policies, flexible and non-refundable rates Descriptions, deposit calculations and requirements, link a rate to a guarantee policy (example non-refundable discounted _> instant on-line payment) The Web Reservation System allows for applying several guarantee methods.

The confirmation letter. The advanced rate management is a prerequisite for successful sales. Channel Manager that integrates online distribution with the hotel PMS.