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Live Hangout Schedule - EducationOnAir
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How Google Chrome Can Help You Learn a New Language Google has produced a new extension for Google Chrome, and this one could help you learn a new language. It’s called Language Immersion for Chrome by Use All Five, Inc., and this extension allows you to select a language other than your own and configure the immersion level you wish to apply to pages as you browse around the Web. Once set, certain words and/or phrases will appear highlighted and translated in your selected language, making it easy for you to pick up on that second language as you become more and more familiar with common phrases used in articles. For example, you could pick up a little extra Spanish every day by selecting Spanish and setting the immersion level down to novice. After a while, you may opt to gradually increase this immersion level to include a larger percentage of your daily reading until eventually you have a grasp of the written language. Language Immersion for Chrome works with all 64 Google-supported languages. Other Useful Chrome Extensions

Book Creator Since I discovered Red Jumper’s Book Creator I have been singing it’s praises from the rooftops! It has proven itself time and time again in the classroom, and when teachers have been shown the potential they have always thought of lots of different ways it could be used. Put simply it allows you to create your own iBook. An iBook with pictures, video, sound and text. An iBook which can be shared through dropbox (as an or opened in iBooks. The possibilities of this app are endless! The app uses a similar place text and object interface to pages, allowing ‘blocks’ of text to be placed and objects freely placed around them. There is also an excellent tutorial in PDF, which can be printed out and shared with staff if they are feeling overwhelmed, however in my experience, most staff will quickly pick up how to use this app. Perfect For: Year 2 – Key Stage 2 Groups/Clubs – schools which are introducing the iPads as well as 1:1 Lesson Examples: Rebecca Related Suggestions:

101 Recommended Educational Web Tools Classrooms are fundamentally changing right now. You may not see it or even feel like it’s happening anytime soon. But the simple amount of web tools out there designed to genuinely improve education is astounding. With so many tools, it’s hard not to feel like technology is banging on education’s door louder and louder. In an effort to showcase some of the best web tools for teachers, many people put together lists, slideshows, and presentations detailing what they think are the most important or best. This presentation from Eric Schreefel at GoEdOnline is one of the most robust and useful lists around. 1.

Google Apps vs. Office 365: Why Google Will Win the Enterprise | BetterCloud BlogBetterCloud Blog Since our founding, it’s been a core mission of BetterCloud’s to spread the word about Google Apps and evangelize for the platform. And after raising a Series A this past January, we’ve stepped up our hiring process, which has led candidates to ask why I’m betting my career and company on Google Apps. This was a question we encountered throughout the fundraising process and I’m sure it’s frequently asked of other ISVs and Google Apps resellers. While I’m obviously biased towards Google Apps, I do wholeheartedly believe the platform will win. Just three years ago, I was a power Microsoft Exchange and Outlook user and frankly hadn’t considered Google Apps as a serious enterprise platform until I started working at a Google Apps reseller. It took me about a week to get up to speed with Apps and I very quickly realized the value in the platform. While I may be biased, there’s no arguing that Google has made a serious play for the enterprise and in my opinion, is slated to win. Pricing Timing

Apps for Guided Reading We have carried out various projects in schools looking at using the iPads to encourage reading. Guided Reading time, or group reading time, is especially popular. Ideally the teacher and the iPads would be in different groups – the iPads are encouraging independent reading, and activities which allow the children to explore books, character, plot and so on by themselves. Producing at the end of the 20min / 30min session something which can be saved either to a webdav or to dropbox or which can be shared to the rest of the class. It is important that texts chosen and activities selected are appropriate to the level of the children, and often the teachers introduces a text to the children first. For this reason the iPads and activities were often on a two week rotation. So, what are the apps that work really well in these sessions? A summary of the apps teachers have found popular during guided reading. Groups that are left to read independently: Bobo & Light – by Game Collage Book Creation

50 Education Technology Tools You Can Start Using Today 6 Time-Saving Writing Apps For Students 8.22K Views 0 Likes For anyone who has ever had to write a paper, you know that getting the ideas down when they come to you is important. 5 Useful iPhone Apps For Student Bloggers Google Docs vs. Microsoft Word | BetterCloud BlogBetterCloud Blog 10 Microsoft Word 2013 headaches and how to cure them with Google Docs An article appearing in PCMag last week entitled 10 Microsoft Word 2013 Headaches and How to Cure Them caught our attention. While the authors gave some great information and provided a few handy work arounds, the cure to us seems pretty simple – get rid of Word altogether and trade up to Google Docs. Let’s examine each of the 10 issues discussed in the article and how Google Docs can remedy or completely avoid them altogether. 1. Word 2013, like other versions, has problems with image formatting. To insert an image into a Google Doc, simply select ‘Insert’ from the top navigation, then choose ‘Image.’ 2. Word 2013 eliminated autocorrect from the spelling error context menu, which means when you have a typo, you can no longer right click on the typo and hit autocorrect to remedy the error. Luckily, autocorrect is extremely simple to find and use in Google Docs. 3. 4. Tracked changes in Word 2013 appear very faintly. 5.

iPods and iPads in Primary School 4 Ways To Bring PowerPoint Presentations Online Every day in offices, schools and cafeterias all around the globe, zillions of PowerPoint presentations are built to present, convince, inform and sell. Most of these presentations are presented live to an audience and then… Then what? Most of the time, nothing. So much of the intelligence, knowledge and expertise embedded in these presentations is lost and never reused. This is an enormous waste and often a missed opportunity for authors who could spread their message to a wider audience then the one who attended the live presentation or webinar. Whether a presentation is about a lesson, an idea, a product, a company, an analysis, a proposal or a curriculum, the benefits of sharing it to a much wider audience are tremendous. In case of presentations for which access need to be limited to a company, a school or a group of subscribers there are still valuable benefits in publishing the presentations online, even if behind a firewall or a paywall. The four strategies Conclusion

The Future of Higher Education and Cloud Computing For 2013, cloud computing has become one of the most buzzed-about tech trends and solutions that improves IT and operational efficiency for businesses. Along with productivity programs, such as address software from QAS and project management from Apptivo, cloud computing services are a growing necessity for business organizations. From marketing strategies to technology-focused operations, the needs of educational institutions don’t differ too much from enterprises. How can Cloud Computing Benefit Educational Institutions? Although colleges and universities have been using “cloud-based” applications for years (e.g. email), the cloud computing trend is quickly evolving into a premium model for data storage and exchange. Higher educational institutions recognize that adopting the latest technologies and solutions is essential to staying competitive and retaining students. The Cloud can Help Colleges and Universities: Ed Tech Magazine and Cult of Mac surveyed colleges and found:

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