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Online Data Backup - Offsite, Onsite, & Cloud - CrashPlan Backup Software

Online Data Backup - Offsite, Onsite, & Cloud - CrashPlan Backup Software
Only CrashPlan offers totally free local and offsite backup. A subscription to our cloud backup service gets you continuous backup, mobile file access and lots more. For the ultimate in computer backup, get all three, from the same easy application. Free local backup Zero worries about data caps or network speed makes backing up to an external drive the fastest, easiest way to back up – and get back – your files. Free offsite backup Offsite backup doesn't get any friendlier than CrashPlan. Back up to multiple offsite locations, such as other computers in your network of friends and family, keeping your files safe from disaster at any one location.

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File Sync & Online Backup - Access and File Sharing from Any Device - SugarSync Sharing Large Files Using SugarSync Sharing large files and folders just got easier. Generate a public link for any file or folder and share it on Facebook, Twitter, email, IM, or on your blog. When recipients click the link, they will be able to download the file or the entire folder — no registration required. Send public links from your desktop, from the web, or from your smartphone or tablet. Production Tip: Rotate Products on Motorized Table Instead of a basic static cut-away shot to a product, you can add more value to your production with dynamic movements. Common methods might be to use a rotating table dolly, or even a basic video slider. Another very simple method to add movement is to just rotate the product on a motorized table. This is the easiest and most consistent way to get quality footage as the lighting and camera can remain completely still. I’ve been using rotating tables for quite some time, and have even built a DIY super heavy duty motorized lazy susan (check out the video here) for certain projects.

File Protection - File Access - Online Storage SafeSync SafeSync works where you want it to, backing up and syncing files between your computers and mobile devices. Free Trial Read datasheet Tweet Cloud Backup Software & Solutions from SOS SOS Online Backup is the best value in online backup. Hands down. Backup up to 5 computers Included mobile apps full backup and restore for iPhone and Android Schedule backups hourly, daily, and weekly Why Backup my PC Online? Your PC is at risk of hard drive failure and your files could be accidentally deleted. Keep your data accessible, no matter when disaster strikes by backing up online.

The blog of Jeremiah WarrenCreating a DIY time slice/bullet time rig with a ceiling fan and GoPro For July 4th I created the following video of fireworks. I’ve always been fascinated by the time slice technique (also known as “bullet time”). Probably the most famous version of this comes from a scene in the first Matrix film where Neo dodges a series of bullets. To capture this look the filmmakers set up an array of cameras that fired off at high speeds in sequence. Sync any folder to SkyDrive « Bitdisaster [Update: A new version of SkyShellEx is available. Read more about it here: With the arrival of the new SkyDrive app we are finally able to take advantage of the 25GB online storage. The new app allows you to sync a specific folder to your online storage like Dropbox. It is very simple; just drop whatever you want into the SkyDrive folder and it’s up to the cloud. But it also comes with the same limitations like Dropbox.

carbonite Three Personal Plans to choose from! Just the basics Basic $5999/yr Eyes on the Prize: Real Art's DIY 360-Degree Spinning Rig My project-crush for the day goes to the FlyRig. This thing was designed and built by Real Art for the University of Dayton's basketball team hype videos, and despite having interest in neither professional photography or ball sports, I really want one. It's a 360-degree rig with the camera mounted below a rotating 16-foot arm, mounted to the ceiling of their workshop. n2n: a Layer Two Peer-to-Peer VPN n2n is a layer-two peer-to-peer virtual private network (VPN) which allows users to exploit features typical of P2P applications at network instead of application level. This means that users can gain native IP visibility (e.g. two PCs belonging to the same n2n network can ping each other) and be reachable with the same network IP address regardless of the network where they currently belong. In a nutshell, as OpenVPN moved SSL from application (e.g. used to implement the https protocol) to network protocol, n2n moves P2P from application to network level.

Supersize your free cloud storage to 100GB or more Just a few short years ago, cloud storage services that synced files and folders across multiple PCs and mobile devices were just a dream. But thanks to the rapid rise of entities like Dropbox, SugarSync, and Google Drive, cloud storage and syncing services are nearly ubiquitous today, acting as hard drives in the sky that help you do all kinds of things—such as creating a bulletproof (almost) backup system or turbocharging your productivity to blistering new levels—no matter where you are. If you have the space, that is. Truly wondrous setups require robust cloud storage capabilities, but that doesn’t mean you have to drop dollars for extra gigs. Most services offer free accounts with modest quantities of complimentary cloud storage.

Pricing And Negotiating: Directing Video For A TV Commercial by Craig Oppenheimer, Wonderful Machine Shoot Concept: Video of a restaurant interior Licensing: Use of all video content captured in multiple broadcast television commercials Location: A single restaurant location Shoot Days: One The Ultimate Lifehack for 2013: 200+ Incredible Sites & Services Are you ready to ruin any chance you had of getting any work done today? This list represents “the best of the best” of the tech world’s resources DailyTekk curated over 2012. Culled from nearly 30 top 100 lists, this exclusive roundup represents the top 10 Editor’s Choice selections from our most popular lists of last year. Grouped together they form a powerful mega-life-resource that you can refer to again and again. Production Insurance: Are You Covered? Ahhh – production insurance. Kind of brings a certain twinkle to the eye, doesn’t it? From determining what amount of coverage you need, to navigating the variety of policies available, to finding a broker who can package it all up for you, the process can be quite daunting. I’ve always sought a better understanding of this subject, so with the help of my broker, Laird Criner, of Film Emporium in New York City, I present to you a brief guideline on some of the most important concepts to keep in mind during your next production.

Guest Post: Radar Music Videos on how to set a music video budget This guest post comes from Caroline Bottomley, managing director at Radar Music Videos We explore budget options for commissioning affordable music video and we share real commissioners’ and experts’ guiding principles for setting budgets. What are the flaws of paying £500 for every music video?

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