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Robot App Store | Cloud robotics | Connect your robots to Internet | MyRobots - Cisco Firefox Axeda Machine Cloud Axeda Provides the Most Advanced Cloud-Based Service and Software for Managing Connected Products and Machines We take the cost and complexity out of connecting and managing devices and machines and remotely servicing the products of the world’s leading companies. We turn raw machine and sensor data into useful information for business insights and better decision making. We make it easy to integrate machine and sensor data to business systems so companies can optimize their business processes with accurate real-time machine data. We provide a platform and application services so companies can develop new innovative M2M and IoT applications that reinvent the customer and product experience and differentiate their product and service offerings. Axeda Products The time is now for companies to get serious about IoT (Internet of Things). The Axeda IoT Cloud Service includes: Axeda Connect – IoT Connectivity Middleware. Axeda IoT Solutions - Share your thing- like it ain't no thang. LAPA - social lost & found | iOS & Android | key finder , pet locator , object tracker | Facebook integrated - Cisco Firefox EricssonResearch/iot-framework-engine Logging the Internet of Things Updated 18/9/2014: I’ve been making gadgets for “the Internet of Things” since before the phrase was invented.. one of the issues I’ve always had was displaying data. Oh sure you can set up a website and talk to it but now you have to maintain that site etc and one-man-band graphics are rarely up with the best. I’ve been looking lately at services that will consume data from my gadgets and display it on mobile phones, PC, laptop etc. Oh sure you could also send the data serially to your PC and use the power of that machine to process it – but ideally one would want to have each gadget send regular updates all on it’s own. And thanks to the services appearing out there and Arduino – now you can. This is where I’m up to – having dismissed several blind alleys…(and thanks to all of you for the feedback). For my first stop we’ll look at Grovestreams - What’s nice is the web-based zoom – see the last couple of days above – and the sliders the bottom of the image..

Rethinking personal data | World Economic Forum-Rethinking personal data Report: Unlocking the Value of Personal Data: From Collection to Usage, February 2013 Unlocking the Value of Personal Data: From Collection to Usage, prepared in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group, examines the need for new approaches in the policies which enable the managing of personal data in ways that are flexible, adaptive and contextually driven. The report highlights outcomes from a nine month, multistakeholder, global dialogue on how the principles for using personal data may need to be refreshed to ensure they protect the rights of individuals, unlock socio-economic value and are fit for the complexities of a hyperconnected world. A key insight from the report notes that the age of Big Data creates both new opportunities and risks, particularly as they relate to the privacy of individuals. The report calls for the importance of establishing an updated set of principles and the means to uphold them in a hyperconnected world. Who owns personal data?

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